NS Member Wins First Prize in the MySpur Essay Competition

NS Member Wins First Prize in the MySpur Essay Competition

MySpur Magazine has just announced the winners from the March Essay competition and a call for the next series.

The winner is Naija Stories member, BABS IWALEWA who won a Free Nokia Phone. You can read his full Essay Here
First Runner-up – OKWUJE ISRAEL CHUKWUEMEKA [N3000 worth of airtime]
Second Runner-up – PRAISE HANSEL [N1500 worth of airtime]


The April Edition of the MySpur Essay Competition 

This will be the second of the series of MySpur Essay Competitions. This series is geared towards discussing issues that affect the Nigerian learning community and leadership. This month, on the issue of increase in tuition fees, do you think Government is justified to increase tuition fees for them to provide better education for our growing population?

Title : Increase in tuition fees. Justifiable?


1.     The essay competition is open to all.

2.     All entry should be between 750-850 words.

3.     The deadline for the submission of the entries is April 21, 2012.

4.     All entries should be sent electronically to info@spurmag.com

5.     All entries should be in Microsoft word format (PDF format are not allowed)

6.     All entries should contain the following information:

1.     Full Name

2.     Phone Number

3.     Email Address

4.     Current Status (Student or Worker)

5.     How you heard about the essay competition?


NB: The information should be below your entry in one document.

The final winner will be announced in May.

The prize for the winner is N5,000 worth of airtime.

Prize for the first runner up is N3,000 worth of airtime.

Prize for the second runner up is N1,500 worth of airtime.


The winning Essay will also been published in the May Edition of Spur magazine.


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  1. Congratulations to all the winners up there.

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  2. congratulations 2 d winner. bt der z no way am entering for this. d topic z 2 dry

  3. Thats better than the phone of last time. Esp when one didn’t know which type.

  4. Congrats to the winners.

  5. Congrats to the winner

  6. Congrats to the winners

  7. Congrats Babs Iwalewa :)

  8. congratulobia!!!!!!@babs Iwalewa

  9. Let’s keep winning em guys…Congratulations to Babs….

  10. No b small tin. Congrats joor. I’m jst hearing of it though. I think i’ll give it a shot.

  11. Muchas gratias.

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