A Touch of Spice for NaijaStories and WorldReader Short Story Contest

A Touch of Spice for NaijaStories and WorldReader Short Story Contest


NaijaStories.com is pleased to announce the first in a series of online writing contests in collaboration with Worldreader. The theme of this edition is “A Touch of Spice”. Naijastories and Worldreader are seeking steamy love stories from a Nigerian or African Perspective.

One of the things we’re looking for is a great and entertaining short story about love/sex. In relevant scenes, we would prefer that the writer subtly promotes safe sex for young people. We will also appreciate stories with well rounded female characters.

By submitting your story for this contest, you accept the terms and conditions of the Naijastories and Worldreader Agreement.


Dates for Contest:

The contest opens today April 20th, and submissions end on May 17th, 2012.
First round Polls – May 18th – 23rd
Judging – May 20th – 28th
Final Judging – May 28th to 30th 2012
The winner will be announced by May 31st, 2012.

Prizes :

There will be 3 cash prizes for this contest.

First Prize – 100,000 points ($100)

Second Prize – 50,000 points ($50)

Third Prize – 50,000 points ($50)


–          Selected submissions will be published on the Worldreader App and their ereader programs.

–          Selected stories may be made available for sale on Amazon.com and other eBook retailers either as ‘singles’ or as an anthology.


Contest Guidelines:

1. You must be a registered member of Naijastories.com.

2. Submit your entry as a post with a title that defines your entry.

3. At the end of the post, provide the following;

a, your name and country of residence,

b, a bio of not more than 3 sentences.

4. Your entry should be between 1000 and 2500 words.

5. Put the entry in the category of “A Touch of Spice” and press the button, “Submit for Review”.

Contest Procedure:

There will have 3 stages for determining the winner;

Stage 1. – All the entries that meet the contest rules will be put to the public poll for 30% of points.

Stage 2. – At the same time, the Naija Stories board leaders will score all the accepted entries for 70% of points. This will be added to votes polled on NaijaStories.com to select the top 10 entries. These will proceed to the last round.

Stage 3. – The NS Editors will select the winners.

Judging Criteria:

– The initial site editor will make sure that entries stick to the criteria of love stories and “A Touch of Spice”.

– Second round judges will be checking for clean use of the English language, so polish your grammar and keep typos to a minimum please! We will also be looking for creativity, so go on and give it your all.

– The final judge will be looking for great writing. Be genuine! Be unique! Be original! Use this as an opportunity to write about the best/worst/funniest love stories you can think of.

If you have any questions, please send a mail to admin@naijastories.com.

Good Luck and Get Writing!


Find out more about our contest partner – Worldreader from their website.

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  1. LET’S GO AGAIN!!!!!

  2. …Let’s go there nah…

  3. Too much deadlines O°˚˚˚!,
    Haba, una wan kill person?
    Somebody should remind us two days to deadline jare.

  4. @babyada. @marya where una dey? This is more in your turf

    1. Lol @osakwe, thanks for the shout out :D

  5. A welcome development.

  6. Pen 2 paper immediately.

  7. Am so interested in ds…nice one@admin

  8. ah… my only problem is with the love/sex theme

  9. To write…or not to write…I am confused like that right now.

  10. A love/sex story?! I hate love stories joor! But we’ll see how this goes sha. Hehehehehe

  11. @admin, by Board Leaders, you mean top memebers according to points right?

    1. @banky, board leaders are volunteers who work with admin to moderate the site. You can find most of them at this link..


  12. All well and good

  13. Two questions please @admin..

    Still new to prose writing, so I have to ask, when can one say a female character is well rounded?
    If the love story one chooses to write is about gays?…is that allowed?

    1. @bubbllina the answer to your first question depends on the judges.

      To the second, this contest is for male/female relationships. Thanks.

  14. Hehehe…Ok then..thanks

    1. @sibbylwhyte why don’t u just google it,ur findings will trill u.

  15. Another Great Opportunity :)

  16. Steamy? Will a tragic love story be accepted?

    1. @anyilala, the choice is yours.

  17. O°˚˚˚!, @Kaycee may I borrow your pebbles. I like the cast lol

  18. I can’t write love stories jor. @Admin, what about writing s/th related to incest but with sex scenes in it, will it be accepted?

    1. That is up to you to choose your themes. The judges will decide if it falls into the love story category.

  19. Thumbs up NS, writers the ball is in your court oh…

  20. adams (@coshincozor)

    wow too many contests up here!

  21. Wish me luck, guys. Its gonna be tough.

  22. Ok lets get this party or sorry this writing started.

  23. Lets get started. NS. Too many tins to do. Dis my small head go burst oo.

  24. I don already dey write my own. Love story dey hard oo.

  25. Slightly above 2500 words. I wrote 2550. It’s still within its range I suppose. Although it was caused by what informatiön I had to add abt my self. @admin, hope sey e no go disqualify me øo.

  26. i’ll write, i’ll win.

  27. Nice works NS. I am happy to come back fully to be a part of this….

  28. Ok. I’d been meaning to write a torrid love story for a while… this is added impetus…

  29. @admin I submited my post which was 2524 wrd count. But when i previewed it, it became 955 wrds.
    Wat happened? When i first previewed it, it was alright but when i submited and later previewed it yesterday it became 955 words.
    Meanwhile my story wrd count is 2504. But the info i added made everytin 2524.
    I really want to know wat happened.

  30. Hello writers! This is Elizabeth from Worldreader. I just wanted to say that we are looking forward to reading all the amazing stories that you guys are working on! Good luck and keep writing!

    1. Thanks for wishing us well

  31. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    Elizabeth@worldreader,you will nt be disappointed.

  32. Yep. U won’t be disapointed.

  33. Each time I log into Naija stories, I find it difficult to logout, why? I Most times feel like I live here. Does any writer have similar feelings?

  34. please how do i send my entry? i do not understand the ‘send by post’

    1. @deedeelicious It is ‘submit your entry as a post’. This is the usual way of posting stories on the site. Log in to the back end and write/paste your entry in the post box. Cheers.

  35. Now let’s roll on this one!!!

  36. @admin, I’m wondering, for slow snailspeed coaches like me, is it too late to submit for the contest???? Pls reply…

    1. @guywriterer You have a few more hours. :)

      1. Sorry @admin, couldn’t get my story in shape in time for submission. Aargh.. that’ll teach me to be so lazy. I need to learn how to stop procrastinating…

  37. @guywriter. U really gat to.

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