My Collection of Poems

1. Can’t Say Nay
You were so strong for so long
You made strength look weak
Made our friendship so special
And trusted me so much
It means much that you did such
You gave courage to some
And got loved by many
To show how much life means to any that wants to live with hope and love
I shed a few tears and treasure your words
More than words they have become
But a legacy to love much and forget not
For sure you had to go
Letting go is hard to do
For you created a bond that is so true
It leaves much to rue
I can’t end it this way cos it creates dismay but to you I say
God has his way and to that you and I cannot say nay
Farewell I say
As in my thoughts you’ll stay
 2. Hope

Where art thou?
I need you now
Even if I doubt
I ought to shout

Though my heart cries
I look to the skies
Make many tries
And encounter lies

For me to grow
I need to know
That what I sow
I need not mow

Hope is strength
To any length
It will stretch
To make things right

3. The Politician

Truthful, yet deceitful
To you, the people are tools
Like fools
They are hopeful

You connive to convince
Can lie to live
And live to feast
Like a beast

What haste you make
To taste the cake
That you did not bake
For your sake

Little do you know
That your power
May turn sour
Before the hour

4. Mark Jack

Straight of the mark
He leads the pack
Fits the part
That sets him apart

The world at his feet
Yet he needs to meet
The moment of fate
Without any hate

As if to say
Today is my day
He makes his way
To have his say

The world takes a nod
Hearts as dirty as mud
Make a turn
To shine in the sun

5. No

To say no
Is not to be in the know
To make things snow
As its color will show

Let it go
For it is so
No means nay
So let them say

No may be peace
No may be war
It may be to tease
Or to make far

Let it be known
That no has shown
The known from the unknown
Say no for you to know

6. Talk

You may make things sour
For it is in your power
Bring down a tower
Within an hour

That which makes you strong
Makes you a song
To the heart
You play your part

You give strength
To the weak
Within a week
What makes you tick?

You make things with ease
And break them like a disease
You are a dove
As well as a wolf

7.  Rain

Water my heart
Feed the earth
Delight every plant
And trouble an ant

Does it matter?
If you distress
As long as it is for the best
A toast for most

Make the land green
The farmer may be blue
It is nothing new
For it is true

Though flood pains
Most Plains
Send me the rain
For I have a lot to gain

13 thoughts on “My Collection of Poems” by olawriter (@olawriter)

  1. I like your collection (esp. Mark Jack & No), guessing the 200 word count caught up with you (or not).

    1. Thanks teewah. I crossed the 200 word count now. I think I do poetry faster and better than fiction. I think I should start growing my collection.

  2. Good poems. Their being together this way makes it “not so easy” for me to talk on each of them, as I’d love to. But it’s okay, shaa.

    I must say, though, that some lines seemed- to me- out of point.
    I enjoyed the first, most.

  3. I love your ‘RAIN’…wish you much on your collection!

  4. You ryhme so good.

  5. Rain is the best to me….. Well done.

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments, I really appreciate them.

  7. Make the land green
    The farmer may be blue
    It is nothing new
    For it is true

    green white green just like my naija flag…

    i love the 7th most,,, ~Rain~ nice.

  8. ‘Can’t say nay’, ‘Mark Jack’ and ‘Rain’ are my selection of your collection. The first is a very deep poem and seems personal.
    From the first line, I knew it was a poem of loss and felt it so. The last four lines or so looked a bit forced to me – the rhymes that is.
    You rhyme good, to be honest, but in some areas, I think you sacrifice the beauty of meaning and other devices in other to simply just meet your rhyme… A few of the poems even look uncomplete…
    That I think is not so good.
    But in the end what do I think over all? You offer a good read. Thanks for sharing and yes, let us see more of these poems…

    PS: Nice one with the short poems and simple words…Nice one.

  9. Can’t Say Nay stands out for me. The latter ones seem like fillers. You do rhyme well even if I ask myself whether the poems are really telling me anything.

    Well done.

  10. Nice poems…More ink to your pen as you add to your collection.

  11. I am beginning to see the better poems out of my collection. Thank you all for your insights.

  12. hmm. nyc. love d rhymes, love d flow, bt only one got me thinking.

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