My Back Pages

Ensconced in the embrace

of bonding mouth speak

What emotional brew

Is thus stirred?

Scalding crimson anger?

Righteous Jealousy?

Perhaps the sickly palor

 Of gray indifference?

Or most likely that green-garbed

streak of mangered canine

What mothered your canal resolve?

The irrational logic of scorned femininity?

Or perhaps the instinctual response

 To perceived encroachment?

Was the pilfering deeds

 Of day-born marauders

 The unheeded omen

Of a night-born desecration

 Soon to visit

The unhallowed incestuous union

 Of selflessness and selfishness?

And the heavens cried too

Did they weep?

For the ghost of the present?

 Or the demon of the future?

 Or perhaps for the cherub of the past?

Like the shepherd

And his dozen lambs

We did sup

For soon the journey

We would make to the tomb

Of bogus death

The heavens denied us

 The light of darkness

And man robbed us

 Of his luminous defiance

Of nightfall.

Outside the night

Shivered with the chill

Of celestial mourning

But inside, the heat rose

As two strangers

 Dueled like friends

Ensconced again in the embrace

Of bonding mouth speak

And stripped of

Your last thread of privacy

Your palms flew to your face

 A gesture suggesting

A feeble attempt

To salvage the remnants

Of your feminine dignity

And a tasteless submission

To masculinity.

A spoken word

Uttered with ill-timing

Doused a growing inferno

And fulfilled

 The unheeded prophecy

 A singular laugh

A befitting comic epitaph

For this tragedy.

We have sacrificed

The future

To the fetish gods

Of a still-born present

The past I will confine

To my back pages

(Inspired by the song “my back pages” by Bob Dylan)

7 thoughts on “My Back Pages” by esosa (@esosa)

  1. 2 thumbs up for you.

  2. This guy, this guy…U just make everything seem so award-winnigish…Well done..$ß

  3. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    @esosa your choice of words I believe are very conscious.They trigger images upon reading.Very heavy diction.thnks for adding to aesthetics and artistry.

  4. Scalding crimson anger?

    Righteous Jealousy?

    Perhaps the sickly palor

    Of gray indifference?

    Those were my best lines. Loved this!

  5. Superbly crafted words. Well done!

  6. Carefully thought out,@esosa…this is absolutely brilliant!

    I love Dylan,the original poet,lol.Man is able to transcend all inhibitions and relate to life, regardless of beliefs voluntary or otherwise.

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