Written a few weeks ago while at breakfast, I had just gotten off the phone with my mum and was worried. She had just gotten over a bout of malaria “I am fine now, I did not want you to worry” she said. I was out of the country for work, the waiter looked at me confused; I am positive he was wondering “why is this man crying and typing away at his phone furiously”.

Well I did not know what to do so I sought comfort in what I knew growing up; poetry. That was three weeks ago, this draft has been sitting in my box while I was debating the merits of sharing something so personal .
Anyway! Here it is, enjoy. I hope you can relate
Mummy I love you, my rock and my shield
You took care of me when he refused
You loved me even when I didnt love myself
You showed me money doesn’t always mean wealth
Many nights while away, I wonder how you are coping
Many nights on your knees, praying for my well being
You had me at 45, way past your child bearing prime
I am thankful whenever I look back in time
The story of a mother like you has never been told
I promise my story will justify pawning your gold
As our roles reverse and I slowly become your caretaker
I promise to live a full life to make yours richer
You’re my hero mummy, my knight in shinning Armour
I always long for your tales and pictures that depict your glamour
Time has hardened you, you hardly betray emotion
But whenever I reach a milestone, I see your eyes swell like the ocean
I wonder what I would do when you’re gone
But before you go please carry my daughters and son
You are and forever will be my greatest role model
Through the tides and waves of hardship, you taught me how to paddle
Tears drop down on my keypad as I write
Tears of  joy and delight
I thank the lord I felt this whilst you’re still alive !
My mummy, my bank, conscience, pastor and greatest fan
This is written by your very own stan.

18 thoughts on “Mummy” by Dozemaniac (@jamesndu)

  1. I guess it’s just like love. Mothers are a recurring and enduring theme.

    I can definitely relate.


  2. yeah. I agree with seun. Just like love.
    Good piece.

    1. Good piece? I prefer awesome…lol Thanks bro

  3. I’m wowed. Well put.

    1. Thanks a millie.

  4. Lovely piece.
    I can not relate sha.
    I love my mum, I suppose, but to write her a poem…never.

    1. with ‘ I love my mom” you just did. Lol.

      1. @dottaraphels

        With a single sentence you just wrote a book; drew a painting, recorded an album, shot a movie.

        With a single sentence. Such is the power of words.

  5. Good work, it’s nice you appreciated her.

  6. Thanks for sharing…and it’s a lovely piece…Have you read it out to her yet?..Please do, if you haven’t..God bless Mum nd U…

    By the way, do fast fast marry so she go carry the pikins wey una go get..
    Well done..$ß

    1. When i come back, I will.

  7. This is beautiful, straight from the heart. Just pass on all that love to your daughters and son.

  8. I can relate and I fink its real nice, yea ditto bubbllinna…u should totally read dis to her or somefin like dat.

    Well done…

  9. Daughters and son shey?…Nice one Stan…Now, i can’t help thinking of mothers who don’t deserve to be mothers…and it only makes me love my mum even more

  10. touching, deep, makes a poet wants to paint pictures with words for the mum

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