Hangover or a clock-work epitaph.

Hangover or a clock-work epitaph.

The last time i fell asleep, and fell asleep i did; smacked out on my chair while reading a book with fading pages and a forgotten title. but who cares anyways…
since i really can’t remember for the life of me what i dreamt about….
or why i fell asleep in the first place. but that was four years ago, fell asleep, fell down the stairs and passed out dreaming i was fucking a girl ugly as sin…and attractive as temptation!

maybe am senile cus that happened just yesterday. but am just….can’t really
remember. how old am i? maybe as old as Pennywise, or as old as old. definitely
that. this is becoming a bad trip. can’t really tell the difference between lucid
dreams and waking life no-more. last time i tried i almost choked on Owlcity’s
fireflies…and that was a leap year ago. but…

yeah, the dream. i dreamt i saw a …thing, a thing in the dark, sitting Ghandi-esque,
eating its own heart. now, that beats Lennon’s primal scream therapy, i thought.
“its bitter” it said…”you could have loved me, but you wanked off your
emotions”…and it laughed like Cypher.

…and that’s when i woke up…or died…or…dunno. cus things are…very
eldritch now. don’t believe me?

why am i playing Kurt  Cobaine”s epic tune off my ribcage?
and why does that mashed potato-stuff look like my liver? (“finally drank ur liver
to shreds, didn’t ya”?)
smells like teen spirit, yeah?

why does my trigger finger jerk like Oswald’s?
why does Conrad remind me of a neocolonial Achebe?
why did things fall apart after Darwin’s theory?

maybe its all a dream…but that’s not possible      –‘cus i died last night…and last night was the best night of my life.
‘cus i dreamt of her.

Random Eyes.

Kagho Harley Akpor. 2010


7 thoughts on “Hangover or a clock-work epitaph.” by kagho (@kagho)

  1. This is very terrible. How did @admin let this in?

    But amidst they chaos I glimpsed a brilliant mind. The kind of mind that would write rubbish and still it would win an award. Like Ben Okri.

  2. Kagho I am no poet but of the little I know, I wouldn’t and couldn’t call this poetry. Maybe a short story…

  3. Hmmmmm. This is more like rambling to me. Not like you want to pass a message but want to just scribble on paper. You know, like a drunkard being serious after he is drunk. Okay.

    Well sha, I don’t think poetry is the best category for this, maybe fantasy or…. I dunno. Your use of capital letters, *dunno what they call that* is really poor. Am is not same as I’m.

    In all, you’ll be a cool absurd writer. Do you write screenplays? I won’t say I like this but I’ll have to see more from you to know if I like or not.

  4. I might not be expert in peotry but this doen`t sound like one.
    keep writing you can only get better.

  5. Why did things fall apart after Dawins theory? Nice line.
    I lúv the uncertainty u painted into the character. Twas nt so bad, bt u can do beta.
    Kip it up.

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