Groanings of Love!

Groanings of Love!

Here upon
The Calvary’s tree
the man Jesus wept

Such a great pain
Great, indeed he bore
for love’s sake,
My wretched self

So was its blindness
Of the power of this love
and he groaned
Melted God’s heart
and broke the
Temple’s cloak

‘Tis of the power
Of this pain; and
In the name of love
I declare
That they shatter
And plunder
all shackles of captivity
Wound around man

Liberation is nigh!
For body mind and soul
shall of its iniquities
Be cleansed; and the
Infirmities of our nature
Healed to stand
Like Calvary’s love

For ages unending, Amen





Interconnectivity of creativity
In an ambience of aesthetics
Symmetrically proportioned
Yet suspended in suspension
With invisibly visible yarn
Then the spidery ensconced poise
Though repulsive ‘neath roofs
Is aesthetics personified elsewhere

15 thoughts on “Groanings of Love!” by ostar (@ostar)

  1. My oga u wan kil me?
    Ur lines dey always trip me,
    one day na wan day, tiniz go kpai 4 dis ns. I beliv sey ur award dey road.
    Nice one there bro! Message taken.

    1. lactoo @louis you are a prophet brother.
      Thanks man.

  2. Bros J did it 4 luv. Nah luv blind pass dat one. Nt even love wey kaycee get 4 im babe.

  3. Well written Ostar, I enjoyed this ‘easter’ poem…

    1. Bubbllinna @sibbylwhyte thanks the fair lady!

  4. Philosopher!

    1. kaycee @kaycee I greet you in the Roman army way. Respect man!

  5. Respect! Your work is impressive.

    1. aturmercy @aturmercy thanks and you give me wings too.

  6. make plenty sense. ever tried writing a hymn?

  7. @eyekay good to meet you. Yes, did some
    and you inspire me to do more. I am grateful.

  8. Ostar ostar.. You know what that means. Means you hit it again. Beautiful specially spiders web.

  9. gooseberry @gooseberry your words are sweeter than honey
    and stronger than the vision of the eagle aloft the mountain peak!
    Thanks GB.

  10. @ostar !…NS’s Class Captain of Poetry…lol !..Good piece. Personally, I love poems that rhyme, but I still enjoyed this (even though it did not have a rhyming scheme) because the message was succinct.

    Well done.

  11. aghoghosam @aghoghosam what would I say, than that you said the word? NS is
    great and you are part of its greatness! I am not ungrateful!
    Class Captain of Poetry? Wow. I am honoured.

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