I lick, tease, linger and squeeze
Between the mounds, wide valley and your lovely twin peaks
My reward is a moan, a groan and a come-hither sigh
Yet I get no further than a man on a false high

I caress, kiss, fondle and squeeze
Two molds, these buns with a narrow valley; O how they tease
The reward is sweet sighing, moaning she looks down and says a pleasant hi!
I had a long day at work…really tired.
Chei! The further I’m driven in my frustrated plight.

I kiss, lick and drink from your lovely stream
I hear more moans and groans in your sweet tones
I still get no further; then I hear…goodnight!
Tomorrow is a big day at work I best shut my eyes
My reward is a bulging flag pole left out in the c-c-cold!

20 thoughts on “Frustrated” by aturmercy (@aturmercy)

  1. aturmercy, lol….frustrated indeed!

    1. @Dotta, I’m glad I made you laugh. This is erotic poetry meant to be funny.

  2. Kai!..It’s dis kind of frustruation that drives people 2 do crazy things….Hehe..

    1. Even if no one else had a laugh, I kinda knew you and Dotta would see the humour in this. Thanks

  3. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    LoL i feel d frustration…If she keeps up such attitude go on ur knees and beg!

    1. Lol…Sambright dis na origina case of pikin wey say im mama no go sleep… glad you saw the humour in this. It was all about making you laugh.


  4. @aturmercy do not worry…it is just a phase….
    But, you can beg or apology in time as sambrighttomo has rightly said lest you do crazzzzzy things as sibbylwhyte has “prophesied”…


    1. @greatnessforlife that’s the beauty of life…so many ways to skin a cat without getting your fingers jammed in the door. lol.


  5. Hahahaha. Dis kin fustration sef. Me like am oo.

    1. @lactoo as you replied three times I hoped you had a good laugh each time…at least before Kaycee catch laughing at adult jokes. Lol

      Thanks for your comments. I appreciate.

  6. Seriously speaking. I really loved the lines.

  7. K. Gat to get on right now. @sambrightomo i dey feel us swags oo.

  8. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    @louis no let kaycee catch u o.he go give u konk for YA HEAD!

  9. LOL..sorry. Very earthy but not much substance.

    1. @Myne, if it made you laugh…mission accomplished.

  10. Lol! Sorry…

    1. Ableguy I hope you were able to get a good laugh out of this, if so I have achieved my intentions.

      Thanks bro, I appreciate.

    1. Thanks Kaycee, glad you found it funny.

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