Fierce Frontlines

Once I was a soldier
With a gallant gait as I waved;
Shoelaces tied with pride
As heavy boots tapped gloriously
On open fields.

Once I was a sailor
Sailing pass rivers;
To weirdly abodes, dwelt by mild nature;
Shielded by mountains that clouded my horizon
In solitudinal tunes that guaranteed my lasting.

Once I was an officer
By heroism’s clarion call,
Laid on glorious frontlines
In various noble ways –
To obey bright flag.

Once I was a soldier boy
Hardened by duty’s call;
Perching at officers nest
Through nights with uniformed lads.

Once I was a lone warrior
Parading through jungles,
With unmindful ventures, draining every sweat;
Clinging to regions that falters thy heart,
Through days where heat does burn with sudden ease.

And once I was a survivor
Through time’s vivid test,
Headed for final salute
As my mission does end.
But alas, my heart in a sudden does melt,
Boiling as shocker slowly falls down:
For my mission did boil with towering rage
As fellow comrades on similar sail
Fatten unhurt through every phase,
In my lonely abandon in fierce frontlines.



Herds of cattle converge
Finest stock, superior breed,
Raising of shoulders, high acclaimed,
Proclaiming elevation of rank supreme.
They call them representatives
Placed to march our lands,
Humility in rulership led by pride.
The herdsman leads his herd
To the fields of democracy,
Bleating cattle blaring bombast;
For what better chance for vibrancy
On a long awaited right of speech,
From the huge elevated status
Of finest stock of cattle
Parading themselves in our fields;
With excreta dropped per minute,
As they portray issues national,
With interpretations intelligible
To themselves alone.

© Dowell Oba

21 thoughts on “Fierce Frontlines” by Dowell Oba (@dowell)

  1. I love the second one. What a parallel!

    Well done Dowell! Been a minute.

    You good?

  2. Nice poetry…but I’m not impressed with the fact that you posted both of them together. Couldn’t they have been seperate posts?

    1. @Afronuts, yes o. But I thought the rule was 200 words minimum for poem posts. The first couldn’t reach 200 so I added the second as jara. Or have the rules changed?

      Anyway, thanks for the compliment.

  3. The 1st brought to mind the novel ‘Our wives have gone mad again’, where Lejoka brown sings the song
    ‘Ah remember wen I was a solja’…hehehe..

    The second, yes, those people are rightly portrayed as Cows n Bulls jare..Well done Dowell

    1. Thanks @sibbylwhyte. Whoa! So you’ve read that book. Good funny memories! No mind those people, jare. Had to paint them in their real absurd picture. Glad you love it.

  4. Brilliant poems. Well done

  5. The second one is soo cool. Welcome back.

    1. Good to be back @gooseberry. Thanks!

      You commented right on my birthday and your message was received warmly.

  6. ‘Our wives has gone mad again’ I thought it is ‘our husband has gone mad again’? D one I know is a play and not a novel.Ehmn,ehmn, ehmn @sibbylwhyte ibonuwe!!!

    1. @sambrightomo, there is “Our Wives Have Gone Mad Again”. It’s still a play. It was written as a response satire to “Our Husbands Have Gone Mad Again” by another author.

      In “Our Wives Have Gone Mad Again” women were the ones ruling although they were much corrupt; they were the leading politicians and the men were like puppets.

  7. wonderful poem, le poet extraordinaire. the first one got me travelling and the second¿ those guys, their cup go full one day.

    1. Thanks @clemency my man. You were sure in the right spirit in the first one.

      Hehehe! Their cup will certainly full just like Bank ole. The second poem got me an award in UNIBEN.

      1. its the mind eye. weneva i am writing or reading anything, i try to visualize it in my mind. you deserved the award for the poem, i dont need to tell you how good you are.

  8. Ah Dowell, thanks for saving me from Sam’s wahala…lol… I got so scared when I read his comment, i felt that Old age has finally caught up with me o…hehehe…

    @sambrightomo…U r no longer my luv again jare…hehe

  9. Written by who?That wil make an interesting read.Women a leaders?.Pls who is d author?@sibbylwhyte my love don’t be angry na.When u mentioned Lejoka-brown,only one character by dat name exist in my list.I never knew a reverse title exist.nor vex na my jollof rice.

    1. Hmm “jollof rice”. Crack my ribs Mr. Lakunle to him Sidi…

      @sambrightomo, it was written by Tracie Chima Utoh. But it isn’t as popular as Ola Rotimi’s own. When we read it as of 2009, only the drama lecturer had a copy and we all had to photocopy from his own. lol.

      @sibbylwhyte, you’re welcome. *wink*

      1. Cn u imagine u av tried jare.thanks for d info,I will sure look out for it.@sibbylwhyte I m sure u r nt too old to forget just like dat.u re too beautiful to forget.YES,NA ME TALK AM.shalom

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