FaceBook Love

FaceBook Love

‘What is your story? I want to know the truth behind the lies!’ kelechi said with a stern no- nonsense look. Those eyes that used to show so much love now seemed to speak of so much hatred and disgust. Sweating profusely while weeping all over, I started stammering wondering where exactly to start from; the beginning was always best, i thought.

Back then, when we first met, I was in my second year in the university and I was staying with my aunt who was a single mother of three, living somewhere in the heart of Ajegunle.
I met Kelechi George on Facebook.
It began one Saturday morning with an inbox message which read- ‘Hi Sandra, my name is Kelechi George, a 27 year old first class graduate of economics. I work at Mobil as a manager. I would love to know more about you. Please, kindly inbox me your details as well as your bb pin. Thank you.’
Laughing mischievously, I thought he was just one of those ‘magas’, so I replied, using the same words I had so expertly memorized over the years. ‘Hi! It is a pleasure meeting you. I am Sandra Peters- a 20 year old first class graduate of accounting from a prestigious university- who lives at Ikeja. I work at Unilever plc as an accountant. . . ‘ and other things followed up.
Few weeks later, we exchanged digits and then we got talking. He had a sexy rich baritone voice that got me captivated the very first time we spoke. #talk about falling in love after the first phone call#
After we spoke on phone for some time, he started demanding for a face- to- face meeting. Reluctantly, i agreed to a meeting at a restaurant because truly, a part of me really wanted to see what my potential maga looked like. That Saturday evening, dressed in one of the sexy dinner gowns Tina, my best friend lent me, I made to the restaurant and in no time, I spotted him sitting at the far end of the restaurant. He looked tall and thin as he sat straight with his legs crossed in front of him; I waltzed over to him and after the usual pleasantries, we got talking.
‘You look stunning.’
‘Thank you. You look fine too.’ Honestly, he looked cuter than fine. He had round brown eyes that seemed to fit expertly into his rectangular face, weird pointy nose and a chiseled chin that reminded me of one of those numerous cartoon characters. He spoke about his family in a way that made me green with envy; it was like they were all scattered all over the country. What if it is all a lie, I thought. After all, we met on Facebook- where everyone said anything just to get noticed! In no time, I began talking about my big non- existent wealthy family too- my parents who lived in the UK and myself- the only child who decided to stay up in Nigeria to catch fun. #if he thought he was the best liar, I was ready to show him a better one#.
Weeks after, he asked me out and I accepted. Though we didn’t see each other quite often, we spoke on phone every day, and the more we spoke, the more I fell in love with him.
Everything went on fine until the day he took me over to his parents’ house and introduced me as his wife. The instant we left their mansion at Ikoyi for his house at Ajah, I started fuming and shouting all over.
‘How could you Kelz? How could you?! What did you think you were doing over there? Introducing me as your wife? . . ‘
He just stood there with his two hands folded in front of him. His eyes seemed somewhat sad and misty, but I did not care because I was utterly pissed. I loved him but then, that did not mean I was ready to be his wife just yet. There was still so much left unsaid.
When I realised I was probably over- reacting, I mellowed down and took a seat. Seconds later, he came over to sit beside me, then he started.
‘I’m sorry Sandra. I know I should have asked you first but each time we speak, I see a part of you thinking I’m not for real, that’s why I took you to my parents house so you’d realise how serious I am about you. Truly, I never thought it would come to this but it has and I just have to live with it. I love you and I want you to be my wife.’
Wife? Marriage? I can’t!
My thoughts strayed to how it all began. How I thought he was just one of those lying magas! How I never knew he was going to become such a great part of my life! Where exactly would I begin? But I love him and if I marry him, he’d better the lot of my aunt and her children. What do I do now?
I took one quick look at his gorgeous irresistible face and the next second, I heard myself saying ‘I will!’ what I was thinking, I don’t know. But I hoped, one way or another i’d find a way out of my mess.

Weeks later,
One Thursday afternoon, I was on my way to my last lecture for the day when Kelechi called.
‘Hi baby!’
‘Hi.’ he didn’t sound his normal self. I should have sensed something was wrong, but I did not.
‘Where are you? I need to see you babe!’
‘Um. . . I’m at work. What happened? You sound tensed.’
‘That’s great! There’s an emergency, darling! You know what? Meet me downstairs.’
At that moment, my heart started beating like it was going to fall out.
‘Downstairs where?’ I questioned confusedly.
‘At Unilever, Oregun road, where you work.’
‘um, um. . . I, I can’t leave now! My boss is around.’
‘But darl, it’s just for a few seconds! I really need . . ‘
Pissed out of my mind and scared of what would happen if he found out I was lying, I screamed at him.
‘I can’t see you now, don’t you get it?!’
There was a lull for some minutes before he finally spoke up again.
‘Look straight ahead San, what do you see?’
In a myriad of thoughts, I did as I was told, and there I saw him- Kelechi, holding his phone to his ear and staring at me as he walked towards me in strides that showed controlled vexation. I just stood there, shivering; I didn’t know whether to move towards him or just stay where I was.
‘I’m sorry! Kelechi, I can explain. . . I. . ‘
‘Step into the car . .’ he said, gesturing towards my magnum charger, the one he bought for me a week ago.
‘Where are we going?’ I asked, wallowing in fear and self- pity.
‘Your house’. He responded grimly without looking at me. My heart began to beat even faster. I wished the earth would just open up and swallow us both.
Where do I take him to now? That was the sad thing about telling lies! You had to tell more every time, to make sure you do not get caught; but in the end, you always get so caught up that you can’t escape. Telling more lies at this point of my life was needless, I thought. A lot was at stake at the moment already, my only choice was to open up.
‘What the hell are you waiting for?’ he asked impatiently, breaking through my sorry thoughts.
‘Nothing! Nothing!’ I replied, fidgeting with the key and gear. I was too in a mess to be composed but composed enough to get us to my aunt’s place safely.
By the time we got there, I couldn’t miss the puzzled look on his face as he spoke.
‘Why the hell did you bring me to this slum. I asked you to take me to your house dammit!’
I shook with fear where I sat, wondering how to tell him that the mansion I earlier claimed to be my parents’ was Tinas and that this right here was my aunt’s. Eventually, I told him somehow.
He looked at me with disgust. ‘Who the hell are you Sandra?’
Tears streamed down my face in disgrace. I didn’t need a prophet to tell me it was Tina that decided to finish me off like this, neither did I need a prophet to tell me my chances with Kelz were as slim as none.
‘Sandra?! Damn! I don’t even know if you lied about your name too. ‘
‘No.’ I replied sadly.
‘No, what?’
‘My name is Sandra.’
‘How do I know that’s not another one of your many lies? Mscheew!’ he hissed.
I broke down into more tears at the thought of the fact that he’d never believe anything I say again.
‘I’m sorry Kelechi! Please, I am very sorry. . It was Tina that told me to do it. . Please!’
He looked at me with eyes filled with passion and anger. Which would prevail? I wondered.
‘I know I lied about everything, but my love for you is real. Please forgive me.’
He hasn’t said he won’t forgive me, all he did say was that he needed a story- the truth behind the numerous lies I told him. There wasn’t much to it, the right words to say it were what failed me. How do I tell him that I’m just a 2nd class upper, 200l, 18 year old orphan who lives with her aunt- who is a single mother of three kids? There isn’t much to my story, I just wish I had told him the truth from the very beginning. .

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  1. The story is interesting but could do with a lot more work particularly your expressions. I would advice you read a lot African writers and a few romance novels. Keep writing also. Well done.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Brownie. Plus thanks for your suggestion also.
      You are highly appreciated. :)

  2. I like this one. Got caught up in the story. I like the way u used a flash back to introduce the story and took us to the same spot you started in the end. Keep writing DR LOVE. You have ‘it’ running in your veins. Weldone!

    1. Thanks Phronesis. I’m glad you liked it:)

  3. I agree with Phronesis. You did well and I look forward to the next story.

    In addition to brownies corrections, I noticed a mixture of tenses towards the end:

    “…he’d never believe anything I say[said] again” Or: “…he’d never again, believe anything I said…”

    He hasn’t said he won’t forgive…- [he didn’t say he wouldn’t forgive…]

    How do[could] I tell him that I’m[was] just a 2nd class upper, 200l, 18 year old orphan who lives[lived] with her aunt- [“who is”- you could do without this one] a single mother of three kids? There isn’t[wasn’t] much to my story, I just wish[wished] I had told him the truth from the very beginning. .

    Next one, please…

    1. Thanks Chimzorom. I know I have a problem with tenses, the problem is that I don’t know how to fix it. :(

    2. Thanks Chimzorom. I know I have a problem with tenses, the sad fact is that I don’t know how to fix it. :(

      1. Judging from your story, I wouldn’t say you have a problem others don’t have. It wasn’t too much…just apply better editing- someone else could help.

        1. Okay. Thanks a bunch. I hope I’m able to work on it with time. :)

  4. I didn’t even notice the tense errors because I enjoyed the story. Interesting. Well done.

    1. Thanks for enjoying the story enough to excuse my faults :D

  5. Thanks @Teewah, and Queen:)

  6. Why tell a lie when you can easily tell the truth without getting hurt……. This was an interesting read which could be better but its still cool. I like.

    1. Yeah, I know. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment:)

  7. i enjoyed your story dr .you are welcome to naijastories

    1. Thanks @larazworld. It’s been a great pleasure meeting wonderful people like you. :)

  8. Wow.
    I love any story where a lady is at a disadvantage.
    And this was very well written

    1. Lol! You do? @kaycee That’s surprising. Haha. Thanks for reading and enjoying :)

    2. @kaycee, I hope it’s only in stories you love that…smh

    3. That`s not fair ,,,ooo

  9. When you meet a fake personality and you are able to be patient enough, you’ll definitely know so, you dont need to tell a lie.

    I love the story. The way it started and ended are well jointed.

    Good write up. Keep it up.

    1. Thank you very much @bbtagoro. Plus I agree with you. Patience reveals! :)

  10. This is nice really.

  11. Hmm, this is really interesting…at some point, I had to go like ‘Wait a minute! What if some of these NS people I met are posers too!’ Well, we have to give thanks to Aondo that an NS meet would expose some of them :)
    Well, I enjoyed your story. IT makes for a beautiful read, all the minor errors aside. I would like you to look at this line:
    How do I tell him that I’m just a 2nd class upper, 200l, 18 year old orphan who lives with her aunt- who is a single mother of three kids?
    ‘A second class upper 200 level 18 year old’…That can be worked better for clarity. Maybe, taking out that ‘2nd class upper’ would make a lot of sense.
    Over all, nice one and now, I think I would watch how we talk and note your words more consciously :)

  12. Nice one..yea life is crazy and sometimes lies seem easier at first..but it always traps us in its web..
    I like the story..Take the comments given, and work on your story to make it better…Welcome to NS, Dr Love.. well done.

  13. @iykewifey thanks Amor. Nice to meet you. I’m DaMore:)

    @sueddie thanks for the commendation, and correction. Haha. Pls do:)

    @sibbylwhyte thanks for stopping by too.

    You all are highly appreciated.

  14. Hey! Someone should be sleeping…not calling your name DaMore…
    What really is the meaning of 2103, considering that you started writing on 2203…

  15. Facebook Love….but it’s all happening….people lie about status and all the rest…I think the willingness not to lie in some situations will be a deep love and high esteem for yourself….Nice one

  16. @dr2103, I enjoyed the story very much. I like how you built up the suspense towards the end, where the MC gets found out; I like how it’s ironic that the MC started by thinking that Kelechi was fake, yet it was her who ended up being branded as fake.

    I’m not going to do a line edit on your work; I was too busy enjoying the story, and I get the sense that if you paid enough time, you’d spot the typos in your work yourself. But do pay attention to them.

    Again, well done.

  17. Interesting…i laughed all through. I think you need to improve on the structure.

    1. Thanks, I will. @lynda

  18. Thanks so much @ all. Your comments are highly encouraging. :)

  19. When liars cry i will call this. A good job you have here.

    1. Thank you. @salami1010. I love the title you gave it:)

  20. I absolutely love this.Just pay heed to all the corrections.You can only get better.

    Well done!!!

    1. Thank you sir. Will do. @easylife2 :)

  21. I think this is good, familiar, predictable, but still gets a message across without being overly direct.

    1. Thanks @lelouch. You are appreciated:)

  22. Great Introduction , it made me want to read through the story even though I rightly guessed how it would end. I thought it was funny the guy made her his wife without her knowledge…lol ! A village guy living in a mansion.
    I just have an issue with a line in the last paragraph “I’m just a 2nd class upper, 200l” – how did she know she got a 2nd class when she had not even graduated ?? hehehehehe

    Overall , Good stuff :)

  23. @aghoghosam thanks. ‘M glad you think its a good story.
    About the degree, any undergraduate on seeing his/ her exam results can automatically calculate what level he/she is on, and what he/ she is likely to graduate with. .
    I don’t know bout other schools, but where I school, at the end of each session, CGPA is calculated and that’s just enough to give any student an insight into where he/ she falls, even before graduation.
    Thanks once again, and I hope I’ve been able to justify that line with my explanation. If not, my bad :)

  24. Teeehehehe… :D

  25. Facebook love… I have never had one of those. I have never quite quite had an internet love at all.

    This was nice. Know it’s been a while you wrote it but it had lotta issues. The premise was good though.

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