I know this will raise some eye brow here on NS…I don’t mean to cause any, read with an open mind, comment and move on with your writings. Just a self expression out of certain inspirations.

Your face here
Carries a certain air
The aura and fire
Will only go higher

I am captured and enraptured
By your facial exposure
Even your lips,
Yes the lips,
With its own culture

Its heritage well rounded
Ehmn… I have not seen the legs
But something tells me you turn every way
To a runway!
As you sashay to the rhythm of your name
Bubby bubby…

Keep bubblling
Like the bubble
That bubbles without knuckles
Fresh like bubu
Sweet like honey
What a name that invokes mirth
Let your light not dim
That is my song

Without a Grammy, or
It going platinum
One thing is sure
I am captured by the contours
With you riveting eyes…
That sees even now
What my heart means to say…
This is my song!



Of the times expunged,
Of the glory departed,
Of the joy that was never joyful,
Of the seriousness taking unserious,
Of the beauty that ugliness expressed,
Of the pageantry and glamour,
Of the toils and labour,
Of the sweat and sighs,
Of the impact unrealized,
Of the hopes hopelessness masked,
Of the glow inbuilt, mirrored in fruits,
Happiness was never happy.

86 thoughts on “Bubbllinna!” by sambright (@sambrightomo)

  1. *clears throat*

    Okay na.

    *finished reading with open mind now opening Word to continue with his writings*

    1. @ seun Good boy…good boy…GOOD BOY-FACE YOUR WRITINGS…

  2. as my favourite writer, eminem, wuld say… lets pretend… pretend i dnt know what is happening

    1. @ clemency u be my guy.u re living up to ur name.but pretense wont take us far,just be urself,sAy what u Av to say…


    I Didn’t even bother to read the second poem.

    1. @teewah, there is a second poem??
      Oh, ok, I see it.

    2. @ teewah please explain d acronym,mì ó gbó oyinbó…

    1. @ aghoghosam a-han…go head and read d second poem na.. sHuo!

  4. Why I go cover my eye dey waka for road? Nah! If you don’t want me to talk you shouldn’t have posted it here.
    This is the way Sammy feels
    where is the way Bubby feels
    to make this an added thrill.
    It’s a nice thing, lol!

    1. @ablyguy writers will always av their views abt any piece.U don tlk ur own voila!

  5. Love is in the air. The love even stutters!

    Can’t wait to read the comment from the objection of affection!

    I normally don’t like love poems but seeing as this rings so close to “home”, I like it !

    1. @esosa thanks for liking,but una dey intigate something by omitting something,I never used d word love o,na ur mouth I dey hear am.

  6. Heheheheheh. @teewah, even me o. Sam, we don hear you o.

    1. @gooseberry ‘we?’ as in…? Who be d ‘we’….Una for read d second poem na shuo….children of now adays….
      @ gooseberry d one who scribbles
      Leaving d readers we goose pimples…d rest is history…(u go read meaning to dis too, abi?)

  7. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    God forgive it!

    Youths will be youthful.

    1. Yes o @ oga kaycee u don get wife already na let us express our youthfulness jwor…’youths will be youthful.’I like that.

  8. Erm….*clears throat* actually ehn, no comment.

    1. @queenzayta when u no be Obasanjo why u dey clear throat?i didnt say u shdnt comment,I said read with an open mind!na wao we like to read meanings to things sha,naija shaaaaa very literati-minded.

  9. Ha ha ha @ oga kaycee it is not funny…

  10. Ok. What should I say? …. i think i will pass. BUT what does ‘she’ has to say to this?*

    1. @layrite you are trying yourself abi? OKAY O….LETS JUST WAIT AND WATCH D ACTION FILM NA.

  11. This is so sweet…am sure our Bubb is blushing all pink and bubbles right about.
    You had to go be all sweet on her, can’t say I blame you though,Bubb has that effect on most…As for the poem? sweet as pea.

    1. @raphels ehmn… Okay o…thanks for liking though. ‘Sweet as pea’ ME like very well!

  12. U remind me of michael jackson’s ‘ u got to be startin’ something’… Na there i go talk reach…

  13. Oh my Lord!!..SamB!!..I see Eyebrows be twitching and all..lol..On a day I decide not to NS, my name jumps out as a title…The poem is sweet as a pea just like Dotta says…
    The person to whom the poem is adressed says “Tis a lovely poem Sammy”…

    1. …and that wins the Grammy for me!

  14. Not to worry when my poetic muse comes back from the vacation, be sure that i’ll scribble some lines for you Dear Sammy…

    And though I don’t like my cheeks getting red, I blushed when I saw this..

    And the comments that follow..Well goes to show that Nigerians love romance in whatever way it comes..whether real, implied or imaginary..we are always up for it…hehehe…U seriously expected that conclusions wouldn’t be reached?..hehehe…U are dreaming..Not on this our NS o…

    1. Glad I initiated d blushes.I know dat pple like d romance thing and do not want it to end
      dearest, but who cares…When ur
      muse comes back with much speed, a journey
      I believe it has embarked on,
      do me d honours.Let me blush
      too,though black.LOL!

  15. I love both poems…love is the air so happiness is happy. Well done!

    1. Yes O @aturmercy I won d grammy and Happiness is happy,VERY HAPPY!

  16. I know dat pple do not want it to end dearest but who cares…When ur muse comes back with much speed which I believe it has embarked upon do me d honours.Let me blush too,though black.LOL!

  17. I smiled reading both poems, I’m a sucker for romance and happiness. :)

    1. @myne,I am glad u smiled as you read through,much more glad that you dotted that experience here.And bcus u are a sucker for romance and HAPPINESS,I can SAFELY say what NS has joined together let no man put asunder…LOL!


  18. Hmmm..CLEARS THROAT @sambright-i will reserve my comment

    1. @onyinye @ least say something make we know how u feel…

      1. @sambright….i will only say u two can continue d blushing things ooo until sm1 i know comes…shikena

        1. @onyinye talk wetin u know o,not wht u dont.


    1. @jamesndu NS isnt a dating site,it is for writers OBVIOUSLY!

  20. Ehn ehn? Nkan nbe o! Hehehehehehe

  21. @Banky nkó m’nbé, é mó nì? Ayé akámárá….long tym sir.

  22. Ok. Oga @sambrightomo, you haff hashieve your hobjective…

    Aunty Bubblinna, @sibbylwhyte, we dey wait for your *loving* response. What NS has joined togeda, let no…

    Hmm… let me reserve that one until Aunty does her own…

  23. ….. o_O…. Ahem… (-_-)…

  24. Symbolic communication@ Raymond please decode.

  25. One of the sweetest peom II hav read lately

    being a romance flick this just sound sensational in my ear.

    i bit bubby will be plushing and smilling!

    1. Merci beaucoup @iykewifey it seem vous pronom est responsible for moving d world forward.Thanks for appreciating dis,i am honoured.

  26. Lovely poems…lovely.
    The poet and the addressed can be proud of the effort in the first poem. Really lovely…Not sure I could have written any NS love of mine such a lovely one… Runway things… hmm, from poem, love, then chop, and he runs away!! Brightomo!! Hmm…
    Got my eyes on you and my daughter @sibbylwhyte

    1. THANKS A MILLIONS @sueddie.I dey blush 4 here.I appreciate your comment so much.I just began to see d effect of this poem after a close colleague showered praises on me.I didnt know it made such impact.On a serious note,I am sure I will be able to take care of your daughter.Hehehe.LOL.

  27. @sueddie…there is no chopping to be done, not to talk of to chop and run..
    Daddie I am still a gud girl o..No need to microscope me…
    Ehen! do U want me to show d one U wrote 4 ur sweetheart and I dnt mean mummy!…hehehe..

    1. aaaaaH…please father and daughter dont wash d ‘clean’ linen in d public nah…Please.he hehehehehe.
      Just for d records no word in d poem is suggestive of chopping nd running…@sybbylwhyte warn ur PAPA o.E no see tru love in express terms ní?

  28. @Sambrightomo or whatever you call your name, please go and find your love somewhere else. We’re still training @sibbylwhyte and she has already been preserved for someone. To avoid future heart-break, just leave her for us o.

    1. @Eletrika electricity na my hand u wan fall abi?B4 u go try m I go don break your own.U want make breeze blow make we for see fowl yansh abi?Ur secret dey my hand o.Dis one wey u dey claim mama all of a sudden so,no go think say I send u o.u neva see where dem dey üse mother inlaw d€y do ritual abi?our elders say water no d€y finish for coconüt…

  29. Hahahahaha…Sam!… Dis post jst gets funnier by d day, thanks to d funny comments it garners…

    @babyada…Mami leave am, im neva sabi say Father don pick my oyibo love tey tey…hehehe.

  30. @sibbylwhyte thank you for telling me ur mind-o u v bn cheating on me ll dis while-OKAY O…I dont wnt to remind u of Andrew Marvel’s to his coy mistress…ehmnnnn..tym is going o.how sure is d oyibo wey far than me wey dey near.emhn,ehmn…anyway…i rest my case.

  31. @sambrightomo…I might be a mistress but I am not coy o..at least not when it matters…
    D oyibo na part of d big plan na..i go marry am, off am with rat medicine, carry im money come back make me and U dey jolly dey go na..Abi how you see am?..hehehe.

  32. @bubby ur head dey dier…do wetin dey ur mind,i trust u.

  33. @sibbylwhyte: Hmm, your words… This is why parents and children should not be in the same fora. Choi! What is that second part that I see? Rat medicine? Is that what I taught you? … I would sure have shown you some discipline but you have got me with that blackmail: … let me not see you show that piece anywhere!!
    @babyada: tell him…Brightomo has been sending lots of private mails still begging… Babyada, tell him o!!

    @sambrightomo: what is there to talk again? I saw the words ‘Chop and run’ very clearly… What the elders see when sitting down, not even the hidden words of youth on the mountain would hide. ;)

  34. @sueddie since d elder av learnt to shoot d birds when it perches,d birds have decided to fly without perching…U will b dazed dat d youth of today will see farthest than d elders whether squating,sitting,standing or even running.If u doubt me,ask @sibbylwhyte she go tell u with her riveting eyes say blackberry nor be dibia…

  35. Sam, I now fully have my focus on you!! Hmm…. Amazing what the world has come to…
    Amadioha, bear me witness!

    1. In law @sueddie i hear u sir…bt u know d eyes cannot see beyond what is b4 it.no mtter how big it is,it cannot see d back.voila!

  36. @sueddie…Now U know I won’t blackmail you like dat na.. .I’m still a good child.

    @sambrightomo..blackberry no be dibia?..now dat cracked me up…

  37. @sibbylwhyte I hope d cracking is for good ooooo.

  38. Yup it sure is for good… @sambrightomo…If U no win writer of the month with this post ehn?..I ll walk 2 class next month, barefeet…Hehehe..

  39. Barefeet…see signal oooooo @sibbylwhyte I go win o..how u go walk barefeet,my queen?It is impossible.@admin please honour my queen’s request o.I cannot afford to see her walk bare feet o.

  40. Haa!! Which kain lofsickness be dis?

    @sibbylwhyte wetin you accidentally give this guy chop?

    That your member of the month picture must have love jazzed him oh!

    And Sam…how many times we go shout say make una no dey join 2 poetry post?

  41. @afronuts she no give me anything o.Nd who tell u say na d personality of d month thing na hin inspire me.
    As per d two poem thing,until next post,we done publish already.

  42. @afronuts..
    Uncle ah no give am anything o..I no be Abby wey dey Jazz pesin..
    The kain love wey Sammy get 4 me na Agape o…

    Thank God say we don see ur breaklight..

    1. @sibbylwhyte helep me tell dem oooo.So dem nor wan believe say my love na CORRECT!
      @bubbly bubble my love is simply invaluable-like u talk na AGAPE!
      Pple just like tori sha…

      1. ‘I am captured and enraptured
        By your facial exposure
        Even your lips,
        Yes the lips,

        This one na agape love? See as you dey value im lips like say na something you wan chop.

        Then see this line:

        ‘I am captured by the contours
        With you(r) riveting eyes…

        @sambrightomo …you don implicate yourself…oya confess!

        1. In literature,writers go write con leave d readers to make deductions.na u get wetin u dey think @Afronuts keep thinking… That na my confession

    2. @sibbylwhyte …okay oh.

      Maybe its your ‘girl next door’ personality dey winch the guy because he talk one true thing –

      ‘But something tells me you turn every way
      To a runway!’

      lol…he is saying you cause commotion and then vamoose…eeya…poor guy.

      1. @afronuts..
        Hehehe…Nutty U won’t kill me with laugh… D lips ah dey use am preach 2 am na.. ..there is no chopping involved.

        As for the commotion causing, I am inno’saint’ oh…I dey where I dey..No vanishing acts..

        1. LOL..Na wao @Afronuts u sef write ur own na..shuoo…why u want put and for my garri huh?d runway wey I mean na runway(catwalk) wey dem dey take do fashion show.u knw say na elevated ground.dat na how bubblinna dEy run tings…

  43. Hmm. I’m not surprised at this sha. the name and the little piece of facial bubblina was noteworthy to me too BUT- guy which wan be ‘bubby’ and ‘bubbi-lina’ again na? dis ‘Bubby’ thing is a tintilin bit disturbing o, makes me think of certain parts of a woman’s anatomy that the male species never get tired of; from the womb to the tomb. and which contours you see? the contours of the eyebobs?
    Nice one tho, I like the rythm. and the paradox in happiness…i wish i wrote this. kudos.

    1. @markwealth thanks for appreciating nd dotting ur esteemed thought.Indeed you av giving d poem ur interpretation dat is good.Although d bubby issue has natin,absolutely ntin to do with ur inference.Thnks again for reading.God bless.

  44. Hmn. Yo all re still on this. Leave two love birds alone, will ya?

    1. @layrite thank you.please help me tell @Afronuts to free me na shuooo….make him go find another river to fish.Haba na me get dis river…helep me tell so…

  45. Well, I like the first poem… guess I wanted to do it a long time ago, but you beat me to it. Like you said, I have read, commented, and am moving on.

  46. @elovepoetry it is good you are moving on…I am…thanks for reading.

  47. Odikwa serious o.

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