Better than I

Better than I

I can choose any day
I can give up and go astray
You know better than I
Why I can’t help but cry

Look at me and what I ve become
I wish oh lord that I was never born
So ashamed to call on you
Cos this guilt I can’t undo

Friends have deserted me
All my dreams I ll never see
Nothing to call my own
I feel So lost and alone

A moment a time I had it all
So young, I did not heed to your call
Lost in my stupidity
I wallowed in my iniquity

I sort after sin and pleasure
I ate deceit, such without measure
I gave in to many enticement
I was wild, To every party I went

You called but I just could not hear
You tried to save me but I didnt care
Oh! That I can undo this wrong
So to you lord I can belong

To repay your undying love for me
To be all you want me To be
I hope its not too late to call on you
I hope there is still something I can do

With my heart I ll follow you
I ll apply your word in all I do
Will I make it to heaven when I die
Lord you know better than I

10 thoughts on “Better than I” by Bright Benson (@brytandre)

  1. Nice, nice,nice.
    If you can write like this you still have hope.

  2. Better than me; better than all of humanity…

    Nice one.

  3. I sort(sought) after sin and pleasure”

    Good one @brytandre

  4. Sometimes, i wonder if you ever see all these comments on your posts. this is a good poem….like always

  5. Nice one…Pray do tell brytandre, have you joined some sort of christian fellowship?..hehe..Well done.

    @gooseberry…Nope, he just posts em’ and gets d fcuk outta here.

  6. i had a kinda feeling as i was reading this. he z d MASTER, we are his PIECES

  7. Hmmnnn. Nice rhymes though like two stanzas (abi na verses?) didnt fully rhyme. The poem is good. Really good. @brytandre, you try bro.

  8. He definitely knows better than we do, so many issues of our lives.
    “…heed [to] your call”- should have been without “to”
    “I [sort] after…” should be “sought”
    Good job, @brytandre

  9. A prayer, a cry, a poem no one can deny. Good job!

  10. Nice lines. God is good.

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