Attend The Read It Out Loud Session

Attend The Read It Out Loud Session

An evening of everything ART.


Short Stories

Novel Excerpts


Discussions and More.

Come and lounge at the US Embassy with likeminded individuals every first Thursday of the month. The next edition takes place on the 3rd of May and you have a chance to be there. Just send your name and email to  07061241103 or 08055940019.

You would get an email confirming your invite.

It’s a new initiative by the United States Embassy in Nigeria


10 thoughts on “Attend The Read It Out Loud Session” by danieliyam (@danieliyam)

  1. The timing would be key…but it’s a great initiative nonetheless.

    @shaifamily…are you with me?

    1. Could @admin please help find out what time it is exactly?

      1. @Seun-odukoya, it would be best to contact the numbers given.

  2. Am with you @Seun-Odukoya
    Timing is everything. However, why it is not on a weekend beats me.

  3. @Seun-Odukoya…I think it’s from 10am. That embassy always starts its programs by 10am. ALWAYS.

  4. Sorry for the delay in response to your comments. The time is actually 3-5pm, however, the hall is already full for this month. For those of you that sent your names to me, you have been included in the guest list for June. Pls, if you would love to be there, it is better you send your names on time. Thank you all.

  5. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    is this in Lagos or at Abuja?

  6. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    Very interesting…

  7. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    Forgot to it Lagos or Abuja?

  8. Its actually in Lagos. Take care you all.

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