Another Poem

Another Poem

Hey lovelies!

Thanks for the titles from the last post.

This is another poem from my old collection…. I realize now that none of my poems had names! Again I dont know what inspired this poem, but it definitely glistened my eyes! And again I was no older than 17 when I wrote this, I think 15, cus it was all the way in the back of my poetry book and I hope this speaks to someone!


Life is a tale

A tale told by a fool

Its rather funny

We make wishes and hope they come true

But each time they do

The joke is seemingly on you!

Or me?

Yea, perhaps the joke is just on me!

I should just quit

Just stop trying

This is  like a drug

A bad habit I’m trying to curb

Its pretty hard to quit a drug when you’re the dealer

A tale told by a fool alright

I’m tired

Too tired

To laugh, cry or show any emotion

Here come the wall

The wall I spent so much time tearing down

Why did you…What did you…

No, I cat let those walls come back up

The small space chokes me, makes me want to….

Cant let it come up again


I’ll fight this

To the end

I’ll make this work

Until, I’m finally happy…

6 thoughts on “Another Poem” by Mobola (@mobola)

  1. I love the sense this makes

  2. This is nice poem really
    have you thought about the title,,,?

  3. I am not impressed, guess cos I know you can do better.

  4. ‘Life’ you tell here is the workshop of the poet…it’s yours!

  5. If the poem says anything bout U..U musta been fighting hard to be free of whatever it was…saw sme misspellings..Check…Well done

  6. Your teenage years must have been hard.

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