Aiding And Abetting

I am a Police officer, so I came out to be sure what the pandemonium was all about. I got slapped from Mfot and another knock on the head by another person I didn’t see because Mfot’s slap nearly blinded me. Mfot lives opposite my house, being that we have never had any serious quarrel in the past, I was startled at such a raw reaction coming from him.

“You are a fool!”, “We know people like you!”, “Get away Oga…”, these were the words that fought for space as they rained insults on me. I am used to insults of this nature but never was I assaulted just because I am offering a helping hand.

I had to leave them and retire into the safety of my room while nursing the shame they dressed me in. Being away saves me from more of it. I thought they should report the case to the Police before taking any detrimental action. Now the lady is in coma, I am afraid she may die.

Another self-righteous person in the crowd was saying a thing like they will finish the case there and then- no tribunal, no fair hearing, just a quick sentence to a hapless woman.

Probably Mfot is still nursing something against me. Since we had a gentleman talk last November. I told him that I was not so bothered by the hues of screams I hear from his room at the thick of the night. Our neighbor in the adjoining had a generator with a counter noise. But I added that whatever he did to someone’s sister will be done to his own sister.

“Ha! ha! ha !” he laughed in hesitant guffaws.

“Guy, I no get sister” he said, concealing his discountenance.


“You no get Mama? Abi you no go marry lai-lai? KARMA naim be yor middle name” I responded in a sore yet calm tone. He left without any more words.

That is the much I feel could have slighted Mfot. But he is generally a friendly person, so what is it with this unsolicited slap?

The soft murmuring in the crowd of women swathed by the bass rants of the men clearly hinted their lack of faith in the police. Not even in me, a committed member of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church. My nonchalance could have been ‘Aiding and Abetting’ in the eyes of the law. I don’t want to be found wanting in my duties and that was why I intervened.

While in my the room, I wished they all knew that they were flouting the directive of the State government and I could order all of them including the vigilantes to be summarily arrested and docked in the cell until the next day?

Many of them would want to take me up on that one, they will call their uncles and brothers and friends from the state capital and request they come and defend them in court. The same court they have lost hope in, just as they have lost hope in government. It is their likes that kidnap people and waylaying traders on the way to the market and demand ransom from the same government they distrust.

It was this same Mfot who mobilized boys in the community to tease the judge in the case of the two ladies who had a melodramatic case in court.

I am still at a loss as to who contracted such marriage and where? I thought in saner climes one required the permission and blessings of parents in a thing as serious as marriage.

Mfot was whistling and jeering in court as the proceedings went on. I didn’t call for his arrest in order not to spite, otherwise everyone knew he was in error. At the end, he succeeded, the Judge couldn’t reach a conclusion for the appellant who wanted ‘out’ from a marriage she was tired of. She said she had repented and she wanted to open a new lease of life.

But her partner defended that if she had to breach the subsisting agreement, she then had to payback all expenses incurred for her marriage, bride price and honeymoon to Marina Resort and the Sankwala Mountains of Obudu. All of which amounted to well over N1.98 million, the appellant had no such amount.

The court dismissed the suit and asked them to settle it ‘in-house’. If I thought that was outrageous then what could be more eye-popping than the sight of full grown matured ladies with full breasts and round butts snuggling and kissing forcefully in broad daylight? Their friends all cheered and I thought rapture had come.

Lady kissing lady? Not that I have not seen it before, it was suppose to be a TV thing; only on the screen will you find such. If I ever tell any of them that I was shocked and that I had only seen such in a movie, then they will put my belief in Christ to question.

“How did know? Why are you watching it if you are not doing it or planning to do same”, my mind echoed in the heat of all the drama. Exactly what Mfot would say to me, or any of his girls who usually came to ride him to nuts.

Without the ‘T’, I hear “Mfo!…Mfooo!…..Mfoo!”, “I love you Mfo”, “Yes! Yes!” In between gasps and sighs and probably, shut eyes as the loud raunchy Naija Jams fall in volume for a repeat or reshuffle.

My concern is about the woman, just now I am hearing  from Mfot’s girl- the one that talks and her body moves in the direction of her conversation. Gladys.

“Ogbanje pikin…her pastor say that the baby spirit is stronger than hers. Na devil incarnate”.  This was her confession when she rose to consciousness and then they allowed her go scot free? Even Gladys sounds like she is happy that the woman surmounted her obstacle.

My nose pinches with anger and I suppress my teary eyes. I know I have a chicken heart but not in this case- damn my neigbours and whatever they say. I will file a case against this woman for crime and her captors for complicity in this matter.



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  1. @Writefight, I like how this story started out; in fact, I was very keen on reading this, because it was written through the eyes of a policeman, and I do not usually read stories written from that point of view.

    But the pervasive tense confusion and the loss of focus of the story meant that I had a hard time understanding the story. Was it about Mfot, or about two women who wanted to get divorced?

  2. I got con – fused….It touched so many people and I didn’t know who was who..
    And though You pointed out that Mfot is a police officer, I have no idea what gender he /she really is..
    Plz EDIT,…

  3. Could really have been made less confusing.

  4. The story left me feeling confused, what exactly i s happening here? Pray tell.

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