A Thin Line

Everything in life is a thin line,
It’s like the pop of a bottle of red wine,
Ain’t a Frank Edoho show where u get three lifelines,
Ain’t a bar where u get ur martini with a slice of lime.

A thin line between freedom and getting caged,
A thin line between being a virgin and getting laid,
Being broke and getting paid,
Winning a hand with the ace of spades.

Life’s a black and white picture,
whether urs is a gloomy or a bright future,
it suprises u like an epileptic seizure,
every depends on God , like a surgeon performing sutures.

Some say it’s fate, others say have faith,
fate is what is dished to you ona a plate,
like when Leo met Kate on the titanic,
wouldn’t have mattered if one was black or hispanic,
whether the ship was small or gigantic,
being from opposite sides made it more romantic.

Same goes for Romeo and Juliet
what a combination, the duet,
what a sad end, they met,
a thin line between life and death.

A thin line between love and hate,
betrayal of being used as bait,
a blind man putting on stevie wonder’s shades,
viewing the world in a different perpective,
unborn babies avoided using contraceptives,
i wonder if we’re in any way sensitive.

A thin line between the first snort and addiction,
the difference between a true story and a fiction,
‘Why do fools fall in love’ was an instance,
spotted Amy Winehouse from a far distance,
Singing she didn’t wanna go to rehab,
but the will not to, she didn’t have.

A thin line between penetration and ejaculation,
after an orgasm comes a moan of satisfaction,
folks at home told me about protection,
paid the price when i didn’t heed to correction,
ended up stepping into Magic Johnson’s shoes,
got to hustle hard to pay ma dues,
always be faithful and speak the truth,
‘remember the Lord in the days of thy youth’.

It’s a thin line between heaven and hell,
where we end up only time will tell,
here I sign out wishing everybody well,
remember the slogan ‘saved by the bell’

16 thoughts on “A Thin Line” by yhemie (@eimehy)

  1. Okay. I forgive you your ‘shit business’. This is nice. Simple but hard hitting.

    You typed this off your phone, right? Names are in capital letters. And then ‘u’ is NOT ‘you’

    Well done.

  2. Shawn!!!!…..you eventually chose to comment, ok…..my shit business keeps booming, thanks to every butt that decides to shit on me…

    this is the first write-up my pen ever came up with….it was supposed to be a song, buh i couldn’t get a chorus…and it kept going…

    thanks mahn!

  3. I like this – it was real deep, but one could totally relate with it

    “like a surgeon performing(making) sutures” – I fink performing isn’t d ryt word for dis

    Well Done!

    1. …noted!……my first encounter with the pen…it was a memorable night…i see you @teewah

  4. Yes, in life it’s always a thin line btw everything…hmmm…

    Nice one.

  5. You write well…Tis a nice one..Well done..

    You should avoid the short forms, though it has a way of creeping in..

    1. hehehehe, i’m a creep with a big-ass pen…….watch me crawl under your skin…hehehehehe…….thanks bubbles!

  6. Ok. This is nice. Real poetic.
    But some of your comparisons are off.
    “Everything in life is a thin line,
    It’s like the pop of a bottle of red wine”

    How is life like the pop of a bottle of anything.

  7. @kaycee…..change happens with a snap of the fingers, blink of an eye, the pop of a bottle of red wine…that’s the thin line…….c’mon, that’s so glaring.

  8. You this man sef…. Play play full your body o, so also does good rhymes and intelligent poetry.

    Its good to play sha and is even better when you have something to offer. You get that something.

    Great… Cool…

    1. @gooseberry……thanks jare….u got ur bikini yet?….*drools

  9. @eimehy, what are you drooling over? The sandpaper butt or the banana chest?

    Ah! I no get money to buy bikini o….. You can bring one of yours for me. You know there’s love in sharing…

    1. …hehehehe….sandpaper butt?…okay, that’s disappointing…..*perks up….banana chest?!…i’m definitely bringing you the bikini….heck, Adam was pretty comfortable in palm-fronds….i’ll ‘kukuma’ make you one,,,

  10. Hooh… life is indeed a thin line between anything and every other thing.
    I love this poem…makes total sense to me.@eimehy

  11. Bravo! Brilliant Poem! I like.

  12. I wouldn’t agree less. Well done!

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