Yourself Or Someone Like You

Yourself Or Someone Like You

Mind art,

Futile attempts at self definition

I, the pupil

Studying me, the subject

By myself, the teacher

I get lost

In this labyrinth

That is me

When I am by myself


A foray in vain

Into the innards

Of my mind

Knowledge resides in here

And folly too

Secrets buried like

The bony remains

Of a pillaged army

My mind is the grave yard

Of my existence


They spring up like headstones

As I traverse

The desolate expanse

Of my mind

I recognize relics

From my past

And glimpse, perhaps

Hazy fossils from

My unlived future


These ghosts from

My present and past

Virtues and vices

Are stringed garlands

Lining the hallway

Of my life

Deeds and misdeeds

Like priceless paperweight

And rusty medals

Straddle the pedestals

Of my life


The bitter-sweet harvest

Of this mind-toil

I am a relic and an archetype

A demon and a saint

A potion of truth and falsehood

My masks are legion

But I wear them

With righteous sincerity

I am Jekyll and Hyde

My essence traverses

Light and darkness

Claiming equal portions

Of each

But which am I

The vice or the virtue?

But I fear

Each vial captures

The essence of me

Or perhaps,

Someone like me.

 (Inspired by the album “Yourself or someone like you” by Matchbox 20)


6 thoughts on “Yourself Or Someone Like You” by esosa (@esosa)

  1. Let me say the bad first…I think a ‘compression’ of ur lines into verses might have helped here…I know you mustn’t do so but…I see the need here.
    Now to the good…I didn’t know I would enjoy this poem as much as I did. World of wisdom in the lines. Kudos!

  2. It’s a beautiful poem. I really like it.

    Well done man. Well done!

  3. At those tyms in life when we re @ our crossroad strength resides where fear dread…we need this sought for self-discovery.

  4. Compresion or redaction…. yes good.
    I have seen rationalism and empiricism all-in-one.
    Good jod.

  5. Nice lines Eseosa…

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