Yam-Porridge – An Adventure

Yam-Porridge – An Adventure

Once upon a midnight, MIDNIGHT,
While I pondered in the low light,
Over curious pathology
That I’d never seen before,

While I nodded, nearly napping,
Suddenly there came a tapping,
As of someone gently rapping,
Rapping at my bedroom door.

Ah, distinctly I remember
It was long before September,
And the hunger was a-biting,
And the restaurants were a bore.

Eagerly I wished the morrow
In which I had sought to visit
My friend – I think it was Solo –
But mainly to eat yam-porr.

But the sullen, sad, uncertain
Trembling of my little belly
Thrilled me – filled me with
Malignant hunger never felt before;

So that now, the salivation,
And then my heart’s palpitations
Made me, without hesitation,
Move towards the bedroom door.

Presently the urge grew stronger,
Precipitating more hunger,
`Sir,’ said I, `or Solo, truly
Your forgiveness I implore;

‘But the fact is I am hungry,
‘And though all night I should tarry,
‘And though I was not expecting,
‘Yet I do need this yam-porr’.

So I opened up the window,
Fearing those men that we all know,
And received the gift from Solo –
Yam-porr like never before.

Rapidly I took my belt off,
And then I rolled up my shirt cuffs,
Then made sure that I dished enough,
Enough of the sweet yam-porr.

‘Just one plate’ I promised myself,
“Then I’ll go back to the bookshelf”,
But as if by magic influence,
I kept eating more and more.

Now, with time I started choking,
Common sense finally broke in,
And, Oh God, I am not joking,
I couldn’t eat more yam-porr.

My gullet was now obstructed,
And my vision was distorted,
So this finally resulted
in myself upon the floor.

Hard I struggled, breathing harder,
As I saw death coming closer,
With the last breath I could gather-…
…I woke up with my throat sore.

For in truth I had been dreaming,
And my pillow I’d been eating,
And the foam I stood vomiting,
Tasted nothing like yam-porr.

15 thoughts on “Yam-Porridge – An Adventure” by Zazu (@literati)

  1. Lol! What a dream. I love the rhymes. Nice write:)

  2. Pele!
    Next time eat before you sleep, oh?

  3. Whoa! This is really cool..And your rhyming scheme deserves a lovely mention..You did well jare..I like!..Well done Zazu..

  4. Guy… I must say you did real good!
    Okay you actually did well…the “-or” rhyme, the alignment of the story, the conclusion…
    I’m still trying to stop laughing.
    It already has a tune in my head.
    Very well done Zazu!

  5. LMAO! What a lovely narrative!

    The poem is so delicious, I can smell the palm oil aroma of its creativity and humour hitting hard at my funny bone!

  6. eeeyaa but those yam porr is tempting lol

    can`t remember when i enjoyed it last.

  7. This yam porr talks!
    Good work, though a little disconnect in the communication.

  8. Zazu, just like my visit to your blog, I’m impressed and wow! Can’t stop laughing at the tasty pillow you undressed and in jest (ingest).

  9. Lolz @Eletrika..I’l try.
    Thanks Bubbles, Chimzorom, Afronuts, Amor, Ostar, Aturmercy, Kaycee..great ppl, great encouragement..
    I’m sure the pillow didn’t taste funny sha:)

  10. Choi!!! I hope the pillow tasted real good. Lol. The poem is funny o.

  11. haha. U want to kno if d pillow was sweet? Taste and see!

  12. Very funny, Uzuazo. I also liked the way you established a kind of rhythm to the poem. Well done.

  13. funny yam-porr,though I dont like what you have done to EAP’s poem.

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