Truth And Love Prevail

Truth And Love Prevail

Life is a journey

Beyond the sweetest honey

To travel safely

And not merely brusquely

I need to love and be in communion with the Supreme


Many times I travel

Seeing only my mirage,

Without an eternal bond

Without an eternal connection


But I will drown

Without any crown

If in vanity I remain

Making falsehood my domain


There are many ways

As there are innumerable ideas

Like the little drops in an ocean

But it’s left to me to turn great ideas into gold


My temporal body is a passing shadow

But my soul eternally reigns

To live for the eternal, my desire

As I endlessly try to conquer myself


Though often going without in search of nothing

Within lies everything so wholesome

In life’s brief course, on life’s transitory path

Truth and love prevail





Life is lived in the world’s garden

It’s so beautiful an experience

Sensing the fragrance of roses and violets

Often appearing painful when pricked by a thorny branch


Life like a flower blossoms in the morning

Attracting butterflies from every angle

With their wings fluttering at the sight of a success honeycomb

Only to dry up late in the evening


Life like a flower is often prowled by bees

With their stings making things seemingly difficult

Even if they be chances for greater discovery

Leading to man’s enlightenment in every way


Life is like a flower

To reach my destiny, to reach my end

I love to enjoy both the fragrance and the pricking of thorns

Gently, with great patience


So I never quit on the way

However tough the journey be

I’m forever striving to live out my dreams,

In a purely and concretely healing way


22 thoughts on “Truth And Love Prevail” by innoalifa (@innoalifa)

  1. I like the second piece better…the first tried so hard with the rhyming that it lost depth.

    1. Thanks Scopeman…. will try not to make rhyming disrupt the flow of my poems…

  2. Eh well…the two are okay sha.

    1. smiling in gratitude Seun-Odukoya…

  3. Both poems have the same theme. But I like the one of flowers and thorns more because of the bitter truth in it. I love thorns, they give me deep sense of reasoning.

    Well done.

    1. u love thorns?
      which kind?

  4. I like the themes in the two poems but I like the 2nd one better..Well done..

  5. The subject matter is thought provoking but the poem could be better.
    I like your metaphors…they are strong but they seem to come out better later in the poem.
    Keep writing…your best is around the corner.

    1. graciously grateful for your comment @Afronuts

  6. Truth nd love always prevail any day any tym across d sphere of history.

  7. Emm, what is the theme? What is the subject matter?
    Life? Journey? flowers? bees?
    I say make I ask.

    1. @Kaycee The theme is on life as a journey…

  8. Good messages but you can do better.

    1. Thanks for your comment @gooseberry

  9. Nice read it was for me…though I must say it hardly had anythin to do with truth and love except the last paragraph of the first poem.

    the poems without going by your theme are nice.

    1. @teewah Thank you so much for your candid comment… always working to write better…

  10. Second one was beta~cool!

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