There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Blood

A Nubian babel

Herded to submission

A defining heritage

Traded for duplicitous salvation

A rebirth inspired

In the throes of passion

Between the overlord

And his floral mistress

A servant’s robe discarded

For a servile ideology

Servitude in chains

Exchanged for a mind in captivity

The task master’s whip

Firmly in the grip

Of the enslaved

Sown are the seeds of discord

Scattered over fertile fields

Watered by the flaming liquids

Brewed in the desert sands

Of Mecca and Jerusalem

We fight our kind

Stoked by their fires

In our mind

Duplicitous armistice achieved

As we hugged with daggers drawn

Accursed wealth and prosperity

Discovered buried deep in the bowels

Of the dark decrepit delta

A Nubian bride

Ripe for the plundering members

Of incestuous suitors

The throne was flung

From the west to the core

The dueling knights

In billowing robes and starched khakis

Jostling for the crown

Brandishing parted pearly whites

Shaded treacherous scars

And balding virile protuberances

Faith, fate and felons

Conspired to enthrone

The bastard child

Bereft of a sole

But gifted with a crown

Hope hoisted

On pillaged bones

Hollow and fragile

In the wake of the Arab spring

The streets of Greece are ablaze

The walls of the west are occupied

The sands of the Sahara

Shift with unease

There will be blood

(Inspired by the movie “There will be blood”)

8 thoughts on “There Will Be Blood” by esosa (@esosa)

  1. I really did not like the movie. At the end of it all, I was like….’SO’…?!

    This poem however makes a whole lot of more sense to me.

    Well done.

  2. … a good one esosa but can be broken into stanzas for easy understanding…

  3. I love the way you wrote this, even though I was a bit confused. Maybe because I haven’t watched the film.

  4. The lines are clear but like eletrika, I am confused..maybe I’ll see the movie to better understand it…Well done Ese..

  5. After reading this I wish I could see the movie to further understand it.

    I love the depth of this poem…its so strong, so beautifully cerebrally challenging…I was able to pick a number of issues in the poem… but I’m not sure if there is a central focus; you can tell better.

    Overall, the poem is beautifully rendered and highly thought provoking…and complex!

  6. I don’t reallly understand this bt i like d way u write

  7. I had to read this twice. It is so good.

  8. break it down beta…
    so i shud watch movie first
    poem’s kk…on its own

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