The Earthquake And My Heart Cry

The Earthquake And My Heart Cry


She was too tired to sit in place

with so many things on her

she decides to move herself

regaining some strength into her weak self

she starts by moving her feet

Houses collapse,

cars roll over

trees snap off the soil

everything is in an uproar

She stares at the destruction,

the pandemonium

She decides to sit

But things will never be the same again.






For days
sleep eludes me
anxiousness my friend
The joy of seeing you again
It builds on as i await your arrival

My heart beats faster
I can’t keep still
Pacing here and there
Stopping only to look at the time
Listening for the announcement
It builds on as I await your arrival

You are here now
Am in your arms
I can’t stop smiling
My joy is full
But it last only a while
As its soon time for you to leave
I refuse to be sad,
as usual.
I have memories that will last a long time
As i anticipate seeing you again
I love you


I can’t seem to find sleep
The longing of my heart
I can’t concentrate
This longing still’
I just want to see you
I miss those moments
When you make me laugh hard
Your tickles, Your teases
Those moments
When time seems to fly
I crave
to be in your arms again.

22 thoughts on “The Earthquake And My Heart Cry” by obi onyinye anne (@obionyinye)

  1. I want to ask a question…
    How did this get posted? I mean is this up to 200 words?..(abeg gimme the secret na)
    Now to the poem…
    It fell short of my expectations…maybe it’s cos of the title. An earthquake or rather Earthquakes are disastrous but these didn’t quite capture that…Maybe it’s just me..
    Line 2..”With so many things on her (mind?)…Look into that dear..
    Well done Anne..

  2. This is wonderful. I like the way the poem showed me what it was from the title but still left me confused as to what it was talking about…until I read again.

    “regaining some strength into her weak self”…Do you think the way you used ‘regaining’ and ‘into’ here is correct?

    Nice one.

  3. I gotta thank you @chemokopi..Ur comment made me see the light!..

    Wallahi!..Anne I think you need 2 ‘konk’ me for the mistake..
    Now I am reading it from ‘her’ view, I can say honestly that this is Great…
    Let’s make up?..No lesbie tings o..Well written..

    1. You are welliccomme @sibbylwhyte

  4. Wallahi, I don’t get it!
    @sybbylwhyte, I like lesbie things.

  5. Tankss 4 ur comments@bubblinna-wil definately love 2 hook up wit u…NO LESBIE TINS OO,I don’t know what @admin did 2 my poem o….ds was suppose 2 be added 2 another poem,maybe i just gt lucky @chemo-am glad u understand d poem,tankss 4 reading @kaycee-read again…plss

  6. @kaycee…How won’t u like lesbie tings?..E dey 4 ur avatar na..hehehe…Sorry d show na 4 only ‘private viewing’…

    Read the poem and take the earthquake as the ‘she’..

  7. Nice lovey dovey stuff in My heart cry….You can’t wait to see him again huh?..It is wah o..hehe…

    1. Tankssss….yes na.tankss 4 reading

  8. @ Onyinye this is beautiful.I like d sequence.When I read @ bubbly’s comment I wasnt moved cus I had my tots already even b @ chemo’s.A Poet reserves d xclusive duty to self by doing justice to emotions.Appreciating dis poem,u xpresed ur feelings in d tone dat soothes u in free verse.(I like)

    1. @sambright…tankss

  9. To Critique this,’everything is in an uproar’ shd have read ‘everything in uproar’.
    Sometimes,we need to express ourselves as apt a possible using one word to ‘kill lots of bird’.
    The earth quake represents a shking in your life tht was stbilized by d coming of Tola.This is valid against d backdrop of d chronicle expressed in d poem above.-An earthquake;Pandemonium-My Heart;love brings the solution-My Heart 2;at rest with d love of ür life.VOILA!

    1. @sambright….you are in d spirit my brother.tankss

  10. ask victims of earthquake,

    add up the real emotion revolve in such disaster,,

    part from that,,, its work for me.


    1. Am glad it works 4 u…tankss 4 reading

  11. Thank u all 4 reading…honestly i wrote both poems at diff points in my life bt they just fit into each other if u interpret it from my point of view.

  12. Yes @ Admin did well with that ‘chronicling…’

  13. I refuse to see the first poem as that of an earthquake.

    The poems are good. I like them.

    1. Just try @babyada…you will love it! lol!

  14. I had to read this again and again…

    But after figuring the Earthquake poem out, it read really nicely.

    Way to go @obionyinye.

  15. I understood the earthquake poem at my first read………………………………… Really nice concept, though not detailed enough I think……………………
    Loved the other “lovey-dovey” poems though, really really nice.
    Good work dear, keep it up.

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