Play The Bird/ Miss Lindy’s Doggie

Sing sweetie birdie
Twiee, twit, twitter
Raise your hands
And touch the sky

Flap your wings
And make a turn
Don’t turn wild
And lest you fall

Look at me
And shake your tail
Lay your eggs
And say hurray!

Hop, hop, hop
And flap and flap
Make another turn
And say good-bye.

‘Tis lots of fun
let’s do it!

To you all little babies I dedicate this pretty piece. You see, your smiles and squeaks and your dimpled eyes arouse a kind of angelic ‘something’ in me. And when I carry you sleeping on my bosom, the divinely serenity and freshness of breath and life that surrounds me, takes my breath away.
You are beauty personified!


Miss Lindy has a little dog
Its name is Billy Lee
It pretty loves to play with me
When I am back from school

It laughs and barks woh woh!
And wags its tiny tail
Falls and rooks and rolls on still
And whines a little while

I fondle it; it holds my hands
And won’t let go of me
Licks my knuckles and fingers wet
With its chilly nose and tongue

Let me go, Oh doggie Lee
‘Am going home for lunch
But it frowns and says ah woh!
And misses me much so

Dedicated to my dear Kocy, Frances, Cboy, Kelly, Dr. C.C…

….and when I think to think like you, hilarious songs scuds across my mind. Then I see how beautiful you are in your heart. One of it is the way you call dogs, “doggie doggie.” You think is not funny and also to see you gallop in a little high speed; sputter some words like Teletubies.

16 thoughts on “Play The Bird/ Miss Lindy’s Doggie” by ostar (@ostar)

  1. hehehehe this is a first for me – understanding your work that is.

    I loved this, reminded me of old nursery rhymes and the fond memories that come them.

    Well Done @ostar

    1. @teewah thanks buddy.

      I thought one doesn’t feed lions with wheat here.
      However, I write from the buzzes of the Muse….

      1. hehehe….@ostar Sometimes maybe the lion comes to sniff the wheat, outta curiousity

        1. @teewah wasn’t curiosity that killed the cat?
          Or are lions not of the family?
          Thanks for your reactions.

  2. “the divinely serenity” I think should be divinely serene or divine serenity…………………..
    @teewah, it really does bring back memories of Nursery rhymes……… I like!!!! :-D

    1. @tolu taken.
      Thanks. Yeah nursery rhymes.

  3. Cute verses…hopefully my kids can hear this!

    1. @adaobiokwy wow that sounds good. Thank you.

  4. Sweet words, to hear;
    Triggers memories dear;
    Great pictures you’ve drawn;
    I must say; WELL DONE!

    1. @chimzorom what a great piece, I mean your poetic comment.
      Thank you dear.

  5. Awwww…This is so cute!..God I loved it so much dat I have a tune in my head for it..
    Truly children touch something deep in one’s heart..
    Plus this is one of d few times I have enjoyed the flow of ur poems..

    It should be divine serenity..
    Don’t turn wild, (and) lest U fall..We can do without the and…
    Well done Ostar..

  6. @Bubbllinna congrats once more great girl!
    Thanks for pointing these out.
    That goes better.

  7. Thanks ostar dear and U know I am glad to be of service to a master poet such as U…hehe

  8. @Bubbllinna respect.
    I am so honoured.
    The Muse bless you.

  9. I love these very much…at last ostar gives me something I can chew and delight in! Thank you!

  10. @Chemo you eclectic fingers,
    a great mind!
    Thank you.

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