My Digital Dilema

My Digital Dilema

My Digital Dilemma

I write, I write
With my left hand I right.
Keyboard or pen
The paper’s the same.

On a Sunday morning, I proceed to fill the airwaves with secular music that diverges into the spiritual and got blinding thought-flash: does using the keyboard (phones and computers) affect the quality of my writing? I pause. I find this thought a profound one because I regard writing as a powerful gift that must be optimized for the good, not just of mankind, but creation as a whole; everything that is and exists. I refresh my reflection screen, highlight and enable Ponder Mode; this is good food for thought.

Does the fluidity of the pen allow for free flow and expression of inspiration or does the word-per-minute measure of writing with the keyboard have me, the writer, huffing and panting to catch up with the fast dissipating inspiration, true to its fleeting nature?
Mankind, consciously or unconsciously lives subject to the laws of nature. In this context, mankind has unconsciously (and therefore involuntarily) obeyed the law of growth and has developed a kind of digital intelligence. This has resulted in a language culture made up of abbreviations, alphanumerics and acronyms e.g. wil we evN2ly stat sayn “L.O.L.” insted of rly laffin out loud?

This shorthand culture increases the word-per-minute count. Now we can write faster and communicate but doesn’t it lack depth and authenticity, seemingly rushed as opposed to ‘relax and relish’, 2D instead of 3D or even 4? And if I was writing something serious like say an article that was to be published in The Economist , wouldn’t that saved time be spent transcribing the digital jargon into something more presentable given the medium, audience and objective?

So yes; the keyboard has unwittingly satisfied the need for speed while compromising the quality of the written word and thus good communication. This more or less would lead to misunderstanding, mistrust and ultimately, conflict.

Moving forward, do we now say that another compromise has to be made, but this time conscious and intended?

Writing with pen and paper allows me express inspiration as clearly as I possibly can while the keyboard saves paper and thus the poor trees being cut down in the amazons and tropical forests. This leads to a balanced ecosystem, healthier earth and ultimately happier people and such and such. From the above, we can see two win-win situations which might not actually be two but one showing phases in a continuum: First, focus on ways to optimize the recycling of used paper; then, invent a digital book which allows one to write in one’s own handwriting using a stylus type pen and an interface that allows for flipping pages. Perhaps it could be a modified version for Microsoft Word or something. (A million dollars for my thought, eh?)If I could conceive it, you tech guys can achieve it. Let’s get to work, there are best sellers to be written, people to be inspired, empowered to fulfill their higher purpose.

27 thoughts on “My Digital Dilema” by neo-lite (@markwealth)

  1. Nice man. Nice.

    I did enjoy this.

    I prefer to write with the pen…it frees me like you said. Clarity of expression and thought patterns….


  2. Interesting read it was.

    I think most writers (or I should just speak for myself alone), still like the feel of pen and paper anyday anytime. But I still have fun with my keyboard too, and surprisingly its like there’s a switch key in my head that never switches to shorthand whenever I am writing serious stuffs.


    1. Thanx Teewah. Just like u I used to ‘never switch to shorthand but my phone has limited page space so in order to put down the totality of my inspiration, i usually had to scroll back n stat editn stuff. Now i’m almost totally sold out on the short-hand thing.

  3. Liked it.
    I’m also a “Pen n paper” writer, but when I use the keyboard, its like a different world entirely

  4. I like the pen and paper, that’s the way I write..but I am guilty of the shorthand usage..I try to avoid it when need be..I am not so fast with the keyboard of a PC..but my phonecraft could make some typist mad with envy…hehehe..

    I absolutely loved this piece..and it was fun to read..Welldone…

    P.S…More people have really bad handwriting these days due to the Keyboard usage..Sad isn’t it?..

    1. BUBBLINNA! am lovin dis your name. givin me bubbly feelins and bubbly feelins are never bAD.(‘Cept one is drowning.) my writing has actually deteriorated sha. we no longer copy notes like we used to in school.
      i feel u with your phonecraft. Say, why don’t we have a writin contest were writers get to copy a write-up on their phone; the winner is the faster one with less ‘miskates’. Grand prize is ummm…any suggestions?

  5. At Seun and Tolu, thanks a lot. I’m glad that you liked it. cheers.

    1. We come be ‘afterthoughts’ abi?

      We appreciate the sentiment. Lol!

      1. LOL. Broses abeg no vex.

  6. It was interesting 2 read…i personally prefer the pen and paper as most writers would.I have just learned hw 2 use language in diff context especially when writing….well done

    1. Thanx Anne. Yeah, I noticed everyone (dat has commented so far) prefers pen and paper.

  7. Interesting write-up…
    I am no fan of pen and paper…I so hate it these days that ideas would rather fly away than for me to get a pen and paper…I make do with my phones though…
    Good one!

    1. Are you serious??? Hmmm. A Purebred Homo Digitale.

  8. I like broomstick/toothpicks on sand… That wasn’t a joke, I really do it sometimes. Pen and paper is the ish sha but I don’t mind any so long as the idea is put down.


    1. Hey. The freaks have come out to play…(That was a joke). Seriously broomsticks n toothpicks? LOL. I’ll like to see a picture of one of your Sand write-ups. Feelin u on puttin d ideas down man. Its ecstacy.

  9. In my writing world, pen and paper are both dead. They only resurrect when my phones and laptop batteries are down. Even at that, the most I can do is scribble down ideas that need to be urgently put down. But this scenario rarely plays out in my world and almost never happens.

    I don’t even know the last time I read a novel. And that’s because I do most of my reading on my phone and laptop; where novels rarely live.

    And as for the more convenient and faster means for putting down ideas? My keyboard (phone and laptop) trail pen and paper by a wide margin!

    1. Chemo(therapy), I hear u boss. you say u haven’t read a novel in a while cos u do all your reading on your phone or laptop WHERE NOVELS RARELY LIVE? but there are E-BOOKS na. If I’m not mistaken, Myne’s book, Love Rekindled has an e-version so…
      Thanks for reading tho, u’re appreciated.

  10. I enjoyed this whimsical take on the act of writing.

    Laptops/phones/e-readers are not necessarily environmentally friendly; they consume electricity, and to make them, you must dig the earth for various minerals, a process that may not always be gentle to the earth.

    As to writing, I do 90% of my writing on keyboards these days; I cannot imagine writing at length on pen and paper. Having said that, maybe electronic writing has made us careless of what we write; when writing on paper, we know that a mistake is costly (Tipp-ex can only do so much) so we think before we write. In the electronic world, we can add/delete/cut/paste/edit with wild abandon (although we can end up falling victim to to repeatitis, as diagnosed by @gooseberry…)

    1. hmm. i guess u balanced the argument. seems both means seem to be environmentally unfriendly, tho i’ll say with nano technology and all that, the economies of scale in terms of damage to the earth might be more acceptable than that of the paper mill. or what d’you think? thanx for reading tho.

  11. Lovely. I enjoyed the flow.

    1. Thanx Seyi.

  12. iv got an ebook reader that flips the pages just like a proper hardbound book….life is good!

    1. Yeah? but u can’t write with it can you? Thanx for gracing my page with yr comment boss.

  13. What I have found is that whether they’re using pen and paper, a laptop or a phone keyboard, some people cannot escape text speak anymore. I think that is sad. But maybe I need to keep up with the times, who know, the Economist may soon be publishing articles in shorthand. :)

    1. Myne, The Economist??? That’ll be the day! Thanx for reading. its always an honor.

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