March Featured Member – Bubbllinna

March Featured Member – Bubbllinna

With a personality as bubbly as her name, Bubbllinna has been a great part of the Naijastories community since she joined the site earlier this year. Focusing her writing on witty poetry, and doing her best to motivate other writers using feedback and networking, she has been very hard to ignore. Her poem Aphrodite Rebel is the top post for February, probably due to the popularity enjoyed by the writer among other members and the fact that she made it an interactive game to give it a proper title. It was our pleasure to find out more about this key member of the site in the following interview. Enjoy…
When and why did you start writing?
I became aware of the fact that I could write in secondary school. We had this ‘goodlooking’ male literature teacher and girls were usually ‘up in his face’, so he came up with an idea for an anthology and asked for interested people to meet with him. I went for two reasons; To watch some girls ‘throw’ themselves at him and because I loved all things literature. I went with a friend and took her poem as my pass( with her permission though I had no idea what plagiarism meant). The next meeting saw me coming with a poem I wrote myself titled ‘A proud black’and my literature teachers thought it to be nice. Thus began my Writing odyssey.

So far you’ve written only poems, Do you consider Poetry easier than prose?
No way!..Poetry is hard..Imagine having to arrange your thoughts in stanzas, rhymes and add poetic devices to them..Hmmph!..It is work. Truth be told though, Poetry comes easily to me, I’ve noticed that writing poems give clarity to my thoughts.

Do you have a specific writing style?
I can’t really say I do because I am changing, stepping into new territories and all..I am still experimenting, besides variety they say is the spice of life. Why would I want to be stuck with a ‘specific’ writing style?..hehehe.

Do you have a major theme that runs through most of your work?
No..I write about anything that comes to mind.(Emotions, nature, personal and national problems etc).

What books have most influenced your life?
That book would be ‘The Children of Ashagroth’ by Richard Ford given to me by my Dad as a gift when I was eight, The heavy, leather-bound book was downright dissappointing and it broke my little heart. I mean who needs a book with seven hundred or so pages when there were pretty dolls to be had?. I didn’t read the book till some years later and that book taught me that Good triumphs over evil, no matter how long it takes or how impossible it seems.

What books are you reading now?
At the moment, The conspiracy club by Jonathan Kellerman, False Impressions by Jeffrey Archer. I’ve got my favourite book waiting, that is Forever by Judith Gould whom people assumes to be a female. Judith Gould is actually a pseudonym for two male writers (Rhea Gallaher and Nick Beines). How ‘cool’ is that huh?..hehehe..

Are there any new authors that have grapsed your interest? do you have any writing mentors?
I haven’t had the opportunity of reading any new author. If the brilliant writers on Naijastories qualify then some are worth mentioning. Sueddie, Seun Odukoya, Kaycee, Jaywriter, Banky, Raymond, Afronuts and all those amazing writers whose stories appear on the Naijastories anthology. I wouldn’t hesitate to read the stories of most of the writers here anyday, anytime, anywhere.
About the mentors, I try to learn from really really good writers, so my mentors ‘full ground’.

What are your current projects?, What are your goals for 2012?
I am charting new waters- prosewriting so 2012 should see me spinning tales using dialogues, paragraphs and all those devices peculiar to prose. It doesn’t mean that stanzas and rhymes would be relegated to the back burner though.

Who has supported you the most outside of family members?
I would drop two names (Ren and Liz).

Do you see writing as a career?
Writing used to be ‘just a hobby’, a way to escape into a world where I was the overall mistress but after joining Naijastories, It is easier to imagine it as a career. (I would be mighty glad to drop the lab suits and high heels to start penning those lines for life).

Can you share a little about your writing with us?
Sure thing. BNs (before naijastories), I would write poems in my little blue book and then keep it for the ‘future’..laughs…Early this year in January, I came across an old Sun newspaper and it had an article written by Henry Onyema titled Nigerian literature at 50. At the end, he wrote about Naijastories the site for budding writers and I joined a couple of days later. The journey so far has been amazing and Boy am I so glad that I decided to read the paper before tearing it up.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
In Poetry; Some poets are of the opinion that Poetry has to be serious and filled with ‘big grammer’ so it could be taken seriously. At this stage of my life, I am writing for FUN. I don’t want people reaching for their dictionaries with every line they read (not that I have anything against vocabulary development) but that does hamper the flow of the reading. I have been told severally to ‘take poetry seriously’ but that has proven itself to be my ‘Poetic challenge’.
In Prose; I am still a beginner but I have noticed that the stories absolutely refuse to come out the way I envisaged them. I find out that the characters colonize my world and decide to take me on a journey. I am subject to the characters I create. The art of letting go of control is one I am learning to master.

Who is your favorite author and what is it that strikes you about their work?
I don’t have a favourite author but I can say that I love the way the Late V.C. Andrews wrote about the darker emotions of life like Pain, Betrayal, despair etc. I have a preference for authors that spin tales about murder especially serial murders..hehe.

What do you think of the Nigerian Publishing industry?
Exhales…I think our publishing industry has to ‘Up its game’..The major publishing agencies in the country would rather back the known authors than some unknown writer. The minor agencies are no more than printing presses as the bulk of the work falls on the author from publicizing to marketing of his works. With the new ideas the likes of Farafina books are putting up, I can say that we are approaching the dawn of a new era in our Publishing industry.

What comments do you have about the reading culture of the country?
I am of the opinion that Nigerians don’t read as much as they should. I am only beginning to understand the reason for this. When I walk into a bookstore, it is normal to find that almost all the books are foreign, the books written by our people are not so present. It is still here that the blame falls to the publishers. When publicizing and marketing/distribution is left to few people how then would the books get to the people?..If everything goes accordingly, Nigerians surely would read.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
Wow!!..What can I say to all these awesome people who view, comment and criticize my posts if need be? To say I love you all would seem a bit corny but then it is true.
Thank you for making me feel like I could write to save my ‘Kwazie’ self when needed and do not stop with the good work. On my part, I promise to keep ‘bubbling’ for y’all so we would have FUN and the rest can take a flying ****!..”winks”…hehehehe..
And I ain’t forgettin the Lord, I am pretty sure he reads what I write too..So Dear Lord, thank you very much for bringing me this far..Muchas graçias everybody.


– Icecream or chocolate?
This is cheating!..laughs…I would take Icecream-chocolate flavoured so the two shall become one.

– Football or Basketball?
Basketball. The bouncing and jumping is sexier.

– Ebooks or Paperbacks?

– Salty or Sweet?
Sweet!..I’ve got a sweet tooth.

– Beach or mountains?
The beach because it’s more fun.

– Phonecall or textmessage?
Phonecall..not-so-sexy voices are better read than heard though.

– Early bird or night owl?
Night owl..

– Dog or Cat?
Four legged animals scare me but dogs are better though.

– Messy or Neat?

– Heroes or Villains..Heroes..remember the saying; Actor no dey die for film?…yeah right.

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  1. I be wonderful writer? Wow, thanks. Don’t worry; we are all here for U.

    1. @raymond…You are a wonderful writer even though mostimes your words cause goosebumps to erupt on my skin and scare the crap outta me…
      Thanks Raymond, just keep being there 4’s all I ask…

    2. @gooseberry…My sista, U needed to have seen the ‘well packaged’ girls that did the throwing…I stood no chance, so I didn’t bother myself…I went for the show..Wasn’t dissappointed, cos na dat day I sabi say my classmates sabi write love poem…They read it themselves so the phonetics was off da hook!..Lol..

      I’m really glad that U know me more now…Much Love Goosie..

    3. @jaywriter
      JayRobin…You know I can’t scream my delight enough…
      Thanks for the news..U kno which one..

      You humble me Jay and make me very proud at d same time…Which way to go?..Guess I should mix the two..So I’ll be Pro-mble…You are happy with this March writer?..That’s uber-cool..Thank you very much..

      You don dey matchmake now ba?..I don’t want heartbreak o…hehehe…

      Just keep musing me once in a while..You know how ‘Aphrodite Rebel’ happened na…Muchas graçias Senhor Jay..

  2. You sure say you sef no dey eye that your lit. teacher? You no go tell us na. *winks*. Congrats bubbling sibbly. Good to know you more.

  3. Wooooooooooooooooooow…

    Bubbly the Sibbly…

    I have never being happier with a writer of the month.

    And the interview, very fantastic.

    This is my favourite part of the interview…

    Poetry; Some poets are of the opinion that Poetry has to be serious and filled with ‘big grammer’ so it could be taken seriously. At this stage of my life, I am writing for FUN. I don’t want people reaching for their dictionaries with every line they read (not that I have anything against vocabulary development) but that does hamper the flow of the reading.

    Congrats Bubbly. Maybe @Raymond would propose now.

    “Here’s looking at you, kid.”

    Here’s to you, Bubbly.

    Keep writing kid.

    1. @jaywriter: My best part too!

  4. Yepeeeeeee……Congrats sweetie,d girls are really running d world (b4 u start….at least ds month)….

  5. @admin…Oh! I am humbled..
    Thank you guys for thinking me worthy to March on with U guys through March…
    Okay I’m blabbing, but U know how these things are…hehehe..

    P.S….Yea the name is BUBBLLINNA not Bubblina…I don’t know what’s with me and double letters sha…Can we get the right one on this? Please? thanks..

  6. Congrats Bubbllinna.
    And for that part of the girls throwing themselves on the literature teacher, lol!

  7. @obi-onyinye…
    Thanks darling..Yes girls are running the world not just Naijastories na…Ehn 4 dis month and more to come…hehehe..

  8. @babyada..
    Thanks sweetie..You just gotta laugh out loud at the girls and their antics..

  9. It is really gratifying to have someone whose first love is poetry, being honoured as the featured member of the month! As a fellow poet, I am thrilled by the wonderful expositions about/praise for poetry you made in this interview.

    And to say you were fluent in your delivery is probably overstating the obvious.

    You rock girl! Nice one and congrats!

  10. Smart. Unpretentious. Good-looking. Good-humoured. Good-hearted.

    Too much to gather from reading this interview, your posts and comments? Not for an astute entity.

    Hats off. Keep up the good work.

  11. Way to go Bubbllinna>>>

    I totally agree with you on poetry been hard…which makes me respect you more…So more grease to ur…elbow??
    Carry on jare!!

  12. @chemo…Cheers to the poets in the house..We will drink to that..hehehe..

    Poetry is beauty, so U definitely understand where I am coming from….Thanks Chemo, it’s your kind of support that I look forward to from here on in..

    Merçi Monsieur Chemo

  13. I like your opinion on poetry. Totally agree. Poetry is certainly harder than prose.

    Your poems seem simpler than your name. Didn’t you consider stammerers while picking it? Congratulations on this honour! Go, Bubbllinna!!!

  14. @dayogbenga..
    Awww…U be making my head get bigger than normal o..
    Thank you so very much..

    P.S…I am sure U gathered that much cos U possess similar traits na…hehehe.

  15. Congratulations , looking forward to your Prose in 2012. :)

  16. Congratulations @bubblinna, I guess this is an honour well deserved…keep working hard, Cheers!

  17. @layrite.,stammerers. Actually get d name right (i’ve never heard one §α̲̅γ̲̣̣̥ it though), u know ‎​Ħ☺ω d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ take dia time with words na.. D name ȋ̝̊̅ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇ supposed to be savoured like old wine, not hurriedly spat out.,.hehehe
    Thanks 4 d support dear…God bless

  18. @scopeman..thank you very much..will put I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ my best..

  19. You really are “Bubbly” like they noted…my personal opinion while reading.

  20. Congrats @ d ubiquitous sibbylwhye.

  21. you gat beauty, bubbly beauty

  22. I thought I proposed to this girl before.
    I will do it again.
    Dear bubbllinna or sybbyllwyte,or sybbylinna or…
    It will be a great honour and privilege..for you to accept my proposal.

    Plus, what is happening to Nigerian young women? They’ve all gone crazy.

    1. @kaycee …lol…See this aboki…you get liver oh

  23. @aghoghosam
    Will work the prose harder now that I know you are looking forward to it…Thanks a lot..

  24. @adaobiokwy..
    Why! thanks a lot dear….Bubbly like champagne?,.hehehe..

  25. @weirdpile…Thanks a lot weirdo..You sure get the gist..and humble me more with ur respect…
    I usually say ‘more ink to your pen’…seeing as we are writers…hehehe..

  26. @tosyn..
    Thanks Tosyn…Ubiquitious like air??..hehehe..I appreciate.

  27. @thomasmann…Now U make the bubbly beauty want to blush…hehe…Thanks jor…

  28. adams (@coshincozor)

    i am still watching the pix, pls can i get the number?

  29. @kaycee…I don’t recognize the avatar maybe U’ve haven’t proposed before…and ur avatar na alien sef..

    If this truly is the 2nd time, maybe the 3rd time would do d trick?..and that time I’d like to see the ring 1st..(to make sure its original)…hehehe..Thanks Kay..

    Nigerian girls have gone crazy?..Well It might have smtn 2 do wt nigerian young men..Have that checked out..

  30. @adams…

    Sure why not..I love me a straight to the point dude..

    080666419…work hard for the last two digits…hehehe..

    Thanks adams..

  31. The reading wonders of the country…hmm. I enjoyed the interview.
    You should know from all the toasts coming your way…
    Proud of you Sibbyl. Here’s a prayer that far more comes your way. Aôndo bless you far more. Cheers, S’

    1. @sueddie…Thanks Master Su’…I’m mighty grateful for the always…
      Happy to entertain you..

      As for the toasts…(immodesta)…hehehe,.

    2. @TolaO…Thank you so very much..

      @ezeakwukwo is his mention name?..Very apt!! And yes he is the one to thank..He lured me here with that article of his and I’m having a blast!!..Dankeschion Herr Henry..

      1. Yes, that’s Henry’s mention name.

        Out of curiosity, why is it apt?

        1. @TolaO…Hehehe…I shoulda added (for me)…
          ‘Ezeakwukwo’ means king of book in igbo….So when I said apt, I meant the fact that the ‘king of books’ drew me here…I have no idea if he is the king of books but I’m guessing he is one in his own right…Is ur curiosity sated now?..hehe..

      2. Honey, am flattered. If I could hook a succulent angel like u onto naijastories, then it means I have not lost my touch in my old age with the angels. Keep up the good work. Love ur idea of making poetry accessible. BUBBLE ON!

  32. Congrats, @sibbylwhite, on your award.

    Very interesting thoughts, too. So we have @ezeakwukwo to thank for bringing you here, eh?

  33. *clears throat*

    Meethinks I saw my name somewhere up there…

    Hmm. To think Bubbles made it here…

    ‘Bubbles’ being the name of MJ’s pet…google it if you don’t know…

    Guess the saying ‘it’s the mileage not the years’ counts loudly here…

    I’m proud of you. Keep doing what you do.

    And yeah…you look like I thought you would…

    And yeah…thanks for the mention. It’s a honor.

    1. @Seun-Odukoya ..of all things, you had to compare Bubbllinna with MJ’s monkey…you wan chop cane.

      1. Na you wan flog me?!

        Bring it on!

        And it was not a diss…it was a compliment.

        ‘Big brother’…LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Na small ting…O girl u deserve dis honour.I was telling a fellow NS member how fast you av grown up d ladder in d space of 60-70 days of joining.May all ur dreams come through…AMEN!BON personnel du March.

  35. @Bubbllinna: WOW… You just “wowed” me at your speed of climbing this ladder.

    Well done, Well deserved.

    Keep up girl, its your time oooo………..

  36. Congrats pretty. You do deserve this. I believe the best of you is yet to come. Looking forward to more beautiful poetry from you.
    And yes, thanks for the mention. I am humbled.
    PS: I thought you and @kaycee had ‘finalised’ una talk ni? No time jare, make una sort una sef. Hehehehehe

  37. @seun-odukoya
    Gee!..You know you deserve the mention..Thanks for doing what you do..U know what..
    It’s bubbllinna not bubbles jor..Mj’s pet ko…which kain?..hehehe..
    I hope the looking is good o..

  38. @sambrightomo
    Thank you Sam…Na God push me so tay I reach hia..e go still dey push me…Thank you for the prayer..Merci Monsieur Sam..God bless..

  39. @greatness…I am humbled.
    Thank you very much Great…Bless God..

  40. @banky…Banky B…

    You humble me with this comment of yours..
    My best is yet to come and so is yours…We all are moving upward..
    You are worth the mention, so don’t sweat it…

    Me and Kaycee still dey introductory phase na…We neva finalize jor…hehehe…
    Thank you very much DWE…

  41. he he he….
    Big Congratulations dear!!!

    I had fun reading…No dulling for you*wizkid’s voice*

    Congratulations again and like you always say, more ink to your pen!!!

  42. Congrats dear!!!! Hmmmmmmmnnnnn *Nuff said*

  43. @teewah…Thank you very much girl….Glad you had fun..You know I aim to please…God bless..

  44. Thanks Tola…You really think enough has been said?..hehe…

  45. @sibbylwhyte … actually do look better than I imagined!

    Well done girl! Na you biko…u’re the true deal…I’m proud of you sha! You made it as a featured writer even b4 me…lol.

    Like I’ve always said…keep doing your stuff and you’ll become a force to reckon with. And trust you always have me as one of your readers.

  46. That’s our Bubblli I said girlie,keep bringing it from the soul and belly.
    You are refreshing and a joy to read always.

  47. congratulations. You’re good. And you deserve it. Well done.

  48. @afronuts…hehehe..did you imagine I was a pimply faced girl? jor and quit trying to make me blush!..

    You humble me Nutty..Thank you very much..and having you read my works is quite a delight…God bless..

  49. @Dotta..U just wan make my head swell ba?..Lol Thanks much much jare…It’s people like you that make everything worth it…God bless U jor..

  50. @dulen..Thank you my brother..God bless..

  51. @seun-odukoya..Ah no even see this part till is my ‘big brother’ abi U no know?…

    Nutty, Seun calls me Bubbles but not in a derogatory way so let’s leave him..Any other person wey try am fit chop the cane and I must surely give am back im own..Trust!..hehehe…

  52. Keep the flag flying & do not stop bubbling, you limit is above the sky.

    Parabens amiga,

    1. ~I mearnt you`re limit is above the sky~

  53. Interesting interview.
    Congrats Bubbly, and more ink to your pen!

  54. Dats wat it is. Yep! No b small tin.

  55. Hey Congrats Bubbllinna….you really deserve it! Refreshing read joor

  56. @iykewifey…Merçi Amor..D sky is the starting point 4 us all..Bless God.

  57. @chimzorom…thanks a lot sista..and may ur ink never dry up too…glad U liked it.

  58. @louis..Thank you my brother..God bless

  59. @enoquin…What a wonderful way 2 end my tenure..Thank you very much..Glad you enjoyed reading..Bless God.

  60. @sibbylwhyte. Inspiring. Got me laughing at some point. SB off with them lab coats and high heels lets do this thing. Dun flung off my calculator. You should see i am now a happy man

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