I Want….

I wish to be held by you

To be comforted by the joy of your laughter

I want to put my hands in yours and take a walk

I want to cuddle up with you by the fireplace

I want

I want to be your superwoman

Your confidant and pal

I want

I want to be your side kick

To be mentally, physically and emotion in sync with you

I want to share in the happiness of your successes

And encourage you through the rough times

I want to be the mother of your joys

The sister to your triumphs

A defender to your dreams

I want You

I want to be there for you in the rain and in the hail

I want you to trust me

I want to love your heart cure

I want You

I want to be there for you

I want to catch every tear

And bottle every laughter

I want You

No other

Just You

I’ve waited for

Sneaking little peeks from the alleys.

Calling your phone, when I know you’re at work, just to listen to your voice mail

Unfortunately, you dont want me.

Not the same way I want you…

A hug and a kiss on the cheek and its goodbye again

You dont want me, not the way I want you, anyways…..


20 thoughts on “I Want….” by Mobola (@mobola)

  1. Hmmm Mobola shows her poetic side…
    ‘I want’…Unfortunately things We want decide not to come at the moment…

    P.S…I want to love your heart ‘cure’…is that supposed to be ‘core’ or you are saying smtn else?

    1. It’s a ‘HER’?!?!?

      1. lol yup….I’m a girl!!

  2. Ahhh, the agony of unrequited love!

    I am not a big fan of love poems except when they are sad or tragic. But i like this, especially the reveal towards the end when it becomes obvious that the love is unrequited.

    I liked the passion and fluidity of the declaration of affection and the imagery it conjures in the reader’s mind. As i read it, i imagined it being recited and the emotion and passion that it would require of the reciter (is there a word like that?) to give life to the words.

    Nice one, Mobola.

  3. @mobola-So u write poems…..very lovely,it is a pity we don’t always get d things we want in d way we want them…keep writing sweetie

    1. Mobola writes everything!…but horror stories…I’m too chicken to let my mind wonder into the deep dark end!

  4. W.O.W.

    How was I/am I supposed to know you felt/feel that way about me??!?

    Hey. Can we do this again?

    1. *clears throat and demands in a deep voice*
      What’s happening here?!

      @Mobola, it’s okay but I’m not satisfied with this. It read like a song to me. But the message was clear.

      1. Em…it’s not what you think…

  5. Really? Okay o. I know say you no dey lie sha.

    1. Erm…Eletrika, id seun is attempting a toast, please dont hinder him! Seun deary…What was it that you were about to say!….Lol….

      1. Em…not here na…


        You hear?

  6. “I want to catch every tear

    And bottle every laughter” – Nice lines

    “To be mentally, physically and emotion in sync with you” – guess that shoulda been emotionally.


  7. Hehehehehe, sweet. “Who got diabetes??” :-D

  8. Even if he let’s you be the things you want to be, he just might leave at the peak, doing the things he wants after all. I like the poem although, I think it climaxed early.

    “I want you
    No other
    Just you.”

    Erm…. Your ‘She Made Love To A Ghost’ sounded a lil horror to me o, just a lil. Maybe you can write horor but you don’t know. Try it sometime.

    1. I can write horror and very horrific stuff, I just dont let myself….I wrote my first horror when i was 12….. and it still spooks me!

  9. Okay…

    easy on “I want” na…
    “I want to love your heart cure…?”

    1. The emotion is that the person the poet is referring to, is always getting hurt by other lovers he chooses over her…hence she wants to love his heart cure!
      Abeg, i have poetic license

  10. Thanks for letting me know. I woudnt have guessed.
    @seun, stay one place na
    Leave this one for me. Stick to ur @babyada

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