Galaxy of Shooting Stars!

Galaxy of Shooting Stars!

“Great minds think alike”

I’ve often heard them say

It never did  well  strike

At least until today.


Rare traits with us born

We’ve grown and in us borne

Like stiff bonds they bind us

Like fate or destiny’s force.


A forum of great writers

Of poetry, prose and drama

Some near perfect, a few stammer

A galaxy of  shooting stars!


A few words said could seem unfair

And tie in us some painful knot

It pays to know it’s just your fare

To that place- your life’s prime spot.


Some of us do write

Cos it makes us feel right

To a few it’s just a rite

For a title like  “playwright”


Whichever your intent be

Whatever the goal you see

The truth- we’ve been bro’t together

Our joint lives to make better.


I was just feeling good to a be part of this body and then these lines came; they may not be perfect- of course I’m not a pro…

It’s my way of complimenting NS members and commending the administrator of this forum on a job well done.

You’ve contributed greatly in bringing out the best in some of us.

[NB; this isn’t just for fun so I’m expecting critiques… lol]


41 thoughts on “Galaxy of Shooting Stars!” by Chimzorom (@chimzorom)

  1. Hehehehehehehe
    Nice lines. It shows you have a good heart.
    Go read up my two poems about NS.(NS writers To Critics and NS readers to writers)

    I must have a bad heart.

    1. @kaycee, I’ve read one of those poems and I quite agreed with your points.
      Thanks for the complimentary remark.
      As for the heart talk- ‘amaghim’

  2. Well done Chimzorom…You wrote this beautifully..

    1. Thanks. I’m glad you liked it.

  3. Nice…but I see you’re not into metres and feet, poems feel better with them.

    1. Okay,@literati. I appreciate the insight.

  4. A really thoughtful piece.
    Truly great minds think alike (or at least appreciate the disparities in our views and opinions and are only too happy to share)
    really nice @Chimzorom

    1. I appreciate and totally agree with that bracketed definition,
      thank you @midas.

  5. This is good. You did well, @chizorom.

  6. @babyada, I’m much elated and I do hope to keep doing better.

  7. @Chimzorom i agree with @kaycee you have a big heart, welldone

    metre/feet might work it well just like @literati said

    we can only get better

    great job.

  8. You feel a sense of kinship. That’s a good thing. Your language is simple and easy to read. Well done.

  9. Thoughts…

    I like this one. It’s easy to read…friendly and of course…complimentary.

    I noticed the metre thing too…but that’s not necessarily an issue.


    1. Thank you @Seun-Odukoya, I’m glad.

  10. What’s this “metre” and “feet” thingy? @seun, @babyada,@iykewifey,@literati, @midas,
    @admin seff.
    I really would like to know.

    1. @kaycee I`m yet to master the poetry norms oooo

      but here is the answer to you`re query,,,

      In poetry, metre (meter in American English) is the basic rhythmic structure of a verse or lines in verse. Many traditional verse forms prescribe a specific verse metre, or a certain set of metres alternating in a particular order. The study of metres and forms of versification is known as prosody. (Within linguistics, “prosody” is used in a more general sense that includes not only poetical metre but also the rhythmic aspects of prose, whether formal or informal, which vary from language to language, and sometimes between poetic traditions.)

      1. @kaycee, I had wondered at first and did a little research.
        I’m really grateful @iykewifey, for this explanation you gave. I kinda understand it much better.

    2. Yea me too
      I guess i just follow the rule of thumb while writing my poems
      @ kaycee: i s’pose @amor shone some light on that

  11. Luvli, luvli piece

    1. @teewah, thanks for your luvli, luvli comment.

  12. What a way to put out your feelings about this place (NS) been trying myself to write something, but I fear I’ll go overboard…………………….. Good work dear, really nice.

  13. Thanks. Looking forward to yours…however overboard.

  14. Good work. Welcome.

    1. Thanks a bunch.

  15. Nice. Very nice. A Galaxy of Shooting stars is a befitting metaphor to describe us.

    I loved this section: (especially for the awesome wordplay there)

    “Some of us do write

    Cos it makes us feel right

    To a few it’s just a rite

    For a title like ”playwright” “

    1. Thank you, @aryor.
      Your comment is very much appreciated.

  16. @Chimzorom, I liked the sentiments expressed here.

    Was your intention to have the lines scan (i.e. so that if I wanted to set this to music, I could)?

    1. @TolaO, Thanks. Well, as for intentions, I just got the inspiration, wrote and felt it’d be nice to share.

  17. you sure made a something out of it, wonderful poem

  18. nyc poem. feels gud being a star in dis milky way. bueno visto one mre time

    1. bueno vista to you too, @clemency, It does feel good.

  19. Your writing portrays you as someone who might not be necessarily quiet but loves to stay quiet.

    My favourite lines…

    A forum of great writers

    Of poetry, prose and drama

    Some near perfect, a few stammer

    A galaxy of  shooting stars!


    Some of us do write

    Cos it makes us feel right

    To a few it’s just a rite

    Enjoy this more than your other poem I read.

  20. Mhn, @jaywriter, funny how you estimate someones personality by their posts.
    Thanks for reading and complimenting.

  21. Very nice. I really like the simplicity and eloquence of your poems. Way to go!

    1. Thanks again, Chemo!

  22. interesting, lovely, nice, coool, and just GREAT!!!!!

    1. Thank you @innoalifa, I appreciate!

      1. U’re welcome.

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