Fourteenth Step

Joy and laughter herald my coming

Drums roll, waists twist, muscles ripple

In mad celebration as I enter the world again.

I know these faces. That’s Auntie Chioma.

She’ll sprinkle holy water on me for the fourteenth time

Father frets and consults; A tragic mix of gods.

But none can make me overstay my fourteenth visit

The mud fireplace is fresh from mama’s artistry

The wall patterns are smeared with my finger prints.

I shall stain more this time

Making markings of dust; fuelling feelings of peril.


I am Nonyenim.

I am the curator of puffy eyes and wet nose

I am indifferent to wails from the village walls


Your sadness is my joy

Your Sorrow drives me further in death’s arms.

Your pain I relish, As I take my fourteenth step.



Dusk buries the sun

In black cocoon. Quenching

Fierce furnace heat. Halting heat

Of daylong triumph. The moon

Anew from daylong slumber.

Big grin and warm. Peeping

In pious boldness.

Fluid white petals in

Suspended garden above;

Ever pure and static.




Live, but for a day

Take the stage and get applause

Ensure smiles at dusk



The will makes the steps

You unwind in victory

Live well and play well




11 thoughts on “Fourteenth Step” by JAY'S PLANET (@JaysPLANET)

  1. “Live, but for a day

    Take the stage and get applause

    Ensure smiles at dusk” – I like this one and the fourteenth step.


  2. I like the way you wrote this ‘Ogbanje/abiku poem…It is totally cool…Well done

  3. Brilliance. Your poems are as vivid and as striking as any painting.


  4. Beautiful!
    You’re a good poet.

  5. Gratias friends. You keep me going. :-)

  6. Beautiful and so mystical!

    You don’t actually write your poetry,,,you paint it! Nice!

    But is this more than one poem? Because I felt from ‘Dusk’ it was another poem.

  7. The fourteenth step rocks!!

  8. Dusk was my favorite of them all, the words were pictures. But you used imagery just as well in Fourteenth Step. Well done.

  9. Nice poems.

  10. Respect man…d first one rocks

  11. I also love the ‘Fourteenth Step’! Well done!

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