Dear Son

Dear Son

Dear son,
It’s inanely ridiculous
That each time I set eyes on your nakedness
The first part of you that catches my eyes
Is that roll of flesh between your legs
Now, small, limp and harmless
Just like every other part of you
And as I know it now, your best play-thing

Each time it makes me laugh
Seeing you hold so dearly to it
Like the pendant of a priced ornament
And as though already, you know its significance to you

But my laugh never moves beyond my throat
For also at that same moment
Does its dread to me, and several of my kind
Slowly occurs to me

Though I could sound paranormal
But speaking with a sincere heart
And from the image in my clear mind
At this tender age of yours
I can already envisage quite clearly
How you would grow up to be
If this same you I know now
Follows you up there

You’ll have captivating looks
Be very intelligent
Be extremely strong-willed
And reasonably wealthy (I’ll make you that)

At your good looks, cheap women would roll at your feet
At your intelligence, they’ll flock around you
For your attention, they’ll clasp themselves on you
And for your wealth, they’ll die with you

Despite them,
I do not want you wielding your strength shamelessly
Like an unbridled mule
Like a rampaging dog
Like I never brought you up well

It’s your life, you might claim then,
But you know this now,
That yours, truly, it might be
But like the stump of a fruity tree
It would be the hold of many others
With it, you would make that of many
But with a careless wield
That of many more would be ruined

Soon, my strength-filled hands and mouth
With the unbinding turn of tide and time
Would loose their will to hold you
But one thing I beg of you
In your quest for the proof of your manliness
Never you ever
Even by a lewd slide
Be responsible for the fall of a life.

42 thoughts on “Dear Son” by Eletrika (@babyada)

  1. Dear son…that last verse killed me. Whoa.

    @babyada…this is something to leave one’s child – something to drive into his head…something to make into his mantra for living. Especially in today’s world where men have become pigs – rutting like they have no control over their loins.

    You make me think absolutely positive thoughts.

    Well done.

    1. loveliest @Seun-Odukoya, infact, the stuff is getting out of hands. I think the earlier, the better.

  2. This is a powerful piece..Eletrika, you write real good…This is something every mother should get her son to know before he is no longer hers to control..Well done.

    Slowly occurs to me..ditch the ‘s’

    1. Thanks @siblywhyte. I was contemplating if to remove the ‘s’ or not before I finally left it.

      You say I write really good…hmm, that’s a strong compliment, you know.

      Thanks :-)

  3. This is deep. Well done!

    1. Teewah, thanks.

  4. eletrikally-captivating. as in, waoh! now you write like a mother -maybe you are- and one who desperately fears for her son’s libido when it comes to fore! hehehehehehe.
    Good, good, good.
    Take it!

    1. @banky, thanks. I don’t know what you threw but I’ll catch it. Hope it’s something good sha.

  5. You wrote this so well………. Did you at any point in time have to lecture a small kid on “sex education” or something………………… lol :-D
    Very very Good, Deep n all. I Love it

    1. @tolu-oke, lecture little children on sex?! An an!.
      Thanks for the compliment.

  6. Hmmmm. This is really sweet. As he throws his hands and feet in the air, giggling and babbling, you can never know…. But hope.

    Beautiful poem.

    1. @gooseberry, abi o, ‘cos children of nowadays…hehehe…

  7. This was sweet in a way but also direct in the way the message is put across. Wish all boys had this as advice.

  8. Back in Lagos Island where I grew up, mothers will say in Yoruba ‘ Olorun o ni je ki kini re o koba e’ (God will not let your thing destroy you) and we their children only giggle at their words. You got me thinking about those words again. If only boys will listen.

    1. @Titiloye, Amin o, I pray with you. If only the ladies could run too.

      1. abi ooo my sister,if only we can run far from it

  9. wow…compelling piece

  10. @babyada: I feel you on this one. The boy knows not how potent his organ is until that time comes. He needs to see the need act responsibly and leash his lethal weapon.

    1. Hahaha…@tosyn, no be small leather weapon.


  11. Yes, Myne, I also noticed it was quite simple and direct, maybe due to the seriouness of the message.


  12. This is the best I have read from you.
    It is sizzling.

    I feel a craving…they will come.

    If my mother had told me any of these…nothing would have changed sha

    1. @kaycee: I was going to mention dat too. It’s totally down to d boy. The sex ed only tells him there’s an alternative.

    2. @kaycee, nothing would have changed abi? Crayzee dude!

    3. @kaycee, better ones are coming, eh?

      Craving…for what?

      Anyway, I’m not telling my child to take my words; I’m only doing my job.

  13. Every child nay male teenager needs to read this o.This is highly instructive,very instructive.I like this part,it is my own-‘Never you ever
    Even by a lewd slide
    Be responsible for the fall of a life’.Besides d meaning u intend.I read to mean ‘be responsible for the fall of a life.’ To me it means be responsible to the wife of thy youth.

  14. In other words be responsible to that woman that will ‘fall’ for your love.

    1. I understand you, Sam.That’s it.

  15. Great one…thought provoking too

    1. @obi onyinye, thanks a bunch.

  16. Really nice. I think you captured beautifully what a lot of mothers think but are sometimes afraid to say. Well done!

    1. Really, you’re not far from the truth @tobicoker.


  17. Wow!!! If I was God (crazy to think), I would make every boy that was born come out with a copy of this poem in their hand. It’s beautiful.

    1. Oh! Maybe for saying this, God will assign that duty to you.


  18. Thought provoking poetry that seems to leave an advice for fathers and mothers…beautiful!

    The strength lies in the truthful realities of the fears of parents over the unknown future of their offspring.
    This is something responsible parents would lovet to share with their offspring…

    1. @afronuts, no be lie. I’m sure most growing up guys are more ignorant than informed about that ‘stuff’ between their legs. If not, they won’t be so careless as they are now.

  19. very powerful , it conveys so strongly my own feelings as a mother when I look at my sons growing before my eyes, turning gradually into more sensible being, & each day their awareness is increasing…

    1. @naboulove please continue to keep them aware. The spate at which humans are losing their dignity is depressing. Sex is just one of the expressions of the numerous human feelings, so why the excessiveness?

      1. It makes me proud to know the power in a woman. You baby are absolutely brilliant!

        My three boys get this from me but not so well put together like this, simple and direct.

  20. This is nice. I especially loved the last paragraph. It is unimaginable, the potential for destruction our manhoods carry; destruction of ourselves, disgrace of loved ones and even the ‘fall of a life’ we were only acquainted with briefly. Do continue to improve in your art. There is no end to learning.

  21. @babyada
    sweet lines………….keep loving
    feel like reading and rereading it………….

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