Cracked Cracker And Familiar Stranger

Cracked Cracker And Familiar Stranger

You signaled the dawn and twilight of epochs
You were for particular seasons
You lightened up the firmament
You basked in the euphoria of your light
You light the festivities.

This was before the festival of sorrows
By your lethal cousin
Shattering tranquility
Betraying trust
Manacling flesh
Leaving a lake of blood for tears to flow.

You must lie low for now
Lest people mistake your identity
Your destiny has been cracked
By circumstances beyond your control.






Here comes the familiar touch
This time your touch seem severe

Trees bend to your magisterial touch
Leaves bow in submission
Shrubs that choose to be cold to your touch
Shall surely be uprooted

Roofs chatter and acknowledge your touch
Your sight keeps shutters and ingresses closed
Yet you find your way in
Whispering past everything in sight

You embrace me, I retreat
I sheathe myself in apparels and gears
I make you feel unwelcome
Yet your presence pervades the room

I shiver all over
As I welcome the familiar stranger.


4 thoughts on “Cracked Cracker And Familiar Stranger” by babsiwalewa (@babsiwalewa)

  1. The second poem read nicely for me, and not sure – but guessing the Wind is what you are referring to.

    “This time your touch seem(s) severe”

  2. Cracked Cracker…Ah! The days of throwing ‘bangers’…Sad that another kind of banger seems to be thrown everywhere these days..

    I like the second poem…Well done..

  3. Didn’t really grab the 1st poem but the second was good enough for me.
    Except where u omitted ‘s’ in “seem”.
    Like was said @teewah, I guess you are referring to the cold touch of the wind.

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