Casanovas and Ice Maidens…

Casanovas and Ice Maidens…

This is the sequel to the poem ‘Aphrodite Rebel’…If you haven’t read it, You really should do that NOW!!… hehehe..
I do hope You get to smile as you read on…less wrinkle lines that way..


They call me Mr. Casanova,

I really don’t care.

Swapped those jeans and sneakers

For a fancy white suit,

To witness this wedding.

My eyes scanning, searching

till they rest on her.

Her; the one in the pink dress,

she looks really cute.

She is staring at the bouquet

Disgust on her face,

Wishing there was a way

She could have stayed away.


Hey baby; my favourite line.

You and me together in this one.

I hate weddings and the hours of boredom.

What say you?

We skip this

And just hang?

Maybe get a little bang…



You are a despicable man!

I hate weddings…

Like you, I am no fan.

But get down with you and sweat?

Not even if you are the last man on earth!!

That was my cue.

So I took it

And got the banging…


Six months later,

Sporting a black tuxedo.

Mr. Cassanova stands

With Miss Pretty Pink Dress

Now dressed in white.

Waiting for their marriage to be blessed.

There stands his bestman

Dressed in white,

Staring at the irritated pink dressed bridesmaid.

The groom shaking his head, grins.

“Six months from now

You’ll be standing right here

Trapped by what you’ll start tonight”….


Thanks a lot JayWriter, for being my muse and editor on this one…I appreciate..really..Thanks..

49 thoughts on “Casanovas and Ice Maidens…” by Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

  1. But get down with you and sweat?
    Not even if you are the last man on earth!!
    That was my cue.
    Hehehehehe…you killed it @bubblina

    1. @Ono-Edosio…I killed it?.. Whoa!! Now datx gud 2 know…Thanks bro for reading..I appreciate..

  2. lmao…


    1. Thanks teewah..It’s lovely but not as lovely as U o..Thank you 4 reading.

      1. hehehehehe *blushing*
        Pleasure is mine, t’was a nice read

        1. Very well then Thank you Miss Teewah..

  3. Hehehehehehehehehehehe.

    Hmm. I have a feeling. Someone is determined to be the best there could possibly be abi?

    I mean…you have @raymond@afronuts@jaywriter in your bank. Wise one.

    Smart move(s). Nice one.


    1. Ohh! She has all these guys too….
      And I thought I was the one….
      That ends it!

      1. (aside).Ah neva consider your proposal…You don begin dey vibrate..Wetin wan end?..The one wey neva start abi?…

        @Kaycee…Swiri U kno ya de only one…. The only bull in my ring..D only cock on my tree.The only honeydrop in my Comb..hehehehe..

    2. @seun-odukoya..I’m imagining how dis ur laugh go sound..hehe..

      Bout the feeling U have..I am learning and we’ve been told by geebee in his poem, to be all that we can be…Besides U sabi my mentor na…
      I have dose guys in my bank?..Well I am rich! Hehehe..If dem dey my bank, where U come dey na?..

      Thanks Seun..You are far too kind.

  4. No be small thing…
    So this is what chief bridesmaids and bestmen do shey?!

    Nice one @Sibbylwhyte

    Sported; don’t you think it should have been ‘spotted’?

    1. @babyada…Na wetin I feel say dem dey do na…Na why dem dey rush go weddings na..

      Sport can be used as a Verb, like I used in the poem. It means to wear a distinctive item, in this case the black tux..
      This na the reason why I talk say English hard..We dey try!..Make English people come learn igbo,hausa or yoruba na…Thank you jare..

  5. Hahahahahaha




    (Why cant i stop laughing na!)

    Nice o! Hahahahahaha

    Hehehehehe x10000000000000000000000000000

    1. @brytandre..
      Otio!! This your laughter surpass my laughter requirement o..Choi!!..Make ya trouser no tear o…My broda na U sabi..
      Thank you for reading and laughing

  6. @teekellz…Thanks Tee for reading..I appreciate.

    1. @sibbylwhyte Well………………… what can I say?? You write real good, so no probs.

      1. @teekellz..Chei! My head go soon burst o..Thanks for the compliment..

        1. Hehehe, let it burst now… Me I no fit pack brain ooo ;-)

          1. @teekellz…If U don’t gather the pieces of the head, the headless body will charge U to court for manslaughter…Wat say U?..To pack or Not to pack?..hehehe

            1. Lmao!!! Is that right?? For who am I to refuse such a request?… To pack it is.. :-D

              1. I knew U wld make a Smart choice…*nodding head like a chinese sage*…Good..Good.

  7. hehehehehehehehehehehehe

    @Bubbllinna ; you don come back again ooo with this “Infectous Poem” that causes all readers to be thumbling on the floor with Laughters/tears .

    Na God saved me, tears for roll down my chicks.

    Good set up, great ending!!

  8. @greatness4life..Please 4give but don’t forget the laughter..It’s the objective of the poem..
    ‘Infectious poem’?…My poem don turn chicken pox ba?..hehehe…Thank you my brother for reading,laugh-crying and commenting…Bless God.

  9. Nice poem, nice title, nice initiative, kinda funny and comfy.
    Loosened me up a bit after the day’s work.
    I can’t really pin-point much flaws but I feel a review sometime later will make it more substantial.
    Really nice!

    1. @chimzorom..It loosened U up?? Wow!!..That’s the exact effect I sought for..I am glad U got it..

      About the flaws, feel free dear to check with a be sure to tell me if U see any o..

      And U can review it 4 me…Thanks Chiz.

  10. Bubbling sibbyl, zeus rebel abi? This is cool. Jay, thank for musing such a cute poem.

    Nice one.

    1. @gooseberry…Lol at Zeus rebel..Thanks girlie..

  11. Aunty Sibbyl, hmm, na wa oh..I’m trying to decide what is more interesting, your poem or the comments following it. But u try Sister, u try. Nice concept. But I would have liked a more detailed exposition on what happened btw “not if you’re the last man on earth” and “six months later”…. :D

    1. @guywriterer,lol…you and the rest of us. That’s the secret of Bubblli, she just lets you have enough to keep looking for more. Now about that comment Bubblli…lol.

      1. @dottaraphels…U too??..I aff finish

    2. @guywriterer…U go get white beards be4 i go write the detailed exposition..hehehe…
      And the poem had better be more interesting o..Or else…
      Thanks for reading..Glad U had fun..

  12. Hehehehe…
    Nice… It’s got @Jaywriter‘s fingerprints all over it.

  13. The posh princess of NS…

    Hope I muse you more of your NS posts.

    @Raymond the musketeer, na so na, hehehehehehehe…

    1. Muse me more??…I thought it was a once in a blue moon deal?..I will have to review the contract…hehehe..
      The posh princess?..Hmmm that title is cool..
      Thanks for giving me d thumbprint 4 dis..

      You need to finish those stories o..

  14. Nice one. Bubbllinna!

    1. @ymoweta…Thanks dear..U de best!..

  15. Our gals are pissed walking down that aisle as friends of bride to be,
    so many little hearts in jars waiting to be opened….talk about jaded visions of love.
    Then comes our Bubblli, and let’s not forget Casanova ,lingo swagger and all; Bubblli has the
    411 on what melts the ice in their hearts.
    Oh Bubblli girlie,you had me @ BANG!

  16. @raymond..Tah!!..He just has a finger print…It has my fingerprints..hehehehe…Thanks for reading..

  17. @dottaraphels…Dotta dearest..It’s ur own comment I gbadun pass jor…
    U know why?..Cos you are the one who gets my role in this…

    I am the fairy godmother who sends the bridesmaid to the ball to meet her prince charming!…I shift my pen like cupid shoots his arrows and well..they get to the altar…hehehe…

    Thanks Dotta, really glad U enjoyed this…hope U laughed hard enough..God bless.

  18. I like your way with words… you have it!

  19. Thanks @elovepoetry..U gladden my heart with ur words…Bless God.

  20. Posh Princess, Fairy Godmother, and that other special title we know..hmm…
    To me, the very last four lines are my best in the whole poem. In addition, the last sequence to me is simply the best. It gives the poem a certain thrill…
    Well done on this piece. The last one saved you from whatever else I might have said…

  21. @sueddie
    Mighty glad U could drop by Master Su’…How happy am I to know that the last 4 lines are my saving grace…Well small mercies still happen..Glad you liked this though, I appreciate..Bless God.

  22. Poetic license they call it, let the pen scrible from the hand as it is in the mind. Write on and weldone.

  23. @salami1010…thank you very much for the goodwill..Bless God.

  24. I will tell all the girls looking for husbands to go do chief bridesmaid for someone

  25. Hehehe@magic. They already know that’s the way forward these days.

  26. going to the “Aphrodite Rebel”, hoping to find the connecting lines…….

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