Another Victim of Hope

I am a victim of Hope
And it tortures me every single day,
And every single day, I fight
In order to escape it
I can’t break free
because it has caged me
I don’t see much of what is ahead of me
The next minute is in itself a mystery
I look beyond, and what I see is like mist to me
It’s hazy, vision is jaded
They say the quests of the past is history,
And to get to the future, one needs to be
A slave of this Master who promises wings to me
To fly over the hills
If only in my dreams, should I fly
Should I try
to wish that the Nightingale can still sing to me
Before it is nighttime
Cos I know it, it’s approaching soon
– Ayokunle Falomo


“Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the torment of man” – Friedrich Nietzsche
“Hope that is prolonged afflicts the soul…” – Proverbs 13:12

12 thoughts on “Another Victim of Hope” by Ayokunle Falomo (@aryor)

  1. I like Nietzsche.

    Good poem.

    1. Thank you sir. I’m actually reading about him @ the moment.

  2. Living itself is torment, and hope’s part of living, so…
    Insightful poem.

    1. Indeed…Thank you Miss :)

  3. Ironically though Hope is one of the cardinal virtues…Can a virtue then be bad?..hehe…
    Nice poem..Well done.

    1. Hehehe, I guess anything can be bad after all. I appreciate your comment :)

  4. Nice and logically theoretical. I loved the last two lines.
    Night time approaches soon…

    1. Thank you! I thin I love those lines too, cos it’s true…nighttime is around the corner..

  5. Life without hope aint no life at all,so suffer hope like a man!

    1. Hehehe, man is just supposed to suffer like that, abi? Thanks though.

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