To Love Again

To Love Again

You met her in her first year in the university, you were the Bible Study Secretary of the fellowship,  you smiled when you met her especially when she told you she will love to move closer to God. Your bulgy eyes were fixed on her breast as you told her God will be happy she was willing to. You collected her number and promised to call her the next day.

The next day was a Wednesday, you called her as you promised and told her to meet you in front of Mozambique hall, she was happy you called – happy that someone so close to God like you could have her time, she came out and met you immediately. You held her hand, stroked it for a while, you were happy she didn’t withdraw her hand, she must have thought it to be an innocent, brotherly handshake. You asked her if she would be busy the next day, “I won’t be” she told you. “ My lectures end at two” She added.

You promised to take her to Sports center the next day to pray, “will seven be okay” you asked. “Yes” she said with the same smile that had lit her face from the beginning of the discussion. You left her that night, though in your mind, you felt like kissing her or holding her close at least, you restrained, it was too early. You said your goodbyes  but you stayed behind and watched her as she entered her hall. “A nice shape she’s got” you pondered.

“Sis Lola hope you have not forgotten the prayers this evening” You asked the next morning when you called. How could she? She was so passionate about knowing God, she wanted that closeness with her creator, she wanted to hear God as clearly as she hears Tola, her best friend.

Six- fifty that evening, she called you and told you she was waiting at Sports center, you were just leaving your room in Faj when she called, you jogged down and met her reading her bible. You apologized for keeping her waiting, sheepishly she told you not to worry, “you are not late, at least by African standards you are not” she joked as laid down her bible and bag so as to shake you. You shook her hand and drew her closer, you gave her a hug and led her to the field behind the rugby pitch.

That night after the prayers, you asked her if she had a boyfriend, she told you she used to in her secondary school but had to call it quits when he travelled out.

“Its good you longer communicate because such satanic relationships should be repudiated, such relationships are satanic orchestrations that can shatter your divine appointment with God and destiny” You had retorted.

She smiled, happy that there was no hindrance between herself and her God.

You continued, “ you see, Jesus once told a parable about a demon possessed man, he left his heart empty after the demons had been exorcised and the Bible says, the exorcised demon went to call seven more” You paused to catch your breath, normally you wouldn’t have but you did so as to give your discussion a religious touch.

“So Sis Lola, you can’t just leave your heart empty because that is the gateway to your spirit, you need a godly man in your life and while having my quiet time this morning, the Holy Spirit told me I am the right man for you”

You saw confusion in her eyes, so you backed your proposal with several examples of people who disobeyed God’s choice of husband for them and ended up marrying devils. You gave her no time to think about it, you bombarded her phone with text messages of how angry God would be if she does not hearken to His voice and accept your proposal.

Three days later, she told you yes. You told her not to tell the pastor or any executive member of the fellowship you said you knew God’s heart more than them, that they were only heads because there should always be pastors. She consented.

You made her love you more than she loved God, she took your words as those of an oracle, she believed you won’t lie. So that night, a week after she said yes when you were alone with her in your room and you asked if you could touch her chest to check her heartbeat, she didn’t object. You went beyond touching, she tried to stop you, you told her everybody else did it and it meant nothing since you will eventually get married. She doubted you but she allowed you because she loved you. Like an hungry lion on its prey, you tore her underwear in an hungry bid to get fast into her. She didn’t resist that too and like a docile lamb led to the slaughter, she waited on you and did all you told her to do. You promised her it will be “sweeter” if she bent over and allow you come in from behind, she wondered why it should be like dogs, that will be dehumanizing she thought but she obliged you.

You had her that night and several other times that followed. Time to time, you did it again, sometimes in your room, other times, you took her as far as Agric department, you only stopped at Motion ground nights when you knew people you know won’t be there to see you, you preferred the step by Oluwasanmi’s statue beside those flowers you sometimes plucked for her. Over the months, you didn’t have just her body, you also had her money, you would remind her of the rich man in Jesus’s parable, whom you claimed went to hell because he was rich, you admonished her to bring as much of her father’s money to you as prophet’s offering to save her father from hell.

You continued the deceit until she entered your room that Saturday night six months after she said yes. You didn’t expect her that night, she was supposed to be in Lagos and be back the next day after church service. She met you and a UNICOTECH student in the room, the TV was watching you doing what you learnt from it, you didn’t notice her when she came in, she had a key to your room but you didn’t bother to take precautions – she wasn’t expected in Ife that night.

She cried her eyes out and promised never to see you or go to church again, never again. You thought you could have her back so you went cap in hand to her room in Down Moz then she did the worst you could imagine – she poured water on you. You knew where the water came from because she took the back door and turned left when she saw you. That night, you soaked yourself in Dettol solution for an hour.

The news was all over the campus, several departmental editorial boards feasted on the news like a vulture on a corpse, “BSS drenched in MOZ toilet water”. Some were kind enough to relate the news as it was, others gave funny suggestions . The one you found most embarrassing was from The Campus Parrot. It read “BSS Caught Spying at MOZ girls in toilet; Poured MOZ water”. You said the story does not worth it because the headline was in bad English but you knew deep within you that you were in for it. So, you stopped attending the fellowship, you changed to a church in town where you eventually became a Pastor.

Three months after she caught you in your room in Faj with the UNICOTECH student, she met Dapo Ajayi. Dapo was and is still everything you were and are not – he knows what it means to be a Christian. Dapo took her back to church and helped her grow as she should. Unlike you, he was not religious but he was spiritual; he saw nothing wrong in her wearing trousers and he personally took it upon himself to buy her make-ups. This June, their relationship will be three years, they might marry next year and they still haven’t had sex!

11 thoughts on “To Love Again” by Adekunmi Ayinde (@tmomo)

  1. Em…I liked the story at the beginning…and then I started to sense where it was going. I feel like the ending is somehow.

    What’s the bottom line of the story?

    I feel as though you could have passed the same message without being so preachy. You know. I stand corrected though.

    That ending is…

  2. I understood your message. A good enough write-up.

  3. The only thing I feel was ‘somehow’ is the fact dat d So called pastor didn’t get d punishment he deserved..Pouring him water was not enuf…I wished twas hot water!..

    The story feels like d pastor is being who?..his conscience??.
    How would his conscience know Dapo hadn’t had sex with your female MC?..

    Twas a good read..Well done..

  4. Maybe it’s me, but this read like a personal story, perhaps it’s the passion that was pretty evident in the piece, or the use of 3rd person POV, maybe I am wrong, maybe it’s because I know the locations in which this story is set are real places in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife….however, I am sure that this is a fine piece….well done.

  5. After three years they still haven’t had sex?
    God forgive them!

    I like the story and the POV;though it has no meaning.

    1. And @kaycee, what’s your problem with that?!

      1. @babyada, leave me O°˚˚˚!

        1. @kaycee-ur point????

  6. @Seun, thanks, d Dapo part was not supposed to b a part of d story, added it as a foil 4 d BSS.
    @Eletrika, thanks.
    @Bubbllinna, thanks, but you knw they rarely get punished.
    @Scopeman, thanks, glad U find it a fine piece
    @Kaycee, lol, they haven’t o, glad U like it; no meaning? well it preaches sth.

  7. Your story gives me reasons 2 smile….nice one

  8. @tmomo, the story was engaging, but the ending was not quite well done for me; you should have just left it at saying that the narrator noticed that his ex-bedmate was happier with the new guy she had met, rather than going into details.

    Also, why the 2nd person POV? I believe that you should really only use this where what the narrator is describing is something that the reader can see himself doing.

    You shouldn’t make assumptions about what the reader knows. What is UNICOTECH?

    Lastly, the work needs editing – plenty of typos, grammar and tense issues.

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