The Perfect Gift

Ironically, James only went to the party because his wife had insisted that he honour Tony’s invitation. Tony was celebrating his latest promotion at work.  So he’d gone. And joked around with Tony and the guys. And had a couple of beers.

And now, now he was being led out of the general party area by a young thing with a mini-skirt that could pass for a headband, extra high heels, a missing bra- her nipples were poking out- and long brown attachment-thingy braids.

She seemed to know her way around, James thought, as she moved easily in the corridors, twisting and turning, finally stopping to open a door and lock them in. She pushed him in a chair an began nuzzling his neck. He absently thought about Abigail and the kids, wondering if they were already in bed.

She- he couldn’t for the life of him remember her name- stood up, struck a sexy pose and began slowly undulating her tiny hips, running her hands over her body. She kept swaying even as her top came off and she stepped out of her skirt. She turned around and bent over, pretending to fiddle with her shoes, meanwhile affording him a chance to stare at her black lace thong and the surrounding flesh.

It was then he felt the first twitch. She wiggled back up, executing some tough-looking moves that ended with her on the floor, eyes fixed on him the whole time.

That’s when it started.

He burst out in uncontrollable laughter, the tears streaming down his face.

“I’m sorry,” he spluttered as she ceased her contortions, painfully confused.

He just barely made it to the door between the laughter and attempts to wave her goodbye.

*                    *                *

Later, stealthily making his way up the stairs, he realized that it was about a quarter to midnight. The kids would be fast asleep by now, he would wait till morning to see them. James got undressed quickly, dumping his clothes by his side of the bed.

“Hey, baby,” Abigail mumbled, turning a bleary eye in his direction.

“Hello, love,” he said, easing open the duvet covering his wife. “Can we spoon?”

“Thought you’d never ask,” croaked Gail, her voice hoarse with fatigue and interrupted sleep.

James got into bed, pulling her into him and inhaling deeply off the side of her neck.

“Have I got a story for you,” he whispered, between nibbles.

“Mmm…,” was her reply, her body already relaxing in sleep.

James raised himself to look at his wife, married seven years now, with the passage of time leaving tiny marks on her face and body.

He absently flashed back to his experience with the Young Thing. He drifted off to sleep, his nose buried in Gail-smelling hair, spooning with the only woman he loved.



I wrote this in May of 2008, and today seemed like the perfect time to share it. Hope you got the “moral of the story”! Lots of love, happy Valentine’s Day,


31 thoughts on “The Perfect Gift” by missmeddle (@missmeddle)

  1. Hehehehehehehehehehe!

    Guess what made me laugh.

    It wasn’t the ‘moral of the story’ because for the life of me I still can’t figure out what the dude found so funny.

    But the way you described her…the girl sounds thin. Really thin.

    Spaghetti thin.

    Interesting story. Nice and short.

    Well done.

    1. Thanks, Seun. :-)
      Mmm, spaghetti….

  2. This really is a short story!..
    D girl dey execute stripper moves and the guy dey laugh…Guess her stick-thin appearance caused the laughter…

    The moral?..Spoon and Fork your wife alone…Flee from temptation even if they come with Thin, hips undulating things…hehehehe….Welldone Miss

    1. @Bubbllinna I like ur own summary of the moral jare…lol

    2. Lolz…thanks, Bubbly.

  3. @seun, I think the girl might have looked foolish in the act. You know the way people sometimes look stupid when they are forming.

    1. No be lie my broda. You talk well!

  4. I like this story. As to the moral the guy should not have allowed himself to be led to the room. He is not superman

    1. Hmm…but he is an ordinary man o, not even a pastor. Curiosity will kill the cat in every version of the story, don’t you think?
      Thanks :-)

  5. What exactly is the moral?
    That thin girls shoudn’t strip tease?

    Anyway, every body knows that the things we do during sex is stupid. Just picture the whole process in your mind when you aren’t aroused.

    1. Lol…kaycee, I don’t have anything against lepa girls, abeg!

  6. Ehmmmm remind me again, what was the perfect gift?

    1. @teewah, a man who constantly thinks of his family, who is faithful and loyal to his wife, who loves her to the point of laughing in the face of seduction by another woman… Wouldn’t you consider that the perfect gift?

      1. okies….if u put it that way, but i didn’t get the gist earlier. No mind me

  7. @teewah…Perhaps Miss meddle posted this as a Valentine gift 4 d readers and thought it Perfect hence the title..

    About the moral…na im I get from d story na…lol.

    1. @Bubbllinna hehehehe…when u put it that way, then i guess the title is ok…still lmao for ur moral sha!!!

  8. Hehehehehehehehehehe!

    These tooth-pick girls seff. Their own too much. I don’t know what they think they are. Pchewwwwwwwww.

    @mismeddle, I got the moral jare!

    1. Please don’t attack skinny girls nationwide! Thanks for reading. :-)

  9. Heheeheh. African men and big things. Lol. I think the moral is that his wife is the perfect gift. After skinny’s many attempts, she still didn’t succeed in turning him on, I think that was the reason for his laughter.

    No one like his woman.
    Really cool.

    Umm, check the typos. I saw a couple of ’em.

    1. You came closest to the idea, gooseberry. We are printing your award asap! Thanks :-)

  10. @mismeddle, point taken but e no easy oh…

    1. Lol…you can do it. ;-)

  11. “Can we spoon?”-my fav line!!!hehehehe
    leave the bones for the dogs I say

    1. Glad you liked it. Thanks for reading. :-)

  12. Well-written story, @missmeddle, but I found the laughing didn’t work for me.

    My thinking is that if he was being led down a room, he must already have been bedazzled by the girl’s charms – he must have known where she was leading him to, and obviously not even the love of his wife was enough to stop him from going. So it would be more realistic for him to snap to his senses and respond with maybe embarrassment or contempt.

    Unless he knew, but he also knew that he had no intention of doing anything that he just wanted to see what the girl had to offer. Even then, I still think this was risky – she was on ‘home territory’ and could scream rape. Anyhow, for me, it hardly paints him as a model of fidelity.

  13. Short and sweet, and oh, so romantic! Melikey. :)

  14. morale of the story is that it is never too late to do a U turn when you find yourself on the wrong road. i loved it

  15. I was afraid for a while there
    But he came through
    faithful man!

  16. Moral of the story, don’t strip-tease a guy into spooning you, talk him into spooning you.

    Nice one.

  17. Charming story. Reminds me of another story here on NS where the author made us think the dude was about to cheat on his wife when actually it was his wife that he was chasing.

    The moral is very clear.

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