The Geebee Chronicles. Episode 21 – The Crime Called ‘girlfriend Snatching’

The Geebee Chronicles. Episode 21 – The Crime Called ‘girlfriend Snatching’

THE GEEBEE CHRONICLES continues with Episode 21 and the title of this episode might sound a little striking and probably mind-boggling. If I may ask this question; how would you feel as a guy if you saw your girl with some other guy? Now, that’s not just the case, else there’d have been no reason to give a shit (well, some would anyway). The scenario here gets a little tougher. Imagine you have a friend who convinced you to break up your girlfriend and you actually go ahead and ‘dump’ the babe and before you spell the words B-R-E-A-K – U-P, you see this guy and your now ‘ex’ girl cruising all over town. I bet most guys would try to kill that guy or at least call him a ‘backstabber’ to his face or behind his back. That was the exact situation I found myself in May 2005.

After sometime, I was able to convince Sam to break up BG. At that time, it seemed the most reasonable thing to do. It was more than obvious he was not at all interested in her and unfortunately she could not or chose not to smell the brewing coffee. On that fateful day, Sam and I had just finished lectures and were about leaving the school premises when we sighted BG coming towards us.
“Geebee, could you excuse me for a sec?” Sam said in a half whisper.
“No qualms” I said and walked on, wondering what he was up to. At that point, I had already begun to feel he would never come around to actually breaking up with her and in fact, I also decided I might have been sounding too keen on seeing him break up with her, which was never really my intention. I only felt he needed to break up with her so he could stop treating her as badly as he had been doing all the while.

Sam joined me about five minutes later. I had watched curiously from where I stood a little distance away as he conversed with BG. Their talk had been very brief, with my friend seeming to do most of the talking. As I watched him leave her, I immediately knew the conversation had not been a friendly one especially judging by the way she stood on the same spot as he walked away from her. A deep pang of guilt ran through me in that instant.
“Geebee, let’s go.” Sam said as he approached me.
I looked inquisitively at him as we walked on. We walked in silence towards the school bus stop for a while but my curiosity got the better of me.
“So what’s up?” I asked. “Wetin una dey talk?”
“I broke up with her” Sam said matter-of-factly.

That had been my suspicion already but at that moment, his confession hit me hard. I could not say a word for a few seconds. I knew I had convinced him to break up with her but I could not understand why I felt so guilty. I believed he had done the right thing but for a minute, I wished he had carried out his action without my influence.
“Do you feel bad about it?” I asked concernedly, in an attempt to ease my guilt.
“No. Why?” he said confidently. “I’m glad I finally got her off my back in fact. At least, I won’t have to worry about her pestering anymore”
“What did she say when you told her?” I asked.
He gave a sarcastic laugh as he spoke. “Can you imagine? She said she wanted to tell me the same thing too.”

I wondered if she actually told him that just to make him feel bad or if she really meant it but I had the feeling that she would never have wanted to end her relationship with him. I observed his countenance to see if he had any bad feelings about his actions. He looked okay and that sort of made me feel better. However, I still had the sad feeling beclouding me especially when I imagined how BG would be feeling at that moment. Minutes later we parted ways as he headed for his home. I found an excuse to wait at the bus stop. I was sure BG would come pretty soon. I felt I had to see her and make sure she was okay at least for that period. Sam’s bus had hardly left when I saw her approaching. My heart went out to her; however I was impressed by her calm mien. She did not at all look like someone who had just been dumped by a boyfriend.
“Hey Geebee, what’s up?” she said delightedly as she sighted me.
“I’m good,” I said. “How are you doing?”
“I’m okay. Where’s your friend?” she asked further.
I wondered if she wouldn’t suddenly burst into tears and the pang of guilt hit me again. I began to regret ever interfering in her relationship with my friend or encouraging him to break up with her. After all, she had never complained all the while about how he treated her. However, the deed had been done and I wished I could turn back the hands of time and simply mind my business.
“He took the first bus,” I said. “I’m waiting for the next one.”

A couple of minutes later, we sat in a bus on the way to our respective homes. For a while, we were both silent. I stared out through the window wondering what could be going on in her mind. I guess she felt she needed to talk to somebody about what had happened but she totally caught me off guard with the manner she came out.
“Geebee, do you know Sam and I have broken up?” she asked suddenly.
I stuttered for a second. “Really? Wao! He didn’t tell me that” I lied.
She shrugged. “It doesn’t matter. We weren’t really going out anyway” she said. Beneath those words, I could feel her pain. She was young and naïve and she truly cared about my friend. I realized I had pushed Sam into making a mistake.
“I’m sorry about that” I said.
She waved me off. “It doesn’t matter” she said again.

We sat in silence again but at a point I felt I was going to explode if I did not say what I had to say. I decided to take the plunge.
“BG” I began. “Hope you won’t be mad at me?”
She obviously did not understand me. “Why?”
I sighed. “I asked Sam to break up with you.”
The look in her eyes scared me for a second. I patiently awaited her reaction.



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  1. Sigh.

    I like the way it ended…I just don’t like the lack of an air of tension. I feel like the story progressed to casually…you dig??

    Nice one. Now I actually want to read the next one!

    1. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

      Point noted. Thanks Seun

  2. Where have U been? It’s been too long.
    Ditto @Seun.

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      Yea Raymond. I left for a good while due to a lot of pressing issues that required my attention. I think i’m back now though. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. This your life history is boring sha.

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      Thanks for your comment, Kaycee. Once again, I’d say I believe you are entitled to your opinion so . . .

  4. Too Short Geebee, too short….

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      Really? Okay, I’ll try to make the next one longer. Thanks for stopping by, Mercy.

  5. Please Geebee..I had like to read the next one..but dis wasn’t up to the maximium amount of words right? just want us 2 wait nd see what happens next huh?..

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      Thanks for checking in again, Bubbllinna. Truth is, the suspense was intentional. lol. Next one on the way.

  6. WHat happened here @Gbenga-Olowosile? Anyway, I’m still following and reading.

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