Stuck In Mud

Stuck In Mud

The wind of disorder is blowing,
slowing us down.
The dark clouds have covered the sun,
No light, no hope.
I looked and saw the disgruntled people-
Wailing and cursing,
for they were stuck in mud.
Helpless and distressed in the very mud
of corruption.
Those in high places, looked down saw
and them,
Sinking deeper and deeper into the mire,
But their hands were too busy to help-
counting gold and pouring wine..
“Who will deliver us”, I muttered,
but the question ascended like a balloon
into the dark sky…



“From the bosom of God himself;

I proceed forth, into the ears of the hearers,

Spread by the mouth of the righteous,

And believed by the hearts of the faithful,

In the word of God and in sayings of the wise, I am present;

But in sin and mendacious feats,

I, Truth, do not abide,

If you despise me, you despise your life.

Knowledge is not power, unless it is the truth,

Without me, wisdom is folly.

Neither friends nor foes do I desire,

But to be known and obeyed by men.

For with this, evil will have no place,

And the earthlings will not go astray.”

10 thoughts on “Stuck In Mud” by ayistar (@ayistar)

  1. If i am correct and the mud you are referring to happens to be mud of corruption…i was thinking those in high places would be stuck too….I like the stuck in mud poem a lot

  2. Its a nice poem, really, but it is boring too.

    1. Nice and boring?

      I love you man!

      1. hey hey thats my boss, u know?

  3. I wouldn’t call it boring, but it’s just there.

    Keep working man. Keep working.

  4. I like the two poems. They are really nice but I like the first one more.

  5. “Stuck In Mud” – like the whole idea of it, and then the sentence “those in high places looked down saw and them”….what was that about?

  6. Nice idea, but not so nice a poem. Work more on it and it could become a masterpiece.

  7. nyc work boss but keep working

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