Start of something New

Start of something New

She could hear the bells ringing
As she approached, the choir singing
It was her big day, the union of two
Rose at hand, this was a start of something new

She walked in, in her grand wedding dress
Her beauty radiated, elegant and make up to impress
Stood before the priest, every one was glad
She turned around, met the smiling approval of her dad

The emotions ran as she gazed at him
He was her all, together they are a team
He was her source, her strength and pride
Smiling; down memory lane, her thought slide.

She is about to wed the man of her dream
Her dads’ image, he was just like him
Everytime he dropped by to take her not
Her dad gave his approval without a doubt

She made him proud when her name was called
The Vice Chancellor presented her an award
She was a success, graduated with an impressive grade
A good job awaited her, she was made

He was more than a dad, more than a friend
Whenever she needed him, a helping hand he lend
Dropped her off and picked her up from school
Even taught her to ride a bicycle

Rose at hand, she refused to understand
She laid it down, in tears held her Auntys’ hand
He didnt survive the crash, she was barely eight
She would never forget, it is a sour date

To the world his seat was empty
She always reserved it, he is her role model and celebrity
There he was, a reflection of her loving devotion
There to grace this special occasion

Out the church and into the limo
Their plane leaving for Paris on the morrow
She waved, smiled as the bouquet threw
He had witnessed her start of something new

8 thoughts on “Start of something New” by Bright Benson (@brytandre)

  1. Ah! D feelings U evoke with ur poem…Sad poem..At least she has something new..

    In other news..
    Elegant and make(made) up to impress..
    A helping hand he lend(lent)
    together they are(were) a team..
    Rose at(in) hand..

    There is this ‘thing’ about your rhymes. . .
    Well done bright..

  2. Yeah this was nice.
    But some lines are a little confusing.

  3. dads’ is wrong. It should be dad’s…I think.


  4. yeah.the confusion probably is ‘down the memory lane’ thoughts.i took it from her present status to when she was a kid (thats when her dad actually died) trying to picture her dad as a ghost dats always there watching his daughters’

    thanks guys

  5. Hmmm….niceeee poem,a few corrections here and there bt i enjoyed it

  6. She lost her dad and found him in her husband…nice one

  7. I like @queenzayta interpretation the most. This is another good one Bright.You are really improving.

    Well done!!!

  8. beautiful, and the rhymes, just perfect

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