My Heart Weeps

My heart weeps
The old besieged with the changes of time
Sporadic clockwise turn has left a lot desecrated in their prime
The hand on jaw forgotten in ponderous thought of what today’s life has become
Day by day a child is a prey of a broken home
My heart weeps
Lucid feelings of cradle days
Gathering pebbles at moonlight plays
Yet, much was the hope to become an adult someday
The young were fed with lessons of life and morals so nurtured
The elderly earn obedience and their command must be obeyed
So soft was the heart of the adolescent, the old sculpt of sincerity and cultured
Morals, and Family values were transcribed in the letters of honor
Recalling the days of the old today leaves you with a fatal horror
Wherefore these cankerworms I do not know
Has the western Vultures eaten the values engraved at the pillars of the home?
Yet I do not know
My heart weeps
The teens struggling to jump the time
Seeking obscene and filthy wealth to earn a rank
Abolishing fundamentals to lord over self the charms of life
My heart weeps
The heart of fathers ruined by the stretched of time
Their hands heavy with the filthy bell spreading the gospel of immorality
Hunting for fun in their daughters grade
Mothers wearing a boastful spirit for a child who scarf the item of another
They are armed stretched of heroic welcome to a child who earns from the ruin of another
My heart weeps
The custodians of hope harvest from the weakness of the hopeless
Religious, Political, Traditional Leaders dwell in veil deceit
Their voices hums gently yet echoes social injustice
The sincerity of the mind is now clouded in treachery
My heart weeps
The faithful old is but left in nostalgia
Looking to the grave with a pain in the heart of the world leaving behind
Our values and treasured culture is no more a fortress
Our souls strives in greed, our thoughts swelled in evil and our bones weaken to laziness
The hand is lost to the chin in melancholy of my cradle days
And my soul is weeping

11 thoughts on “My Heart Weeps” by salami1010 (@salami1010)

  1. Thought provoking.
    Too serious to be enjoyed. For me, at least.

  2. the poem weeps along with the persnae.

  3. Yes o, na so life be. Maybe when things begin to go around, they’ll change back to the good old days.

    1. That will happen when the world finally completes its upside down turn.

  4. If we begin to think about how things were ‘back in the days’..We go old!!..But your poem is Ok..but there are lots of typos,mixed tenses n spellings..just reread the piece and you would spot the errors..Well done!

  5. If we begin to think about how things were ‘back in the days’..We go old!!..But your poem is Ok..just reread the piece and you would spot few errors..Well done!

  6. Intense.
    Things must change, but here it changes in a negative way and that gets us worried. Good poem.

  7. ehmn…your heart needs all the comfort it can get.

  8. your words soothing enough to console a weeping heart. Thanks

  9. Vewi nice poem…nd true too…ma hrt almost wept wiv urz…*winks*

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