Final Stories for NS Anthology and Updated FAQ

Final Stories for NS Anthology and Updated FAQ

The following 30 stories have undergone developmental and copyediting by the editorial team and been finalized for the Naijastories Anthology. In the next few weeks, the Anthology will be released to the general market.

Read these two stories for free, or register to read the others for 200 NS Points each.

*FREE If Tears Could Speak - Salamatu Suleiman

*FREE Jesus of sports Hall by Lulufa Vongtau


Nnamdi – Sonia Osi
What Theophilus Did – Gboyega Otolorin
Illusions of Hope – Ola Awonubi
Two Straws In A Bottle - Remi Oyeyemi
 Seeing Off Kisses – John Ugoji
 Blame it on a Yellow Dress – Uche Okonkwo
 It’s Not that Easy – Lawal Opeyemi Isaac
One Sunday Morning in Atlanta – Uko Bassey
 The Writer’s Cinema – Bankole Banjo
 Co-operate by Tola Odejayi
 Showdown in Rowe Park by Tobi Coker
 Best Laid plans by Kay9
A Kind of Bravery by Myne Whitman
 Every wrinkle is a story – Pyneapples
Nothing Good – Kiah
A Glimpse In The Mirror – Yejide Kilanko
The Old Man In Our Neighbourhood – Loneranger
 Kissing Hadiza – Seyi
 The Devil’s Barter – Raymond
Mother of Darkness – Lade
 Rachel’s Hero – Henry Onyema
Wiping Halima’s Tears – Elly Turtoe
Visiting Admiral John Bull – Addy Bardust
 The Catalyst – Meena Adekoya
Kitchen Practicals by Tamo
 Can I please kill you? Seun Odukoya
All I wanted was another baby by Mercy Ilevabre
Too Late by Abby


How are the works going to be published?
The Anthology will be the flagship of an NS imprint using a print-on-demand model that will make Nigerian authors available through most of the major global book distributors. We will also be talking with a Nigerian based publisher to get books widely available locally. The anthology will also be released through, Amazon Kindle, Barnes&Noble Nook, and directly on as various formats of eBooks.

How much will the book cost in the different formats?
The editors will try to keep the book below 70k words so we can get an affordable pricing. Tentative price is $14.99/12GBP/N2000 for the paperback. Ebook will be $4.99/3.50GBP/N700

Who owns the rights?
The author retains copyright, and NS Publishing has exclusive anthology rights for one year after publication. After that time, they will be able to do with the story as they please.

How much will authors be paid?

We’re offering no advance to authors but a royalty of 20% of the book’s list price pro-rated on the number of words in their individual selected stories, as well as discounted pricing on any copies purchased. Payment will be made three times in a year.

Who decided the order of the stories?
The stories were listed in random.

Who decided which stories were selected, the book cover, and other details?
The NS editorial team had final say on every detail. We received advice and reviews from published authors and NS friends.

What will be expected of the selected writers?

They will help in promoting the anthology

What ws the timeframe from submission to publication?

We had the following tentative timeframe and are so far sticking to it.

- July – Submissions and Nominations

- August/September – Editor’s Selections

- October – Authors Sign Contracts

- November / December – Editing

- January – Submission to Publisher

- February – Proofing

- March 2012 – Book Published and on sale

Will there be other Anthologies?

This is intended as the first of a series. All things being equal, we’ll be calling for submissions for the next volume by June.

What can I do as an NS member not included in the anthology?

We’ll like a review from you or your blogger/journalist friends. Please request a copy of the anthology and send related questions to



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      And then say it again.

      1. abi o @seun, let them see the stuffs here o. Sincerely, I must say every piece in the anthology is a winner. Bold plots, funny lines, impactful descriptions and brilliant denouments. I just love NS. Wish i had more time though…

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      @biyicrown, simply click on the stories and follow the guidelines.

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