Hey you all, there goes Bimbo

Cute isn’t she? She has got a pretty scarf on

Am sure you must have heard her story

Its’ got a bad twist that fills me with fury

See how she walks with so much grace

Moving not so fast but at a steady pace

I used to know her when she was a kid

At four she lost her dad; that she did

Life wasn’t great, neither was it at its worst

She believed her mom when she said “dust to dust”

She was the only child to a pretty young mom

But a foolish one who got pregnant for a bum

They lived a fast life. I was surprised they lasted long.

They never cared for Bimbo; she was free to eat dung

Well, her mum later ran off with her hot-headed man

And left her little girl with money which couldn’t even buy a slice of yam

Everything was bad, miserable was an understatement

Her aunt took her in but not without resentment

It was like the wicked step mom and the two ugly step sisters

Only she didn’t have sisters but four crazy cousin-brothers

 You can be sure, we heard lots of tales

Few to smile about, others would only leave you pale

She was however in luck because she was allowed to go to school

But beyond that, she was treated like a bad carpenter’s tool

Her cousins were hot-headed, generally notorious

They did things to young girls that made their parents furious

I can’t speak for our pretty friend Bimbo

Because I can’t say what the boys did or didn’t do

At sixteen she was already making heads turn

Including me and my sixty-two years old friend called John

I even remember, there was also a scandal

Young teachers, whatever they are up to with the kids I wonder

As you would presume, a young man lost his job

And no one even let out as much as a sob.

With the aunt and crazy cousins on her neck

Not forgetting the uncle who was a lazy and randy jerk

Bimbo felt things couldn’t get worse

But that wasn’t to be, as her uncle came to her one day with much force

It all ended messy, a crying girl and a pool of blood

A widowed wife, four sons, a lazy but very dead sod

She was kicked out of the house into the street

Even then she didn’t have any shoes on her feet

She paid dearly for her great deed; if you get the irony

A world with one less problem and she in the street without money

Am not much a believer but maybe it was her destiny

Because her school gave her a scholarship without her paying a penny

And the goodwill of the community gave her shelter

She was fed and clothed and couldn’t ask for better

She got her degrees and got a good position in a bank

Everything was fine until she read her dying mom’s letter and her heart sank

The runaway mom finally got settled with a new lover; cancer

And it toyed with her life like it was a prankster

In her letter she said she couldn’t hold back the truth

About Bimbo’s real father, the one she met in her youth

He was a nice man she affirmed, but an affair was an affair

She ran off with another and this separated the pair

 Oh! Here comes Bimbo; she smiles as she sees me

She pauses when she gets to me, “hi dad” she says to me.

13 thoughts on “Bimbo” by weirdpile (@weirdpile)

  1. Wow…..A great piece this is, well done.

  2. I like this your ‘prosetry’…Wonderful..I love that things turned out better for Bimbo…Well done Weirdpile..

  3. nice one. It is not very easy to imbue a poem with a prosaic style but you kinda pulled it off.

    You did well. Keep improving your art.

  4. A standing ovation 4 u…….ds is good,d rhymes flow with ease,d language is simple bt drives home d msg…..a great narrative piece.

  5. So, you’re the father, and you watch your daughter go through all that? You deserve to be hanged.

    Nice one.

  6. Ummmm, how do we know if Bimbo is pretty when we can’t see her?…..

    Nice narrative poem. Really cool. Hope the eyes you had on her weren’t eyes of desire…

  7. I was consistently looking out for the rhymes and you hit me ggod when ever i glanced. Nice one.

  8. This is really nice.Loved that the rhymes were consisitent.That is no easy feat to achieve.

    Well done!!!

  9. Finally.

    A unique piece of poetry…intense. Nice.

    You really did well…

  10. This is different.
    Good job jare.

  11. Interesting ‘proem’, @weirdpile. I felt the first half of the story was believable, if predictable; the second half where everything just resolved themselves for Bimbo, not so believable.

    Your rhymes feel forced, and are not strictly speaking accurate; for example, ‘story’ does not rhyme with ‘fury’; ‘man does not rhyme with ‘yam’. I would just forgetting about trying to make the rhymes work and focus more on making the words paint pictures, which after all is what good poetry should be all about.

  12. Hilariously nice (and i mean that in a good way)

  13. Nice work… I like it…
    But ‘am’ is not ‘I’m’. I wonder why U all keep making this mistake.

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