Best that I can

Another february 14th, i awake with pride
What a feeling, you by my side
Still relish this relationship we began
I ll love you the best that i can

It was love at first sight and something more
I needed to have you, I was damn sure
How the words came out, still cant tell
How you said ‘No’ still rings a bell

‘You re supposed to think about it’ i said
You let out a laugh, that response was weird
‘ping me’ you replied passing me a note
Though suprised, mine i hurriedly wrote

The remarkable dates that followed
Your love, your willingness to stay you showed
The way i felt wrapped in your arms
Your tender touch and your comely charms

The arguments are always shortlived
Your arms around me and i feel relieved
It reminds me of How silly i ve been
We joke, we play, forgiving and forgetting everything

Always grateful each time i give you a gift
It puzzles me, you would love me without it
What is mine is yours, everything we share
I love you and i truly care

Our friends get hurt and break up
Yet we re firm, still rising to the top
Its evident in every thing you do
More things to point to, makes me love you

‘shh!…..dont wake up just yet’
My queen, the prettiest i ve ever met
Promise to stay, always be your man
Loving you the best that i can

12 thoughts on “Best that I can” by Bright Benson (@brytandre)

  1. This guy and love poems seff!
    Nice one again.

  2. Bright have been oficially given the title of ‘The Love Poet’..Haba!…I like your own Love be your muse..
    I love this poem and it really is a cool valentine poem 4 the lady..
    Well done!..

  3. But this one is one of those rare love poems that make me go…

    Real nice. Really nice.

    I hope you do not let her down – I hope you mean every word.

  4. In facted (yoruba accent)…….

    Nice one again.

  5. Nice love poem…… really nice

  6. “shhh…! don’t wake up just yet”
    that’s my best part, plus I have a thing for love things…very nice!!!

  7. Lol. Kaycee just read my mind. You write well jare. But too much of love is not good o.

    1. You also read my mind there @gooseberry. Too much love poem for a poet makes the muse too light and less serious. But then I enjoyed it bro, at least for the Valentine season. Happy Valentine jare!

  8. haa…they don officialy name you the lovey dovey poet…I hope you wont end up swooning all the ladies on NS…I used to write lovey stuff too then suddenly I had an epiphany…

    more arrows to your cupid

  9. Hmmmmm, I go love o…. Nice poem, another february 14.

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