White Memories.

White Memories.

December 25, 1995. I remember. I was six years old and you were ten, and we were happy. We hoped it would last forever. I remember that day, it was a Monday; I refused to take off my new clothes that I wore to Christmas mass that morning. You were upset when I soiled my shirt with stew as I struggled with the big piece of chicken Mama put in my plate of food. You wanted to beat me but I ran to her, and she told you to leave me alone. She said I could wear my clothes for as long as I wanted, because it was “a day of joy and no one should have to cry on Christmas day.” You were more upset but you didn’t beat me.

I remember, later that night we sat by the fire and listened with alternating expressions on our faces as Papa told us tales from his childhood days. We stared at the red hot flames and the burning pieces of wood. We watched cinders and smoke rise from the flames. The smoke rose so high and then disappeared before our eyes. Thinking of the smoke now reminds me of rapture and the gathering of souls as explained by Christian faith and teaching.

I still remember the fire and burning wood. I remember how we tried to guess what tree the burning wood came from, by perceiving the scent from the smoke; then you told me that you had seen Mama sprinkling something on the pieces of wood before lighting them up. It was incense. She had bought a bag of it from the parish store after mass that morning. It smelt really nice when burnt with the wood. I remember I told you not to mix it with your food. You did, and you warned me not to mention it to Mama. I should not have listened to you.

Papa went inside, but we remained by the fire. We were there alone when you told me that your stomach was paining you. I remember you holding your stomach tightly but I didn’t say anything. Then you started calling for Mama, and I just stood still. You were screaming and rolling on the floor, holding your stomach. When she finally came you were lying still on the floor and there was foam at the side of your mouth. She started screaming and crying at the same time. Then Papa came and I just stood by the fire watching.

The doctor eventually confirmed it was food poisoning, but it was too late. Some of your organs had been damaged because there was nobody at the general hospital on Christmas night to attend to you immediately. They had to take you to a private hospital far away from home.

It was late in the night when they returned, you were not with them. I heard Mama crying in my sleep. I woke up and remembered when she said, “It was a day of joy and no one should have to cry on Christmas day.” I didn’t cry.

Since then, the shadows are long when I wake every Christmas day. They say seek to live, remembrance is for the old. But time, I think, has lost its potency, only memories and dreams exist. I guess sixteen years after, I am old enough to remember that night, that cold night we sat by the fire, enjoying the scent of burning wood mixed with incense. I will always remember the darkness of that Christmas night. I knew I would tell this story someday before my time. I was there with you. I remember.

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  1. Very sad. Nice work.

  2. Thank you Shai…

  3. Yeah. Very sad.


  4. Thanks Seun…I’ve read yours too, fine story.

    1. Hehehehehehehe.

      That means I get votes from you abi? Noice!!!!!

      1. I’m sure you know my answer to that already na…u na Presido na!

  5. Sad tale, nice work. I didn’t get to know if the person is a he or she, or was it intentional?

    1. lol…what do you think?

  6. This is very nicely wriiten Scopeman, and sad too.

    Well done!!!

    1. Thanks Lawal….I’m glad you liked it.

  7. Sad nostalgia of a bitter Christmas… A concealed tale needed to be told, but then I’m glad you released the burden. Nice one!

  8. Thanks Dowell, I see you relate pretty well with this piece…

  9. Awwwh! So sad! Christmas will always mean something else to you. You captured the emotion so well that the reader is moved to poignant feelings. Nice writing.

    1. Thank you Ife, I’m glad you read and enjoyed the story…

  10. O! So that is your age? Hmmm…:)
    Scopeman, this is a wonderful piece of ‘recollection’…Very touching and sad. The way it flows doesn’t betray the end in any way.
    I usually give my highest regards to humour but my friend, your sadness, expressed in plain candour holds up and puts your writing – this one –
    in a spot that is uniquely special.
    No more words.

    1. Thank you Su’eddie, your acknowledgements are greatly appreciated and well received, I am indeed honoured…

  11. Hmmnnn. *sighs. Hmmnnn. A sad Christmas tale. Nice. I could feel the sadness. Good one bro.

    1. hmmm….I’m glad you felt the story….hmmm….Thank you….hmmmm…

  12. I felt every emotion you showed in the story, i’m almost in tears. Good Job.

  13. Awwwww!!
    If this is true, then I really feel for your mum. It hurts them most.

    1. Well, I guess so, but everyone bears the loss in different ways and sometimes it hard and maybe unnecessary to say who it hurt the most.

  14. Awww….I hope you didn’t cry sha….I’m glad you enjoyed the story @IBKinx, thanks for your support.

  15. Ok. I hope it is/ it is not fiction. Well, fiction or real, I assure that you have my vote for arresting my emotions n making me shed a tear. Good job. Sorry for your characters’ loss.

    1. Thank you gooseberry, for feeling this the way you did, and for your vote….

  16. Wow @ scopeman you captured and freezed memory in moving emotions.Well done sir!

    1. Thanks @sambright, ur comment me happy indeed…I’m glad you enjoyed it so.

  17. Did this really happen? Seriously? Curiosity and all…

  18. Reality is relative @Raymond. However, to answer your question and that of many others….It is a mixture of both, but not in equal proportions at all. I will not disclose how it is shared, whether it was watered down to conceal more anguish or spiced up to give it more effect….but what I will say is that it took a lot for me to write this piece.

    1. WAEC marker. U don veil ya answer. Diplomat! :D

      1. Abi na! But, sincerely, this piece is just very good. I love this. As in…

  19. … only dream and memories now exist… nice piece… keep on until you arrive….

    1. Thank you Innocent, I will keep pushing on…

  20. keep up the pace.very cool piece you got here

    1. I’m glad you liked it Uche, thank you for reading, and for your vote as well.

  21. Mazi Nwonwu (@Fredrick-chiagozie-Nwonwu)

    Scopeman, wetin you want make I say na?

    1. I don’t understand sir…

  22. This story reminds me the loss my family also had on a Christmas day 2years ago.. No one should actually cry on Christmas day.

    1. I’m sorry about your loss @tamie….I hope you didn’t cry…

  23. Oh wow.

    And if you know me, that is a big compliment.

    Oh wow. Sad. Great work @scopeman60. Great job.

    1. Thank you @Gboyega, I appreciate the compliment really…

  24. Hmmm…deep sigh.

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