What the Poet Knows

What the Poet Knows


He moulds the clay of wisdom,
Fine-tunes the disruption of misconceptions.

He listens to breaking sorrows
And leans a helping arm on society.

He is the eye of the ancestors
An encyclopaedia of generations passed.

He reflects the ills of humanity
Gigantic bulldozer, bulldozing through.

He devices a language of illumination
Shining to all who understands his dialect.

He touches starvation with a helping hand,
Fighting malice with the pen as his sword.

He knows when to strike
And where to aim,
Poised for greatness
A marching warrior.

He defeats with ease
And cures with his words,
Piercing his way
Through the hearts of darkness.

A voice of change
And a voice of the earth,
Created specifically to nurture the earth.

He is born to sing and born to shout
Amidst much silence from a quiet lot.

He deciphers solution for multitudes at ease
From his warehouse of wisdom, oh man of letters.

He was created to heal
And born to lead
His devoted urchins
That roams the earth.

He bears immortality
With the tip of his fingers,
Granting at will to preserve his cause.

He speaks the bitter truth
And embraces nature
‘Cause within it lies
The sincerity of creation.

So skilled in his art
His fine craftsmanship,
Posing not just a poet
But an artist as well.

So much to learn
And much to envisage
From an aged treasure house
Of what the poet knows.

20 thoughts on “What the Poet Knows” by Dowell Oba (@dowell)

  1. @ Dowell nice work.But I will prefer the ‘griot’ to ‘an encyclopedia of generations passed’.*Just me* A poet is indeed all u av related.Keep writing sir!

    1. @Sambright thank you very much for your nice review. Truly appreciated! Will sure keep writing, definitely a fact.

  2. With this, I feel elated being a Poet.

    1. Much love, Whiz! Long live we contemporary African poets and the renowned greats. Cheers for dropping by.

  3. simply the truth about the poet… he is born to sing and ring into our ears all we need to hear about the universe… he dances according to the tune of the society, being a mirror in which society can see its ills and joys… a beautiful piece Whiz…

    1. Hello Innocent! Thanks for the wonderful review and affirmation. This one was written from divine inspiration, so the credit need go specifically to me and my spiritual muse. But lol, you’re pardoned still.

  4. See his head, divine inspiration indeed! Nice one Taraban…loved the flow of the poem. I think you took things well. Didn’t really know the King of the poem till somewhere deep. As I read I said, c’mon, this is better than his other posts…So, you write this good?
    Thank GOD Danbaba had people like us :) C’mon, what plans do you have for publishing? Yea, cheers.

    1. @Suede, seriously o I’m not kidding. I remember typing this one entirely on my phone, as fast as it came, as though being dictated, which was quite unusual for me that’s used to cracking my brain to make every line fit.

      Thanks for the nice remarks! Already have my first collection of poems “Ocean Tide” self published last year by AuthorHouse; and now I’m looking for a good Nigerian publisher that’ll publish the second, if I get lucky to find a poetry publisher in this our hard country. But then you can still recommend for me o.

      Lol, Danbaba and his Taraba didn’t just want us to leave. Was even offered the job of principal in my serving school. But then you know the peanut pay now. Lol!

  5. I’m sure the poets will be very happy to read this. Nice one, Dowell.

    1. They sure are. Thanks Myne! So happy to see you drop by.

  6. Na wah o Dowell, you put so much responsibility on the poet…….se im be Jesus Christ ni?………..lol.

    This is very well written, a type of piece where it is evident that the writer connected to The Source when writing it.

    Well done!!!

    1. Hehehe! Lawal, abeg no fear too much. The poet no be Christ at all, but then has a great responsibility to achieve with his God-given talent.

      Thanks for the lovely remarks!

  7. Well, well, well.
    Smooth lines, very rich.
    You are very good…you should know by now.

    1. Ah! Thanks a million Kaycee! My head don begin swell.

  8. Nice one.

    Well done.

    1. @Seun, thanks o! Glad you like it.

  9. I tink sai poet na just .P.O.E.T i no knovv sai e lng like this. Great description ma

    1. Hehehe, Clemency… Thanks!

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