The Figurine (Araromire) – Movie Review

The Figurine (Araromire) – Movie Review

Yes, I got to see The Figurine and I must saw, amazing production, great camera lightning and also a very intelligent story that would leave you ruminating even after the disc stops spinning. Starring famous Naija actors like Funlola Aofiyebi (Popularly known for her role in the TV series ‘Palace’ and ‘Tinsel’, also winner of the first season of the celebrity takes two reality show), Ramsey Nouah, Kunle Afolayan and also new faces like Tosin Sido. The movie is Nollywood (The Naija movie industry) at its best.


The story revolves around three friends Mona, Femi and Sola whose fortune suddenly change for good after their National Youth Service year. Femi is in love with Mona but Sola marries Mona. The story takes a new tow after seven years when the friends reunite. Femi is still not married when the friends reunite and meets Linda who is Mona’s friend and a fashion designer in Lagos

Suddenly Mona starts connecting the dots of their life story with a legend folk lore that might have taken place many years back in a village known to have worshiped a certain goddess whose figurine seats in her husband,  Sola’s  study. A lot of things eventually happen but at the end you as a viewer must answer a pertinent question: What do you believe?


The Nigerian culture is highly esteemed and celebrated throughout the movie via language, food, music, art and ethics.

Mona in a scene instructs her son who is seven at the time to greet his father properly by postrating and saying his greetings in Yoruba (his father’s dialect) and Urhobo (his mother’s dialect).


Femi and Linda are seen exchanging romances only appropriate for the married even before they become an item. Scenes that infer that they are already having sex are also involved.

In various scenes, Sola is seen with several other women apart from his wife in the movie.

Many scenes are involved in which characters in the story are seen handling alcohol, cigars and cigarettes.


Figurine raises the bar in movie production in Nollywood. The acting is very professional but the major themes of fate and faith touched in this movie are very weighty ones and the writers does a very good job (In the classic Dan Brown’s Davinci Code style) in leaving the audience to choose their sides. Apart from few glitches in ethical values that might seem too modern to the Nigerian value system and edgy scenes that might leave you jumping off your seat, Figurine is a must see. It would start up a discussion in you before you join the one going on around you.

P.S- This review is written entirely from an observer’s perspective and no contact or favor was made by the producers of the movie to give a good opinion. Media was also provided and financed entirely by the writer.




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  1. I think ‘great camera lightning’ as you put it is better put as ‘great lighting’.

    Yes…I saw the Figurine a while ago…and while I agree with you on the quality of the production…I think your review is too sparse. I like the commentaries you put after tho.

    Well done.

  2. Its a nice movie. A different Nollywood thing. Its one of the better Nollywood stories I saw last year. Nice review.

  3. I just have to take you guys’ word on this.

  4. I have made several efforts to see this movie since I do no live in Nigeria but all have been unsuccessful. Why do you regard those things you listed as anti-social? I think they might just be against some people’s morals. Like you mentioned in comparing the movie to Dan Brown, in storytelling such judgements are left for the reader or movie goer.

    1. Hi, if you live in the UK, it is now available for sale on dvd.
      You can contact me @beeci for your copy. cheers.

  5. Yes, the film was good. But I didn’t like the ending. It felt a bit awkward.

  6. Last December at a media event, I had the awesome privilege of having a one on one discussion with this Movie’s director/supporting actor, Kunle Afolayon . I said to him “Sir , I really love your movie , I think you did an awesome job” (as any enthusiastic fan would say). He looked at me without saying anything for sometime then he said with a light smile “Did you watch the preview copy (pirated) or did you go to the cinema”…Out of shock , I said the truth , “I watched the preview copy”. But being a classy man, Kunle did not scold me , instead we both entered a lengthy discussion about piracy in Nigeria , and it was truly fun. This post reminds me of that moment…lol. Its indeed a nice movie :)

  7. That was a beautiful movie.But I felt the ending wasn’t ok. He should have just left them all dead;victims of the curse. or perharps it was in anticipation of a sequel? Even then a sequel those not necessary have to be continuation of the story or have to use the same characters.

  8. Your review makes one want to see the movie.However, what is wrong in handling alcohol and cigars?It’s a movie for Pete’s sake!Abi you be ‘born again’…………………lol.

    Well done!!!

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