The Confession

The Confession

he watched as the smile glowed on her face
‘the priest must have filled her with grace’
now it’s his turn,his chance,his session
so its time to make his confession

‘speak young man,God is ever merciful’
‘be bold,confess your sins in its multiple’
he took a deep breathe,forsook all his doubt
the heaviness in his heart came out his mouth

said he ‘i vowed from cradle to be pure’
‘to serve God,learn to love him more’
‘i have sinned but i dont feel guilty’
‘my soul is stained,yet i love the filth’

‘a beauty,a maiden is my desire’
‘met her at a club,a woman to admire’
‘she said the consequences of our action is a game’
‘she seduced me,but never told me her name’

‘her eyes are enchanting,pure with sparkles’
‘her lips are well cut,send shivers to my ankles’
‘her body is a painters’ delight’
‘her touch is comely,breaks down my will to fight’

‘the taste of her lips,her body against mine’
‘the hunger,the making of love define’
‘the moans and the touch,the feelings so true’
‘in an instance,my world turn misty blue’

‘she left early,before the break of dawn’
‘i awoke and the damsel was gone’
‘no contact,no number,i didnt see her again’
‘my heart breaks yet i feel no pain’

‘tell me father,and tell even more’
‘she must be an angel,i let in through my door’
‘if am wrong or misled,i am but a child’
he stopped talking,waited till the priest replied

said the priest ‘i ve heard you young man’
‘you re forgiven,your plight i understand’
‘if the maiden remains your obsession’
‘then please return here for another confession’

9 thoughts on “The Confession” by Bright Benson (@brytandre)

  1. Wow. you are actually a poet.
    but whats with the quatation marks?

  2. I loove this!! @Bright..Dis is beautiful..nd ur rhyming is nice…
    But this kain be so the real one dey o..So I ask..Is this some sort of satire??..

    @kaycee…I think he put that to indicate the conversational part of the poem…
    Though I don’t know if poems carry those or not..It didn’t detract from this piece…

  3. One of the best poems I’ve read this year.

    If you limit the number of quotation marks in the poem, then this poem will be perfect. Here’s what I mean:
    For the penitent-persona’s speech, you could frame the question marks thus:

    ‘I vowed from cradle to be pure
    To serve God, learn to love him more
    I have sinned but I don’t feel guilty
    My soul is stained yet I love the filth
    ‘Tell me father and tell even more
    She must be an angel,I let in through my door
    If I’m wrong or misled, I am but a child’

    Do likewise to the speech of the confessor-persona.
    I rate this poem beyond average. Well done!

  4. I really love this. Wow. You write good. I agree with @chitzi‘s advice. Beautiful.

  5. Very good poetry. I agree that the quotation marks were overdone. Putting them at the beginning and end of the entire speech as @chitzi suggests sounds like a great idea.

  6. Lovely poem…Your rhyming is real good…Doesn’t look forced and it flows well.
    Like all else : Quotation! @chitzi don kill am for you…
    My thoughts: this poem if sowed well, would reap you some great harvest…;)
    Well done.

  7. This is indeed a true confession.Well done @ sake

  8. ‘if the maiden remains your obsession’
    ‘then please return here for another confession’

    I have a weird feeling he’ll be going back for another confession !

    Personally , I have no issue with the quotation marks ,I felt it made your work aesthetically pleasing.
    Good job.

  9. no issues too, lovely poem.

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