Petit prose/petit poem/petit play, respectively

Petit prose/petit poem/petit play, respectively


It is said that if there is no war, there is no peace. But unfortunately, even if there was peace, it never lasts. It can take towards the end of a millennium to obtain peace after an hour, a day, a week, a month, several months, a year or several years of war.

A war has to do with fighting against something. Just glancing through all the wars ever known in life can be disheartening: the Vietnamese war, the two World Wars, the Gulf War, the war in Iraq (of which has brought about strange little wars in the American presidency, congress and parliament), the Palestinian-Israeli war (of which there is no end; it is practically everlasting), the current war between northern Israel and southern Lebanon and the wars in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Cote d’Ivoire, my country Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Angola, Sudan, DR Congo, Cameroon, Mozambique and South Africa. The list is endless, the list is glaring and the list is sickening.

In all these wars, who suffers the most? The women and children. But one has to fight during childbirth. One has to fight against that rat or rats in one’s home. One has to fight against the pest(s) invading one’s farmland. Family disputes are also wars. There are emotional, mental and spiritual wars. One also has to fight against death in one’s old age. Who suffers the most in all these wars? Mankind. The fundamental truth is that wars can never be avoided. I conclude my thoughts by quoting the character Senator Levritt in the Ivy League College film THE SKULLS: “There are always wars to be fought.”


The ominous book…

As I passed by
a mysterious fire burnt a house
and a big book jumped out
landed at my feet
and you were racing towards me
I picked up the book and ran
but you captured me
snatched the book from me
and opened it:
You saw your wickedness
You were shaken by it
You were unnerved by it
You were frightened by it
You were shocked by it
Out of the book came your voice
A voice of curdled evil
I watched your face shrivel
Your whole anatomy gripped tight
Struggling with the tightness
The book holds you
And keeps you
Fighting with yourself
I watch from the ground
With astonished awe

When you drop the book
and run,
I run too
the other direction
leaving the book at the centre



So, what happened?

E: They went up, on a game of chess.

Z: Chess? Strange. And the bird?

E: Bird?

Z: Yes. Has it flown?

E: To the sky. Should it have flown?

Z: No. Not yet.

E: I tell you. They were on a game of chess.


E: He won her.

Z: Why?

E: Why what?

Z: Why does he have to win all the time?

It is natural.

Z: It is unnatural. Did the bird weave?

E: This is the last part of its nest.

Z: I am asking you for the 5th and 26th time …

E: Ask no more! (goes away)

Z: A sad, sad world where he must win and she must lose, no matter what.

E: (returns) The bird seems to be returning.

16 thoughts on “Petit prose/petit poem/petit play, respectively” by Emmanuella Nduonofit (@Emmanuella-Nduonofit)

  1. I like your second poem,it’s unique and even though it seems that men always win,in this century women are also winning.Explain the concept of the Bird.

    1. pleasure (@basittjamiu)

      It is good to hear you speak knowing that you are one of a kind

  2. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

    And the book in the petit poem..Could it be the judgement book?..

    And for the petit play..Gone are the days when Men won or claimed to win even when it was the woman’s victory..

  3. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

    And the book in the petit poem..Could it be the judgement book?..

    And for the petit play..Gone are the days when Men won or claimed to win even when it was the woman’s victory..
    Good Petits U got here..Well done..

    P.S:U really do have to explain the bird’s significance..

    1. Ah, I’m so sorry, @sibbylwhyte, but I’m not so good at explaining this flash stage play. Abeg no vex. It’ll help if you could just, em, say what YOU think the mere mention of a bird could signify. Mi head was in the clouds when I wrote this a couple of years ago.

      Just try, ok. ;) The world is reading you… :)

      1. @emmanuella..that tactic won’t work for you o…
        Ur head was in the clouds when U wrote this ba?..My own was in the sky when I read it…Oya answer!

        1. My comment to this comment, @sibbylwhyte, is: No comment. :D


  4. EMma.

    Here we go. Again.

    1. :) Yah I know. Sorry. :D

  5. Emmanuella, you don come again o! E don tay small o, and my head rest.Now you don come scatter am again, especially with the play.

    1. @easylife2, I think I told you a year back in a reply to one of your commentaries that life isn’t that ‘easy’ as your NS name sounds, ok? And please, take a glance at the tag I placed next to this NS-presentation: “Small – thin … and complicated.”

  6. All these women don come with their wahala.
    Women are superior to men abi? No wahala. We don hear!
    @ emma, always, I like enjoy your posts.

    1. :D Hey, @kaycee, abeg no vex, if mi petite play appears to have aroused another kind of ‘argument’ some of you NS musketeers had when I was busy ‘blessing women’ in three consecutive parts. I didn’t intend it to be so, please. If it appears so, then I’m sorry. Mi mind was a bit ‘smoky’ when I penned the flash stage play a couple of, em, years back.

  7. Nicely done dear dn’t mind Kaycee (winks) it’s bad belle

  8. pleasure (@basittjamiu)

    I love this documenteris they are lively

  9. … a wonderful trio…

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