Not that I cant be…

Not that I cant be…

A note to my friends and loves
and also,snakes and doves
a good person; not that i cant
the critics i bear is too much
for me
i have voice yet cant sing
melodious notes,no fans to me
An Artiste; not that i cant be
give me time so my blind eyes
can see
i ve got pen yet nothing to
write about
the right lines but cant make
the ink shout
A Poet; not that i cant be
it’s spiritual,your inside must
be set free
i ve got act,no theatre opens
its doors
much expression,i earn booes
and tossing claws
An Actor; not that i cant be
too much is
expected,especially from me
I ve got boots yet cant play
a remarkable past,all faded
A Footballer; not that i cant be
time; am a veteran is all i can
i ve got brains yet no medal of
grace yet no sponsor
A Genious; not that i cant be
it’s stressful,not ideal for my
i m comfortable yet am broke
a rich mentality,all are but
fulfilled; not that i cant be
greed; from it i wanna flee
i ve got girls,cant find the right
Beautiful,but not worth my
dying for
A Player,not that i cant be
just one,to love tenderly
I ve got the word yet i sin at
Scripture bred,well of living
water that kill
Saved; not that i cant be
prodigal; lord bring me back to
i ve got it all yet i feel nothing
talents; stil that missing
PROUD; i pray never to be
cos with humility,i got these
gifts freely

5 thoughts on “Not that I cant be…” by Bright Benson (@brytandre)

  1. Mehn. I need to flog you. You have a really astounding poem here, but your rendition and arrangement is terrible.
    Concentrate on your lines. You break them where you shouldn’t.
    I don’t know how to tell you this without re writing the poem myself.
    Read your poem out loud to yourself following the lines you have and u will see how disjointed they are.
    Guy, keep trying.

  2. @ benson like @ oga Kaycee has said.Read your poem aloud to urself and see that only d sea possess waves!Your thoughts are quite understandable,but d scheming is not just it.Keep firing though.Keep writing!!!

  3. Dem don talk am…so I’ll just say…

    You tried.

  4. @kaycee…i had already submitted these with the earlier once and two more are gonna face these corrections.i get it! Thanks once again

  5. Not too bad.I struggled to get to the end sha.

    Well done!!!

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