Letter To The Womb

Letter To The Womb





Hello Afnan

Felt the kick of your legs so harsh

On my puffy womb so painful


Noticed you turn quite frequent as well

I’m troubled of gender fate once more


Already you have eight male siblings

You are my ninth dream 


Once again

I’m worried

Of masculine omen

Your mannish posture

In my bloated womb


A girl I wish you will come

In a black brittle hair

With furl waves affront

And whitening eyes with sparks


When you turned your body

And kicked your sprouting legs 

I know you’d like to say something

But you are just eight months old

With forming crinkled arms


I’m curious 

But nervous

of doctors verdict



I will sit at the boat brink

Let the breeze break my tears

Into sudden smiles and laughter


This is my last bearing Afnan


Your father’

My princely crown that glows like diamond

Is now soften and grayed

The hector of my proudly groom

Now snores from dusk till dawn


You will be the last of the’

Chilean wine from my palm vine Afnan

I say’

O Lord!

Hear my plea..


My tapping roots are waning

My pinnate leaves are waxing 

And my sexy trunks are not even as beautiful

As in my teenage while

My bowel is shrunk

And my spinal bones are untied


A girl i hope you come!

Already bought some colorful bids for your spongy hair

And a dangle little lamp to walk the corridors at night


O Lord!

Cleanse my maternal tears’ 

And bless my night with a yelling queen!


ayuba jamiu (c) jan, 2012

21 thoughts on “Letter To The Womb” by ayooba (@poeticlicence)

  1. I really like this. I think it’s a fitting ode to a woman…and her unborn baby…and the fears that usually plague them around that time.

    I did notice there was hardly any visible rhyme scheme…but I didn’t find that a problem.


  2. cool letter

    u began with a writing pattern and very clearly, deviated…not sure it rocks that way…

  3. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

    Though there isn’t a rhyming scheme to this..It is just what it is..The yearning of a woman for a baby girl..(who says itx only boys in demand?)…

  4. ayooba (@poeticlicence)

    I just wrote like i was a woman…I hope I’m well?? maybe I just like them ??? maybe is just wild imagination

    Thanks @Seun,Ada & Bub

  5. Wow!
    I had to go back up to check the writer. This was very nice. I almost wished I could experience being a woman…God forbid.

  6. ayooba (@poeticlicence)

    @kaycee,respects o

    Trying to be good lyke you

  7. What an exceptional piece! If I could quote my favourite lines, I would end up quoting the entire poem. Once again I’m fascinated by your poetry excellence, Ayuba… In fact let me quote:

    “My tapping roots are waning
    My pinnate leaves are waxing”

    Chai! See imagery – raw, domesticated and richly  African!

    We totally feel the yearning plight of the pregnant mother as her body weakens, in her patient wait for a baby girl – “her cute little yelling queen”. Must surely share this!

    1. @Dowell..thanks you just made me wear that kind of smile on your face

  8. @Kaycee, what’s God forbidding? You think the men are more priveleged? Foul!
    @Ayuba, your poem’s sweet. I got your message clearly.

    1. @electrika, what else na.

      Looking at my mum, sisters and girl friends, I thank GOD that i am a MAN.
      In fact i have decided to increase my church offerings just cos of that.

      1. Hahahaha!
        So you even give offering at all.

  9. Nice. I liked this poem. The woman is tired. Nine pikins, e no easy…

  10. This is RICH poetry.Did I hear somebody say u started with rhyme and deviated,not making it rock?PLEase…@ Ayo keep firing…
    The concrete nature of the poem sticks to d reader.I am nt a woman but i can feel the baby kicking!@ Oga Kaycee I support u on dat…Thank God i am nt a wöman.no apology @ Elecktricity

  11. obi onyinye anne (@obionyinye)

    Nice poem….says who dat men are d only one in demand…duhhhh

    1. @Eletrika,thank you…I think Kaycee knew you were going to read that

      @Sambright..thanks so much..I like the fact that you clarify Bulbblinna

      @Gboyega..thanks for the time

  12. aghoghosam (@aghoghosam)

    You know , it is clear this poem is set in the olden days , as using modern day Ultra-sound machines would have resolved the Lady’s dilemma…lol ! Great Piece man.

    1. ayooba (@poeticlicence)

      Thank you @Aghogho…think you are Urobo..Mavour!..

      1. aghoghosam (@aghoghosam)

        @poeticlicence – EeeeEeeee…Oshaina , migwo o !

        1. ayooba (@poeticlicence)

          ve-ndo…Actually am Yoruba but did my NYSC in Ughelli where i contacted your language…cheers bros


          1. aghoghosam (@aghoghosam)

            @poeticlicence wow ! that’s great , we’re all Nigerians after all :)

            Keep on writing.

            1. ayooba (@poeticlicence)

              Yes o..bros

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