Fellow Nigerians

Fellow Nigerians,
our country runs like a cesspool
So you say
Its stench stinketh foul and hard
That I concur
Our rulers rule like parasite
That I concur
Fellow Nigerians
Our country is sick at the heart
So you say
Then lets give her the surgery
Yet You disagree
Why doth thou take such
The pain is too much, and the cost
too high
So you say
Doth thou want healing for thy
Yes, you say
But not to my charge
That you add
Why blow thou hot and cold?
Doth thou really want healing for
thy nation?
That, i doubt
Art thou ready for the price of
That, i doubt
Doth thou give polymer to the
man in black?
To avoid delay
So you say
Doth thou give brown envelop in
thy office?
Necessay PR
So you say
Change you want
But change you won’t
Guilty is the hand that giveth as
the one that taketh
So i think
Nothing good comes easy
So they sing
Before thou say thy country is sick
at heart
Ask first whether thou art not

9 thoughts on “Fellow Nigerians” by emmanuel abasiubong (@angelabazz)

  1. True talk…

    I do think though…that the narrative language might have made the poem more engaging if it wasn’t in the ‘thou’ and ‘thee’ patterns. I’m just saying.


  2. I agree with Seun and I don’t think it’s just this poem. Use contemporary language to give your poetry that fresh edge.

  3. Some people read the bible too much.
    Your message, like the bible is true.
    I like the poem.

  4. … a true expression of an adulterated nation but you can work to improve in your use of language… use present-day languaage before we begin to experience a newer language…

  5. Good poem, good message. But language, didn’t work for me.

    Well done!!!

  6. @all, thanks for your comments. I was trying to adapt some of Shakespeare’s and some Biblical styles, just for a change. But going by d comments i think i shot off target there. Nice comments though.

  7. Good poem.try heeding to the advices of @Seun,@Kaycee,@Lawal

  8. Nice. Note d advice given…

  9. Change you want
    But change you won’t….
    love this part

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