Christmas Nostalgia Contest – Voting Results and Final Round

The Polls are closed now and you can view the Results on the Polls Page. Also, the editors scores have been combined with the percentages from the polls to give the top 10 entries which will proceed to the last round.

Therefore, the following stories have been sent off to our Guest Reviewer Ikhide Ikheloa who will select the top 3. All the stories that made it to this stage will be credited with 1000 points. Congrats!

That Christmas – Excellency

Christmas Ride Gone Gaga – Ife Watson

Cowards and Christmas Chickens – Seun-Odukoya

Return of the prodigal son – Getto


The Real Christmas Story – Sambright

Aunty’s Chicken – Da Writing Engineer


Mama Efon’s Last One – Gboyega Otolorin

A Salaciously Sweet Christmas – Henry c. Onyema


Congrats to all those who have successfully submitted an entry to this contest. 21 entries were accepted that met all the guidelines and a couple did not meet up. The editorial team has already started reading the stories in order to choose their favorites. But that is just one part of the first round. In conjunction, a poll has been opened and you can vote at the link below. Feel free to share your links as well as the poll to your friends and supporters. The poll is protected from stuffing and we will also keep an eye on the voting. Each person can vote for three stories, vote once a day, and the polls will close on Thursday, Jan 12, 2012.

Christmas Nostalgia Contest Polls

Good luck.

To read the entries, click on the links below to check them out.


The Arrival – Shai

That Christmas – Excellency

Christmas Ride Gone Gaga – Ife Watson

In the Spirit of Christmas – Enoquin

Meeting Up Christmas from the Jungle – Dowell Oba

Christmas in Arochukwu: A historical orientation – Chika nwakanma

Cowards and Christmas Chickens – Seun-Odukoya

Return of the prodigal son – Getto


THE LAGOS DREAM – Nwilo Bura-Bari Vincent


Christmas, Oh! Christmas – Jekyll jyde

A Christmas Memory – Weirdpile

The Real Christmas Story – Sambright

The Gift of Punishment – Moraks

The Christmas Eve Raid – Tosyn

Aunty’s Chicken – Da Writing Engineer


Mama Efon’s Last One – Gboyega Otolorin


A Salaciously Sweet Christmas – Henry c. Onyema

50 thoughts on “Christmas Nostalgia Contest – Voting Results and Final Round” by Admin (@ogaoga)

  1. gen gen! It haff start…lol…all the best guys!

  2. So, my first attempt at prose (fictitious as it is) made it past the first round….hahahaha. This is a personal victory already.

    1. hmm, cool down – it was meant to be realistic…in future, cool or such might count against you…
      How you doing @Shai? Compliments of the season…hoping that your every word this year be simply magical. Best wishes, S’

  3. Yes o…les’ go!!!!!

  4. Dunno, if I will ever try it again….whew!!!

    1. You better. Especially if the notes on this one are encouraging (which I do not doubt)…

  5. @admin, is voting only open to registered NS members? Some friends are replying that they can’t vote because of some response that sounds like they need to have an account on NS…

    1. Voting is open to everyone and not just registered members. Remember you can only vote once a day for a max of three stories.


  6. So, I have three precious votes daily till the poll closes. Okay; here I come… I am going over to those Non-Fictions and let’s see who and who has my votes for today.

  7. It begins. Good luck everyone. Going to start reading now…

  8. Well, una just dey show unaself. By God’s grace, I’m coming hard this 2012. Twale my people

  9. why does my story not show if I click unto it? It indicates ‘error- the page i am looking for does not exist?” The story is aA SALACIOUSLY SWEET CHRISTMAS. Help, Admin

  10. Hello Henry, it must have been a temporary glitch. I see you as well as others have been posting comments on the story. Good luck.

  11. @Admin, how do I vote for my story? I can’t see any link o. I can read my story, yes, but there is no link or something to vote for it. Could you possibly help me post the link in your reply. Thanks.

  12. @banky, the link is in this post. Also on the menu bar, to your right and immediately before the search box you’ll find the POLLS link.

  13. @seun, you have all of my daily votes. I no send any other story jare.

    Lemme go and read it sha..

    1. @Kaycee: That”s not fair. Vote stories on their merit, not “we-we” levels.

      1. @Igwe, how e take concern you?

  14. @admin, I have been having complaints from friends that they can’t access the voting page via their smartphones. Tried it myself on my BB and the page does not open fully whereas on a PC it opens fully. Pls look into this issue. Thanks

    1. Sorry @petunia007, we will look into it and let you know. Also some votes may go through, all you need is to scroll up and you’ll see the “Thanks for Voting”. The results are not shown for this poll. Cheers.

      1. @admin, i mean the page does not display the names of the story so there is nothing to select for voting. It’s blank apart from the heading – site polls.I’m wondering if there is a special encryption on the page that is incompatible with smartphones.

        1. Smartphones should be able to view and vote on the page, either using the mobile or desktop site. It takes a few seconds to finish loading. However, some mobile phones (such as Nokia, etc) using the mobile site may not be able to load it due to the scripting. Tell such people to switch to the full site from the bottom of the screen, or to use a computer. Cheers.

  15. Wallahi, @admin, am not feeling any of these stories o. You spoiled the whole thing by insisting on non-fiction. You cramped our imaginations. I swear, if lying was allowed the stories that we would have seen on the contest would have blown minds.
    I coudnt write any thing because my memories of christmas were just un existent.

    1. Elder @Kaycee, I no fit laugh…Well, I don’t think @admin did bad. Sure, you might think that the stories are wack but it was worth the effort. It got a lot of people to experiment and bring back the memories of Christmas… Gave others the chance to do something novel (@shaifamily) … Over all, it is worth it and with time, I can guess that far better would come…

      (By the way, who said you weren’t allowed to lie or twitch truth a bit? From some comments, we can decipher already that there was some of the good ol’ ‘tale spreading’…:)
      Hope you doing good friend…Compliments of the New Year already.

      1. @sueddie, happy new year, my brother.

        1. @kaycee, I beg to disagree. Yes, fiction might have made the entries tighter but still, I can point to a couple of stories that are very ok. Maybe when you read through, you’ll agree with me.

          1. @da writing engineer, I didn’t say they weren’t ok. That’s the problem, they are just ok. A little below what we ά̲̣яε used to on NS. And this is a contest, the quality should have been higher, plus this is gonna be viewed by voters even outside NS.
            Any how jare, don’t mind me…
            The writers did good.

            1. L☺ː̗̀(=)))ː̖́☺L…

    2. Lol…’non-existent’ ?

  16. @Seun,@Scope,you two are getting my votes.

    1. Thank you Uche for your support, but I hope you’ve read the story though.

  17. Opé ó!My story made it.*dancing round the house!*Chai,I go receive yabis tire for my own story.It is not easy to crack brain and remember d most significant Christmas-but NS if na hear my story reach I beg I don try.Short story no be moi moi.

  18. @admin, am I allowed to vote for my story alongside others? If so, can I do so at least once a day as outlined?

  19. Hmm, going through the stories. Seen some two or three that are really good…
    In some I kept looking for the Christmas element…thought that was the main part of it. Well, still reading. Nice one everyone. Well done.

  20. @ admin answer ASAP-does that mean that each story is allowed 3 votes max on each day?

  21. @sambrightomo, each story is allowed one vote per day. It is the voter that is allowed to pick three stories as they vote once a day.

    1. Thanks @ Admin

  22. Can’t believe the date passed me by. anyway time to start reading

  23. @ Admin let’s play fair na- some people’s story is no the home page,while some others are hidden-WHY? Una dey remove subsidy be dat na.Na wa o.

  24. Well, deadlines made me miss this one. Too many things to work on, plus #OccupyNaija things, abroad and home. Good luck everyone.

  25. I see the better story made it to the top.
    Congrats y’all

  26. It was fun. I believe that the stories that made it to the final round surely deserve to be there. My only regret is that @tosyn didn’t make it into the finals. I really thought high of his story. Friend, your tale is a Champion anyday and it didn’t make it there not because it wasn’t great … it just didn’t (and I can’t explain)!! Well, best of luck in round two everyone. I can near guess who would win… ;)

    1. Oh, I meant @tosinosha… why can’t we just have @ our names?!! Hmm

      1. Echoing your sentiment, Mr Sueddie. I really loved Tosin’s story too…


  28. Wow. Wow. Wow.
    Thanks everyone. Sorry I’m just commenting now. Not been on NS at all this past week cos I’ve been phone browsing…. Anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  29. This is to appreciate everyone who read my story and voted for me at the polls. Thanks so much.

  30. Congratulations to everyone. It’s so unfortunate I couldn’t take part in this. Anyway, it wasn’t my fault. I can no longer browse the site with my phone. Better days ahead sha.

    Well done every1.

    1. @Babyada, I sent you a PM requesting some personal information that I need in order to figure out the problem you are having browsing the site with your phone. Can you please check and respond?

  31. A hearty congratulations to the finalists.
    Thumbs up.
    From a personal point of view. I am delighted my entry even made it as fars as getting picked. Phew.
    Now, to start voting for my fav of ’em all.

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