At The End Of A Crazy Quirk

Now, we’re lining up to school and work

At the end of a crazy quirk

Going outrightly berserk

We still sleep and rise in a murk


Oh! The face of corruption

Is shining brightly in a nation

Where religion goes on with no much comprehension

As power leads more and more to confusion


Oh! Peace and progress we seek

Even as things are everyday going bleak

We are creaking like our fellows around the creek

Waiting for the day we will no longer reek


We are waiting with little or no hope

As we have tight ourselves with the rope

Of tribalism, nepotism and one-sidedness we can no longer cope

As we remain shaky at the edge of an edaphic slope


We are hardly ever content

As we circumvent and lay bent

Rising and struggling to augment

Yet, we never ascend to consent


We strive for peace

But our life cease

As we are gradually on the decrease

Dying one by one, going piece by piece


Our problems the press can no longer address

But we are praying for peace and progress

That we may not end up in a deep mess

But end up surely with a blessing of success



22 thoughts on “At The End Of A Crazy Quirk” by innoalifa (@innoalifa)

  1. Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

    Another ‘Nigeria’ poem..there would always be people to write about the sorry state of the nation..
    When does the action begin.?..

    I like your poem..its rhyming scheme is really cool….

    In other news…
    “We have tight(tied) ourselves with the rope”
    “But our life(lives) cease..
    Must have been ommissions that occured during the posting..Check them out..
    Well done..

    1. We have another @petunia007 in the making!!!!!!

      1. @Seun-Odukoya Thanks for your encouraging comment…

    2. I think writing this poem is also an action. When a nation needs healing, everyone has an action to take. For some, like Innocent here, writing a performance poem like this is a great action. When action is needed, not just any action will do. There are people whose action will have big impacts (eg the president, governors and influential politicians) while for others their action will sensitise and mobilise others (such as Innocent here). Between the two are a whole range of impact from actions by different kinds of people of different influences.

      1. This poem is a great action? Why? How? Where?

      2. @fulanipoet I really do appreciate your candid comment… it is a motivation to write more against the ills of our nation and time..

        @kaycee The poem is an action because it because it informs us of the maladies of our age… this is achieved by the poetic phraseology that is concerned about Nigeria…

    3. @sibbylwhyte Thank you so much for your honest comment about my poem… certainly, we can’t be silent and keep dying away like children destined for misery, melancholia and undeserved death… for your thorough reading that made you to fetch out the tight and life omissions, a bunch of thanks!

  2. Thank you, Innocent, for this piece. As a mainstream poem, there are challenges, but as a performance poem that should rouse people to action, this is a very good attempt. You have rhymed the poem and there is a driving rhythm to it.

    The end is a bit flat and not as forceful as the beginning, though, and you need to work on the last stanza.

    There is promise in you and your writing. Keep it up.

    1. @fulanipoet Thabk you so much for your strengthening words… na gode sosai…

  3. i like rhymes, that’s just why i love this poem.

    1. @coshincozor thanks man for liking the rhymes…

  4. Your poem is simple and on point. Welldone.

    1. @babyada really do appreciate…

  5. I respect your brilliance in ending the lines in a stanza with same letter.

  6. A brilliant piece , dealing with the stubborn challenges we face as Africans. It`s real and relevant. l can even picture the face of corruption blinding the nation, and the excessive love of power being a recipe for confusion.

    1. @starrider … with sentiments of gratitude, I wish to express my sincerest thanks for your sparing time to read my poem… I really do appreciate Nadaba…

  7. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    @innoalifa “Oh! The face of corruption Is shining brightly in a nation Where religion goes on with no much comprehension As power leads more and more to confusion”

    Every thing there was well said dear.

    1. @ufuomaotebele, Kai! I love the internal rhyme replete in your construction that expresses the ignominious ignominy of a so-called religious nation that worships corruption on the altar of utter confusion and incomprehension of values…………thanks a lot for reading and commenting………………

      1. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

        @innoalifa Chai!!!!! U finished it.

        1. @kaycee, thanks for confirming the affirmation dear…………..

          1. @ufuomaotebele, your confirmation means a lot to me dear…………..

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